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  1. I have to correct my previous posting. Newcastle Brown is available on draught. Currently on the Star Princess which has it on tap. I happened to be next to a man from Newcastle who told me that apart from cruise ships he'd only ever seen it on tap in a few Newcastle pubs.
  2. Is the International Café the only location on the Star Princess that serves speciality coffees or can they be bought at other bars on the ship? Thanks for any information you can offer.
  3. Marronnier


    We will be on our first Princess cruise in a couple of weeks. The Movies Under the Stars sound great. My question is, do I need to get to the venue well in advance of the screening time to ensure I get a 'good' seat for my wife and I or are there usually plenty of seats available. Thanks for any insights.
  4. Thanks skynight, found all the details there. It's always nice to have that final confirmation!
  5. Hi, We'll shortly be on board the Star Princess for the first time. The Skywalkers Lounge looks like a great place to sit and read or relax during the day. It is, however, listed as a nightclub. Does this mean there is no bar service here during the day? Would we have to bring our drinks from another bar? Thanks for any information
  6. Thanks for your helpful replies and for easing my concerns about this location. It looks as if our cabin will be under the men's sauna - so shouldn't be too much noise from above - hopefully!
  7. Hi We've just been 'upgraded' to a balcony cabin on the Lido deck of Star Princess (from a balcony on Caribe BC from BE). Could anyone with knowledge of these cabins let me know if there's likely to be any noise issues from MUTS or any other Lido deck activities. On an unrelated issue, I've just bought the 'Best Value Package' ( PBP, gratuities & internet) for this cruise. Where on my Voyage Personaliser can I see that this package has been added to my account. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
  8. HI We will be visiting O'ahu for the day at the begining of February and would like to visit Wahiawa. There seems to be a bus service from Honolulu to Wahiawa. Could anyone let me know the best place to catch the bus in Honolulu (we will be arriving at Pier 11, Aloha Tower). Any other tips for getting to and from Wahiawa would be gratefully received.
  9. It was $25 on the QM2 in November
  10. Thanks bluemarble. I received this email last night. I 'm really impressed by the programme they've put together, both the the quality and extent. It may be heavily weighted towards British authors and journalists but should be great for anyone interested in literature and politics.
  11. I've just been reading a "Daily Programme" for the QM2 from May 2019. Under the section "Britannia Restaurant seating enquiries" The final sentence is "We regret that tables for two are no longer available". Does this mean that they have stop providing tables for two altogether or simply that they had all been allocated for the sailing to which the "Daily Programme" relates? I imagine it must mean the latter but the way it's written sound rather final! Thanks for any information.
  12. Thanks Andrew. I'll bear that in mind! Alun
  13. I see the opening times for The Crown Grill and Sabatini's are listed as 5:30pm to 10:00pm. My question is, is one able to start dinner at 10pm or is this the closing time of the restaurant? I'd like to have a late dinner after leaving Honolulu on the Star in January. Thank you
  14. Thank you all for your answers. Thanks to Istone19 - I didn't realise Hawaii don't do 'Daylight saving'. That will make things a little easier.
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