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  1. mef_57

    Single studio cabin

    I haven't used it, but by reviewing sizes, you lose 35 sq feet from the size of their regular inside room.
  2. mef_57

    What ships seat you with others at dinner?

    Another line with set dining that is solo friendly is Cunard. I have recently done a 12 day cruise with them and as it was over Christmas there was close to 100 solos on the trip. Granted, at 61 I was on the young end of the scale, but they seated solos together at tables, and I felt lucky with my table of 8 combination. I had actually been dreading the set dining scenerio as I am happy dining alone, but this worked out fine.
  3. mef_57

    What ships seat you with others at dinner?

    4share, I am not sure where you are located, but perhaps a visit with a cruise specialist travel agent would help you mesh better with a cruise line....or decide to give up cruising. It is quite understood there days that the longer the trip, the older the demographic, and if it is a repositioning cruise, then just as much a consideration. Perhaps an American or Caribbean cruise on a more 'American' line would suit your funloving nature as well as closer age demographic (emotional), but the problem is they don't offer set dining and you will run into the same problem of waiting for a shared table to generate. They do tend to run solo get togethers at 'cocktail hour' which could lend to getting other solos together for meals....but no guarantees. Personally, as an introvert, I am often more happy eating alone and as a long time solo traveler, I don't expect anyone to contribute to the make or break of a trip. Only I am responsible for my own happiness, so if social happens, then great. If it doesn't, then I am happy having done my own thing. MSC and Costa have traditional dining and cruise the Caribbean. MSC has a big push to break into the American market, so perhaps that line might suit.
  4. mef_57

    A good deal?

    Happy Birthday! Make sure they know if your birthday is during the cruise. Maybe you will get a little something. Yeh, those drones made a real mess of things. Regardless of who books your travel, it would behoove you to book travel insurance. You could always get a high street travel agent who is ATOL protected to book your flights (and they would do the leg work for rebooking you), but cruises can sometimes get better flight bookings, as they book en masse.
  5. mef_57

    Smoking rules on Mediterranean Cruises

    This is a recent Cruise Critic article. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=225 It might help you determine one line over another.
  6. mef_57

    A good deal?

    Here's the problem.....pricing differs between UK and North America, and a lot of the regulars here are from North America. We can't really tell you whether that is a good deal or not. Do you really need the premium drinks package and all the other stuff? If you want a cheaper cruise, then look at the inside cabin (which is slightly cheaper and larger - you can still attend the solo events), and price out the other stuff separately. The bottom line is - if you are comfortable with the price for what you are getting, then it is a good price. Book it and don't look back.
  7. mef_57

    best time to buy a repositioning cruise

    Yes, the Cunards are expensive and 'fancy'. I just got off the Queen Elizabeth, but I love 'fancy'. The only place a dress code matters is at dinner time. A dress code is required for all public spaces - but that may be a little lax for say the Lido buffet - or order in room service. I had to chuckle about the occasional man in a tuxedo with crocs or slip on deck shoes...clearly comfort over formal footwear. It just seemed that dress code mattered for what was seen above the tablecloth.
  8. Not sure if pricing is the main factor, but there are alternative cruise lines - Costa and MSC - that often offer a cheaper Single supplement - or are offering Transatlantics inexpensively enough to contemplate a balcony or ocean view.
  9. mef_57

    I booked a price mistake

    I had a 'too good to be true' computer glitch price on a Cunard cruise for over Christmas. I couldn't complete the booking on their website, and my agent couldn't see that price, but I phoned to book directly and Cunard honored the price. I had a wonderful time, but it is going to be hard for the other cruise lines to beat the experience (or the price for that matter). Others booked the same cruise fare through a 3rd party agent, and Cunard was still able to confirm the booking as 'real'. If you have confirmation from the cruise line and can log in to your account, then you most likely should trust it. However, it sounds like you didn't do all the math at the start of what the final cost will be when including the loss of deposit and OBC for the original booking. Hope you can find a way to salvage the cruise to your satisfaction.
  10. mef_57

    Coffee/tea making in the cabin

    Consider packing either a french press or a single cup drip filter for better tasting coffee. However, the drip filter will take a lot longer. One consideration is to also bring a number of small plastic bags with you to empty the grounds into, as garbage bags are not in the waste containers in the cabin and either method noted above is going to be messy or mean extra work for your steward. If you have a really good thermos, you might want to consider filling it up the night before from the buffet (though I found it bitter to my taste). My experience on the QE was coffee was much stronger than by North American standards (and I typically drink bold or espresso at home).
  11. mef_57

    QE: Gingerbread Village

    (I am so bad about not taking ship photos), but just came off the QE today from the Christmas cruise. The trees were doing a lot of swaying the first few nights due to heavy seas, so were tethered ot walls and ceilings to avoid further mishaps. The Gingerbread Village still looks festive and hope will stsy up for the New Year's sailing. I did notice the door decorations were removed last night. There were small potted trees with decorations in the staterooms, but they might also disappear. There was a Christmas Eve carol sing along in the Grand Lobby and a Christmas Day carol service with the Capitan. She also read Twas The Night Before Chrietmas to the children Christmas Eve following the carol singing. Santa arrived as well. This year's gift was a tea cup with snowflake decor. Some with ship designs, but harder to see on smaller cup. Christmas Eve goose dinner option, with traditional turkey for Christmas Day.
  12. mef_57

    Solo Alaska - does it ever go on sale?

    I saw a number of reasonable prices for late season, last minute cruises for 2018 but you need to accept higher last minute airfare.
  13. mef_57

    Non-smoking cruise?

    There are cruise lines with no inside smoking policies, and yes, you pay more for these. Here is an article from CC that may help you choose https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=225
  14. mef_57

    Yellow fever shots required?

    Cdn here too. Our travel clinics will provide waiver letter if immunization is required....but as letters cost you, check requirements first.
  15. mef_57

    Special Diet - SIBO

    You will confuse people with no lactose but aged cheese ok. Remember English isn't first language for many and they don't seem to understand the nuances