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  1. I would be disappointed if set seating was abolished. Having the same table mates every night is as important to us as the waiters. We have made some good friends this way. I know it isn't for everyone, but it is for us.
  2. This could easily happen with us!
  3. We will say something as we want to be respectful.
  4. Thanks for the responses! We are leaning towards switching to YTD. So many good options on this ship that are making it hard to decide! All over the map with our decisions!
  5. We are all set for our cruise on the Carnival Panorama. We always do assigned seating as we love having the same waiters and table mates. This time around we are considering a couple of the specialty restaurants leaving us with only 3 or 4 nights in the MDR. How many missed nights in the MDR do you think is acceptable? Are we being too rude?
  6. What is interesting, the more I researched passenger capacity the more confusing it got. RCI's site lists it's original capacity although they have since added a number of cabins. Depending on the site, the numbers fluctuate greatly.
  7. Actually only 125 less ppl at double capacity.
  8. Thank you so much for that and your other reviews. They have been very helpful! We will be trying the steakhouse on the new Panorama this upcoming January.
  9. IMHO, this is one of the best itineraries. While the water temperature is a bit on the cold side, there is a lot of things to do! And super friendly people!
  10. Pretty much doing the same thing! Done this cruise numerous times almost always in January. (Going again this January, lol.) I like the whale watching in both Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. Rhythms of the Night is a good dinner show. This will be my second time for it! In Mazatlan we are doing a mini speed boat excursion that looks like fun. I love this itinerary. So much to do!
  11. No question Panorama can make it long term. Splendors first run here was filled with several unfortunate events. While it was replaced it did come back and has done well enough to convince Carnival to bring in the Panorama. Don't forget that we have 2 ships doing well with the short cruises. And Miracle is going to do seasonal cruises from San Diego. The west coast is greatly underestimated!
  12. The Panorama can easily fit in the Panama canal's new locks. I expect that will be the route it takes.
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