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  1. Flew in to Boston last night. I use enhanced clearance, so used a terminal for passport check and the only discussion was 'have a nice visit' as the agent took my clearance slip. Done. No questions. I think more discussion goes on when arriving by car.
  2. mef_57

    No Alcohol Packages on Queen Victoria ?

    I agree about the yummy sounding vegetarian options and they aren't all pasta. Yumm I can help with your outfits problem.....log into your vacation planner. The first page is the itinerary. There is a day-by-day view tab at the top, or a 'full view itinerary'. Click that tab, and on the right column should be your dinner times and comments about formal nights and the themes. I think you got the link to the theme dress codes on the other thread. If it isn't listed yet, keep checking back.
  3. I can't answer it all, but you might want to do some lurking over on the Solo traveler forum on Cruise Critic. Often one traveler is charged a single supplement and it could be as much as 100% Cheapest is an inside guarantee room, but you won't be able to choose the room and it might come with no benefits - so 'unlimited drinks' and cheapest price is not always compatible. You can choose to buy the drinks package but every line has different rules. For at least one, even if traveling solo, you had to pay the package as if 2 in the room....very expensive. If you go over to the Solo board, there is a post that lists good deals for solo travelers. They are usually with short notice, so if you are near Florida ports, then these will work for you. Here's the link.
  4. mef_57

    Smoking policy enforcement

    You might need to do some search reviews on specific ships. There was a thread here within the past month about the Dawn where smoking is allowed port of deck 7, but if you have a balcony on 8 over the area, it might still be noticable. Seems there was spillover to starboard side as well and some area midships. Deck 7 seems to be the promenade deck, so if you are a walker wanting to laps, be aware. It isn't just the casino that may impact. The poster was not happy and felt the smoke was too prevalent, and others didn't notice it at all. I am boarding Dawn Friday and have smoke sensitivities. I'll report back.
  5. mef_57

    Balcony Partitions

    the article I cited names Oceania specifically as instating a stringent smoking policy that sees you set off on the next port for non-compliance, so they play hard ball.
  6. mef_57

    Balcony Partitions

    There are fire concerns and the partitions provide a safety factor as well as privacy, so it is at the discretion of the cruise ship. Other threads about this may provide further insight. A google search provided this report https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/547c706ae5274a4290000097/Star_Princess.pdf that clearly lead to a number of industry changes (and explains to me why 'no towels or clothing allowed on balconies), and as well as changing out the partitions to non flammable material it might explain why some want the partitions closed.
  7. mef_57

    Cruise line selection help!

    As stated, a cruise expert travel agent would help a lot. Otherwise, the ship specific Cruise Critic reviews can help with defining the demographics - that might help with ship decisions. The super ships will keep you occupied, but not support Dad's request. A week membership to the thermal spa might be a quiet poolside option for mom - unless it is some sun worshipping she is looking for. Shore activities may not live up to expectations for you unless you are interested in water sports. You have the alternative of choosing non-cruiseline excursions, however. Winter is high cruise season so ships are bound to be at capacity. To give some consideration for Dad, then look to a smaller ship...most have them in their fleet. Wikipedia defines the fleet for each cruise line and lists passenger capacity, so that might let you short list specific ships for each line and work from there...at least, that is how I would tackle it. You can then search some 3rd party cruising websites and short list by ship name, and specific departure ports.
  8. If you are okay with low key, look at the barefoot sailing ships with Island Windjammers. They don't tend to stop at any port...just drop anchor in a bay somewhere. Another option is Star Clipper - it has a couple of smaller ships. Research some of the luxury lines as well, as they tend to be smaller (compared to the main stream cruise lines). In the Galapagos Islands, the ships are small and local, so you might need to research whether there are some local options. Some Caribbean islands have a strong sailing culture, so I would do some searching from those islands.
  9. Well, in the new North American generation cash is pretty non existent - and they are not going to want to go find me US$. I did speak to my travel agent, and she said to give them her details if they run into problems.
  10. We are on the same cruise. Seems last year, it was 70F in Boston for departure. Friday's looking a little damp and wet, however, so plan for Sunday? There is an outside of CC group page and there was a discussion of where we would be at certain times of the transit. Looks like midnight Sunday we should be off St. Augustine area, so I would have said by Sunday morning - off of Charleston - but Charleston is forecast for a cold snap this weekend of under 60F. Saturday evening might be cool too, for the same reason. Some cold front hitting the eastern seaboard. Not sure whether that will affect ocean travel temps or not.
  11. guess I better be talking to my TA....Doesn't help that my kids are 'last minute' types. Thanks for the added info.
  12. My kids aren't that rich and I am not that kind of spender 😉 However, the website just isn't cooperating regardless of browser. They did try OBC , and even tested other options, and just couldn't get through to the paying window. I tried it afterwards and had the same problem from my account - though I was able to reserve dinner last week. I am assuming if they phone to add it, it will show up on my account somewhere and will print, as you recommend. Thanks.
  13. mef_57

    Is it just me..........

    I am actually rather used to the new system now. I keep tabs open for my few favorite boards, so not having to search for anything. I notice many of 'my' boards are quieter than before.....but I put other reasons for some of it. Yes, some are the transition period, but my Cunard roll call is quiet because many are actually cruising. (and it is a small roll call). ....and I noticed a drop off after the site was up again - so a flurry of catch up activity, then reduction. Again, could be people traveling or after giving the site a try, they didn't like it. We'll never know.
  14. Thanks for noting what wasn't obvious. I assumed the 'gift card' would arrive as an OBC. I'll let them know.
  15. I am leaving shortly on a cruise and thought to ask for an early Christmas present. Kids would like to know I was spoiling myself on this cruise albeit November instead of December. However, my daughter said she was having trouble completing the transaction and it would say 'this page has sailed'. I just checked it out and Internet Explorer states this. She says Google Chrome does the same. Firefox is a little better, but not all icons fill well so hard to find the shopping cart. Is this a frequent problem? I did give her the phone number so she could phone to add cards, but I am curious whether others have had the same problem?