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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your comments, will wait to see what (if anything) is offered. Either way it looks to be a fantastic trip!
  2. Hello, I wondered if anyone has any thoughts to what the overland excursions will be for the QM2 Centenary Voyage. Do you think there will be an overland from Hong Kong to China mainland for Great Wall, Terracotta Army, Tiananmen Square, one in Africa for stays at safari lodges, or one in Egypt which enable you to go to Cairo as well as Valley of the kIngs?
  3. I note that the website is now advertising the fares from back at the original price of £46961 :-( So I'm not sure where we stand now
  4. the only indicator I have for this is that in March 2021 (when we booked) the prices were advertised as from £46831. However now they are advertised as being from £42843. I'm keen to get to the bottom of this before I complete the prepayment. We will be contacting our travel agent (UK based) and will post here with any further info.
  5. Hello, We're booked on the 2023 World Cruise and I've just looked at the website and I wondered if there had been a price reduction. Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks Christine
  6. Hello, Thanks to everyone for their responses. Extremely helpful and I'm pleased to say we've booked and managed to book a balcony cabin which is fantastic as at first we were told there was none available. We will now sign up for the roll call. Looking through the excursions from AWC 2022, they are a bit more expensive then what we are used to, but If we book 40 excursions then we should be eligible for the 25% discount. This still give us enough options to do our own thing in lots of ports. It does feel like its a bit of a risk but compared with the World Cruise we were going to do - the itinerary is just so much more exciting that we're going to take the plunge. If the food isn't quite as good as promised or the cabin feels a tad cramped we're now prepared for this. Thank you
  7. Hello Everyone, Yesterday we received an email detailing the 2023 world cruise and we were very excited by the itinerary. Our agent has managed to get one of the last cabins and put this on hold until close of business today. So we have just 12 hours to do all our research! (We will only be able to do the World cruise in 2023 so waiting a couple of years for further trip isn’t an option) We’re experienced cruisers but have never sailed with Oceania. So I’ve a few questions: Any info on price and types of excursions? . I’m particularly interested in the more active excursions,. (Does anyone have any excursion info on any segments of the last world cruise? ) Are you limited to how many times you can book the speciality restaurants? We’ve only managed to get an inside cabin so I’m concerned we might not get that many opportunities. How stable is the ship mid ships ( I’ve only sailed on the much larger Cunard ships) My partner is a little concerned with the mixed reviews on cruise critic. There are a couple that rate the food and service as poor and interestingly the ship only gets a 3+ rating in the latest Berlitz cruise guide . Anyone throw any light on this I know I’ve asked specific questions but all and any information re the world cruise experience on Oceania would be very welcome. Many thanks Chris
  8. This is a question regarding transferal of booking for cruises sailing after August 31st. Cunard state that you can Transfer your booking to any Cunard voyage Transfer your booking to a voyage of higher or lower value Transfer your booking an unlimited number of times (and not just once). Transfer your bookings free of charge, So far I have only paid the deposit for the full world cruise, and the balance isn't due till mid October. if I chose to transfer my booking by Aug 31st am I right in assuming that I could just book another cruise which is approximately the same as, (or even less) than the deposit I have paid for the full world cruise?
  9. Hi LewiLewi Thanks for you post, its good to know that it appears easy to do your own thing.
  10. Thank you Alibabcruisers for posting the excursion information. Apologies for the delayed response, my excuse being I was having a short break on the wonderful QV 😀 Would you mind checking for me whether the 'island highlights' and "essence of upon" are scenic drives. if they are I might do what you did and simply go for a wander Many thanks Christine
  11. Many thanks for all your replies. I really must look through the Cunard website in more detail as I couldn't find anything on Apia (thanks Bluemarble). Sua Trench looks very exciting / tempting (thanks Lissie) and I'll see if I can work up the courage! So far I've only done very short Cunard cruises to Hamburg and Bruges. Do Cunard give useful tips e.g. 'needing Tala's for beaches' in their port talks? Or should I rely more on my own research via Cruise Critic/ Guidebooks /websites etc. Are there any websites that you would recommend (other than Cruise Critic 🙂 ) By the time we sail in Jan 2021. I'm hoping that the measles epidemic has ended. I wondered if Cunard gives advice regarding vaccinations or is it up to the individual to make sure they have done their research and got all the required vaccinations. Many thanks Christine
  12. Hello, I'm trying to find out about the excursions that Cunard does/may offer for Apia Samoa. I can't find any info on Cunard website (I've also tried looking on the Holland America website as they both part of Carnival). Has anyone got any information? thank you Christine
  13. According to Cunard they are having teething problems with the new site. However they have assured me that their record systems have not lost any information and are up to date. They have confirmed that they have my correct membership tier and so I'm a little less worried although it is very annoying not to be able to access or amend your information on the website
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