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  1. The day of the week makes a difference! Don’t try it on Saturday or Sunday when there are significant number of large ships in FLL. We came off Oasis in Miami 3 weeks ago and transferred to FLL for our return. Mad house! No seating anywhere, lines out doors, and so crowded that they would not take luggage and check you in if you had luggage until 2 hours before your flight. On top of it all, some terminals are under construction so there was even less space! Not a nice way to end a great cruise.
  2. We used Smith’s for Airport. Southampton to Heathrow is a distance though. It took us about 2 hrs on a weekday.
  3. We did a ships tour off Navigator in October 2018, and it was fantastic however we went from Cherbourg stop and we had choice of tour that did Omaha or the one that did Utah (the other American landing) and the museum there. We did Utah and the Museum and easily the best excursion of our trip. I’d say do the ships tour that resonates best with you.
  4. That was me! To give you an idea, we started in Aqua class A1 cabin originally just about $3300, re priced with the Sail beyond dropped it to 3018 and added another perk. Then yesterday with the double beyond sail it reprised down to 2618.
  5. We saved $400. No muss no fuss on our Summit sailing in May.
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