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  1. Golden Princess northbound 6/30, 4 nights Kenai peninsula, Trip report Vancouver, Golden Princess northbound 6/30, Kenai Peninsula DIY https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2655871 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Last day- packing up, Summit Lake canoe trip, Alaska Heritage Center and time to fly home!! I know I’ve mentioned before but Summit Lake Lodge was amazing. Beautiful scenery, yummy food. Our last morning i packed while boys used canoes to explore Summit Lake. I also enjoyed tome in their coffee shop!! http://a68.tinypic.com/118zugy.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/alqmp1.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/244cg.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2i6ky8m.jpg Drive up Turnagain Arm was enjoyable every time we did it. Arrived at Alaska Heritage Center with about 2 hours until it closed. That was enough time to see things but artisans were definitely packing up. It was a really neat place and we learned a ton!! http://a64.tinypic.com/jj5nde.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/10nhpqo.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/of2akz.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/157p6ig.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/2zitwlj.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2hrog06.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2rm3uqh.jpg Moose Tooth Pizza was fine. Root beer was excellent. We were tired and ready to head for airport and our midnight departure!! http://a68.tinypic.com/dw2jjb.jpg Rental car return was easy, actually found a number of great items shopping at Anchorage airport. Pleasantly surprised by their unique items in the stores. Finally, watched the sunset at 11:45 pm from the airplane. Both boys cried real tears leaving Alaska and i understood. We will be back!! http://a64.tinypic.com/fdy0rp.jpg I hope this review has helped someone. I had a hard time finding kid info in my research so hopefully this helps someone!! Happy to answer questions!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Day 4 on Kenai, last full day!! Fishing, moose sighting, hike, saw a BEAR!! And horseback riding!! We started with half day fishing with Kenai fish n float. Cannot day enough good things about them, our time fishing flew by and all of us had a great time, even the boys. I don’t have the pics because i didn’t take my phone with me- too afraid of losing it. But absolutely recommend them, professional and fun and had absolutely everything we needed!! http://a63.tinypic.com/svidrn.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/25uiivl.jpg After fishing, really yummy lunch at Gwins lodge! http://a65.tinypic.com/2youy38.jpg After lunch we headed toRussian River Falls hike. On our way to the parking lot we saw a moose!! http://a67.tinypic.com/4ucu1x.jpg Hike was beautiful, it was raining but we didn’t care. About two miles in to the waterfall. When we got there we got to watch salmon jumping upstream. Absolutely amazing. No pics because salmon are harder to capture than whales!! Anyway, bald eagles circling overhead, salmon jumping up a waterfall... and a BEAR cane out of the woods, caught a salmon and headed back up into the forest. One of the most incredible things i have ever seen. http://a63.tinypic.com/x5waqx.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/nb1xn7.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/1zyvnfa.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/dwq9u8.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/aa80hd.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/mw2sf8.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/13z4i0i.jpg My eldest son had asked if we could go horseback riding and we thought we would be too late but we called Alaska Horsemen and they were able to fit us in for a short ride. So much fun, amazing horses, perfect “gear” so we were warm and dry. Their saddles were so comfortable none of us were even sore after the 1.5 hr ride!! http://a67.tinypic.com/s6ud88.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/2utq9p5.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/35m2jk7.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/wrjtxc.jpg Time for some dinner and the end of one of the most incredible days we have ever experienced!! http://a68.tinypic.com/15d4f36.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thanks for the reminder- i forgot i wasn’t done!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Day 3 on Kenai peninsula- ididaride dog sled, exit glacier, Sealife Day 3 was another cold and rainy day. Once again, lots of layers!! Easy and beautiful drive down to Seward and we saw a Mom and Baby moose on side of the road!! http://a66.tinypic.com/fkmusj.jpg Ididaride sled dogs was INCREDIBLE. I am not a dog person. I don’t like dogs. But this whole place was amazing, interesting, fun, I learned a ton and walked away with real appreciation for Ididarod athletes- human and dogs! Can not recommend the experience enough, and it really was raining the whole time!! http://a68.tinypic.com/295wncj.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/dcwhw3.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/16k8dj9.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/xlcv7k.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/30wo6rb.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/348rts2.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/91gxmo.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/14mf2mp.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/104rzva.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/a3u4o.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/jpylhw.jpg After our time with sled dogs we headed to Exit glacier which is easy hike. It was still cold and rainy but we were glad we went. Of note, glacier is pretty far away from where the hike takes you... i think i had seen pictures from a few years ago when it was more accessible. Still an enjoyable hike and pretty views. http://a65.tinypic.com/sol2io.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/21jrpc9.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/micgfc.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/mcdxsw.jpg We also did the junior ranger program and learned you can “check out” a backpack and do science experiments and make observations to get patches. We are measuring temps and adding to a log book other kids had also written in- so neat! http://a66.tinypic.com/23trzb9.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/14ipwmg.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/20p4wfp.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/ixxhmh.jpg Finally, after lunch with a “bucket of ‘nut” which was yummy! We headed to Sealife. We really enjoyed Sealife much more than Vancouver aquarium. (Still can’t put my finger on what was wrong with Vancouver!). Interesting exhibits and there was a 4week old sea otter that was SO CUTE!! http://a63.tinypic.com/v79ohz.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/21mhixl.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/o5yigw.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/160vvih.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2l9gnc1.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/vrdhd5.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/t69vt1.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/m9qdg9.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We did the package in Alaska and loved it. We ended up with 12 pictures of our family with different glacier views behind us. We were pleasantly surprised by some of the formal pictures and loved the more casual ones. We walked away with 77 pictures!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Got off July 7th and really had no problems. Saw one small leak one day being managed, no smells. Absolutely loved all the open spaces, especially Glacier Bay and College Fjord and it was easy to find open spaces to see even for our kids. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Day 2 on Kenai peninsula- Portage Glacier visitors center, Crow Creek mine and Double Musky! Second day was cold and rainy but we didn’t let it slow us down. We had the Aleyska tram on our tentative plans but scratched it due to visibility. We didn’t miss it in the least!! After yummy included, made to order breakfast at Summit Lake Lodge we headed towards Portage Glacier. We had decided not to do boat ride as boys felt like they had seen enough glaciers :). We actually really enjoyed the visitors center which had a great movie and lots of interesting exhibits. The glacier has receded so you cannot see from visitors center but there was a huge iceberg right outside. http://a66.tinypic.com/zsok6h.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/a3h3tl.jpg After that we headed to Aleyska and Crow Creek Mine. This place was so much neater than we expected!! It literally rained the entire time we were there and we still loved it!! We got practice pans where we each found gold and put it in our glass vials. We then hiked down to creek where we could really look for gold. Not a lot of success but so much fun!! There were lots of interesting buildings and mining history. We really walked away with a clear understanding of just how hard this was!! It was so good for the boys to do more than just the “practice”. It was also a beautiful setting- even more I’m sure if there was visablity!! http://a64.tinypic.com/2igc7bn.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/11sp4r6.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/sghf1z.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/xfns7q.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2r73omh.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/sl1fdh.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/2na6tm9.jpg Finally we followed recommendations to one of the most amazing meals ever. We were told there is often a line but we were early enough to get a table. Funny story, owners are from small town in Louisiana where my dad was born and raised. Small world! Anyway, incredible steaks... the boys SPLIT one and had full plates. Highly recommend if you are in the area. Coffee was also excellent. http://a63.tinypic.com/sexgt5.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/qyhjqc.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/5vdg9k.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/feeznp.jpg Then it was back to cabin. Just a comment, it really does stay light really late and we found ourselves going to bed much later than anticipated! In planning a future trip i would plan later mornings just due to that phenomenon. We are usually early morning get up and go people but you just naturally stay up late even when you don’t mean to because it is so light!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. I’m glad you enjoyed as much as we did. The weather was so amazing it was crazy!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. We did have the tables the whole way but when we did the same train two years ago it was only bench- type seats. I wouldn’t depend on the tables but you might be able to call and ask. The train ride actually went quickly, the boys also commented there was so much to look at it went quickly. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I’m still finishing up the post cruise DIY report we just finished with my 6 and 9yo boys but we did some of those you list with kids and they were great!! Trip report Vancouver, Golden Princess northbound 6/30, Kenai Peninsula DIY https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2655871 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Disembarkation/ first day on Kenai Peninsula- Alaska Cruise Transportation, Wildlife Conservation Center Disembarkation was incredibly simple. We were in first group to walk off and luggage was all ready. We loaded it on cart and walked out to bus. It was pouring rain but really didn’t phase anyone, they were used to this!! We used Alaska Cruise Transportation to Anchorage airport to pick up our rental car. We chose the narrated tour with a stop at the wildlife center with plan to likely stop there again on way back down Turnagain Arm. Would definitely do that again. Tour driver was excellent and shared a lot of interesting and useful information. Tunnel was interesting. Quick stop for pic near Portage glacier- couldn’t se it but there were big icebergs! http://a67.tinypic.com/rgwdmr.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/rub76q.jpg And the approx 1 hr at AWCC. The time went quickly as there was so much to see and we knew we wanted to come back that afternoon to see even more. http://a64.tinypic.com/vxlyqa.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/or2rfq.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2vtppc2.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/6hmg5y.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/w212z7.jpg Made our way to Anchorage where we were dropped off at airport and easily picked up Hertz. We had a great mini van that easily held all our stuff and let everyone see! Upon leaving airport we followed recommendations to Fancy Moose Lounge, a little place right on the float plane lake. It was amazing to sit and watch them take off! http://a63.tinypic.com/10z7jiq.jpg Back down Turnagain Arm which is spectacular. These statues were the closest we got to seeing belugas. :). This was also our last clear day but of course we didn’t know that at the time!! http://a68.tinypic.com/28lxw2d.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/2hrga5c.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/2dw9c46.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/29by39i.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/70yzbt.jpg Back to the AWCC to explore some more (wolves, moose, bison were amazing!!). and visit the gift shop. http://a63.tinypic.com/24g2c0o.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/venfnn.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/n2y636.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/51wkm8.jpg Finally it was time to head to our home for the next four nights. Summit Lake Lodge- beautiful setting, central location for our explorations, neat cabin and really yummy breakfasts included. http://a67.tinypic.com/xnyb0y.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/34dke42.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2z9bdxv.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/fka3xx.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2gtuntj.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/20t2upv.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/2zxmma0.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/v3n6yu.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/bip8uu.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/64ecg0.jpg Goodnight for now. Hope this is helpful for someone!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Day at sea/ College Fjord Before the trip i had a really hard time finding much info on College Fjord. We had absolutely spectacular weather which is not normal and we actually enjoyed this time even more than Glacier Bay. The weather was so warm the calving was spectacular and very frequent. Again we spent the whole time moving around on upper decks and photographers took 4 or 5 pics of us with different backgrounds. First- some ship pics. Clearly lots of fun being had!! I’m going to repost the pic of younger kids area, they were serious about not taking pics of other kids were around but one day we were first!! http://a63.tinypic.com/2j1kl91.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/2ngu5i1.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/143j9g0.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/35li5x3.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/9prpqv.jpg And College Fjord http://a66.tinypic.com/2h6bpuc.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/3029f9t.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/v6kr5e.jpg http://a66.tinypic.com/2yugh79.jpg I feel like this pic sums up boys cruise. :) http://a67.tinypic.com/2yoqsld.jpg Finally ended our cruise with balloon drop!! http://a66.tinypic.com/28mmzw7.jpg http://a64.tinypic.com/11hvy36.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Glacier bay Beautiful weather meant everyone was up on the upper decks. We kept moving around and it was absolutely beautiful. Another plug for photo package- we got a total of 9 pictures with glaciers behind us of our whole family!! http://a68.tinypic.com/ezj3tf.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/2z6e009.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/2po3x2d.jpg http://a63.tinypic.com/2mqq3yp.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/mwb8g4.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/14l29uc.jpg You can see the little cruise ship in this picture- this shows just how big the glacier is!! http://a63.tinypic.com/ajo012.jpg http://a67.tinypic.com/2gxrbx4.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/6z1vt1.jpg Also, FYI you can get kid hot chocolate at ice cream bar. Kids did junior ranger program which they enjoyed. Seafood lunch buffet was excellent! http://a64.tinypic.com/2s9t6w2.jpg Yummy dinner and celebrated my younger sons birthday!! http://a64.tinypic.com/30nb5i1.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/idzpc4.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. @ski glad it’s helpful!! I may not finish before you leave so i should mention first half of trip was sunny and warm, second half 50s, cold and rainy. I know everyone says it but it really is all about layers! We wore just about everything we brought and one of the most helpful things was a little backpack that folds up to nothing. We would start out in mornings with it in another bag and by the afternoon it would be full of coats/ heavier tops and then often empty again when we got back. :) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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