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  1. Mtngal33

    Floods in Galveston

    Oh please! Tampa, Port Canaveral, Miami, New Orleans, Mobile, Jacksonville...they’re all immune to flooding and rain, right?
  2. Mtngal33

    Question about obc

    If you still have some leftover at the end of your cruise, you go to the casino, transfer it to a machine, spin a couple of times and cash out.
  3. Mtngal33

    Floods in Galveston

    We’re also on your Journeys Cruise on the 16th. The island was only flooded on Monday afternoon, just as the Valor was loading. Galveston is an island, and as soon as the rain stopped the island drained out. By the time the Valor left, the roads were just wet. It pretty much rains every day, but it isn’t a constant rain, it’s usually hit and miss showers. No worries.
  4. Sunday evening (which is your first sea day), and usually Thursday, the day you’re in Cozumel.
  5. Mtngal33

    KETO/low carb tips and tricks on Magic

    I’ve done Keto on a ship & it’s very simple. Omelet station for breakfast. Guys minus the bun for lunch - go over and get guacamole & pico de gallo from the burrito place to throw on top on the burger. You can always eat the salad bar on the Lido too. Dinner in the MDR is a little more challenging, but I just tell the waiter up front that I don’t eat rice, potatoes, pasta or bread, so don’t even bring it to the table. They always look at me like I’m a nut, but oh well. Haha
  6. Mtngal33

    Carnival Freedom

    It isn’t for the ship itself, but the cruise terminal out of Galveston. https://www.galveston.com/cruisevideocam/
  7. Mtngal33

    Carnival Freedom

    It’s not unusual. I watch the webcams every weekend and an ambulance is waiting quite often. With cruising being a vacation for many “older” folks, it’s not really a surprise - but sad too. Also, almost every cruise, cops get on and haul someone out in handcuffs! Damn warrants! :')
  8. Mtngal33

    Large bottles of water in room

    ☝🏻 This.....in fact, I have 2 of them in my refrigerator right now that we got on our last cruise.
  9. Mtngal33

    Large bottles of water in room

    Yes, if your VIFP status is gold, you get a large bottle of water. If both people in your cabin are gold, you’d get 2 bottles.
  10. Mtngal33

    Carnival Elation Fog Delay

    So I guess since this thread is about the Elation, which sails out of Jacksonville, you’ll never sail out of Jacksonville either, huh?
  11. Oh man...we LOVED Cartagena! Well not the annoying vendors, but the city itself was fabulous. So much history. We didn’t do a Carnival excursion, but instead used Dora the Explorer, and she was great!
  12. Yep, he did trivia all the time. One night he sang in the Red Frog Pub and I told him he missed his calling and should be singing! He was quite good. :)
  13. That Freewinds ship was creepy! We watched people come and go from our balcony. We could see people moving around the ship like robots! Even watched a young guy painting with a small artists brush...but he was painting the railings! Crazy.
  14. Mtngal33

    Does the Freedom have a dart board?

    Yes, in the back of the Red Frog Pub
  15. Mtngal33

    current piano bar player liberty

    Kevin Mahoney....never heard of him.