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  1. You don't think people from countries with an obsessive tipping culture wouldn't do this? Ignoramuses go across cultures. I can easily think of countries known for their excessive tipping habits to also be the ones who take advantage of everything, complain, look for the free stuff because they complained, then remove their 'obligatory' tips 'because they can', and then bad mouth the staff. Smuggly go off with the 'it's my right' attitude. Self aggrandizement at a cruising level.
  2. Lois R seems to be the poster here that can tell you but she seems busy on other boards planning her travels. Too bad Cruise Critic never activated their private messaging system so you can send her a note. She moved from these luxe lines to river cruising, so would be the best help. Here is a link to one of her posts. If you Quote and reply, maybe she will get a message and come back to answer you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661629-booked-another-cruise-a-river-cruise/
  3. If you are in the 'neighbourhood', NCL's Quebec to Boston 7 day cruises (or vis versa) are dropping. If you are willing to take the inside guaranteed, with tax ~$500 US. If you want the a free package and selected room, it jumps to $775US.
  4. Never had the question. 'do you have anything to declare?' that's about it. Does my Nexus card reduce the questions? Maybe? Or perhaps my country of habitation........
  5. Isn't this what trip insurance is for? When a provider doesn't deliver, flights and peripherals should be covered....but I know every country has different insurance clauses. And I know not everyone considers insurance worth it. I still think the whole issue - at this time - is political.....for now. Fingers crossed.
  6. Disappointing, but aren't you glad you know now rather than the week before when too difficult to make alternate plans? Happy birthday!
  7. It's not a bad idea to join a themed cruise. I did a solo cruise at 19 then 2 ballroom dance cruises 30 years later. Now I cruise solo non themed, but I do land travel that was as well. I do sometimes seek out local quilt shows, bird watching groups or garden events while traveling in order to find people with a common interest. When I travel, I am only interested in short social interactions wjen traveling, somit suits me, but at the time I was doing tjem, the ballroom cruises were fun....just exhausting. If port heavy cruises, adding organized meetings or talks, and any regular ship events may be stimulating, but also tiring. Be sure to give yourself some personal time too, to assess whether you may enjoy future cruises outside a theme.
  8. Yes, it will. So Brother has to decide whether to cancel as well or find out the single traveler price. Not all cruiselines charge double and je could look st cheaper csbin levels or a 'guarantee' rather than assigned room with loads of perks. Prices with perks are rarely the lowest possible price.
  9. MSC does state they have the right to move your cabin even if an assigned cabin (not just a guaranteed). I wouldn't cancel for the possibility of being moved to a connecting cabin - unless you are going to be the loud and rowdy ones 😉
  10. As I spent a number of early years crewing on sailboats and needing to pay attention to the red and green channel lights, I was taught 'Any Port Red wine Left'?
  11. It appears that Puccini is the main public space deck, and the deck for embarkation, but is there sitting space for sea days? If not, is there any sort of 'promenade' deck with chairs for quiet reading? Alternatively, any recommendations for inside quiet spaces? Library looks rather minimal and shares space with card room which I would think could get busy if they run bridge or similar throughout the days. Thanks.
  12. Hey Kim. Some seem to think that hints of agents or sales websites will go undetected. Hosts aren't that stupid. I am surprised that the post above you is still alive given that there is an offending quote. I know we are trying to help other travelers get the best details or information, but we know the rules and regs. I think the slow down on this thread is due to fewer 'deals'. I just don't seem to see the ones I was grabbing up last year....but early days. Late August last year provided Alaska, Bermuda and repositioning deals - like our Dawn cruise. Happy sailings.
  13. Not the first post about this on this today. Not the same news reference, but same topic. Can it be merged? https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2686237-sailing-into-venice-to-end/ Regardless, nothing can be done 'tomorrow' and other articles state 'talks are happening'. The suggested alternate ports may or may not have the infrastructure to support multiple cruise ships and passengers for some time yet. Expect a phased out approach at best. If these are normally major container ports, that dock space has been booked for months already, so let's do some independent research of what is mentioned and make some logical observations rather than take media as the truth.
  14. 'Grand Canal' jumped out at me too. Another travel forum I use has other references to this but they are by no means as definite as this article appears to infer. I did note Fusina appears to be a container port, but if ferries travel there, then perhaps it has some infrastructure to support cruise passengers. But if they prompt ferry traffic, and that means an increase of sailings, does that really help the damage by water? It won't eliminate it, at least. One also has to wonder what impact that is going to have linking to Marco Polo and people with existing flight tickets? Certainly a change that needs doing, but I expect it will take some years to get into place, completed and settled.
  15. MSC is offering some compensation for P&O cruisers. Most likely on their UK MSC website. Related post https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2685976-dubai-cruises/
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