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  1. Just did this on the 30th with Daniel Johnson (booked directly) and it was amzing! I'll try and do a review tomorrow. ok Daniel and his crew were with our group for the sloth, monkey, snorkeling part and then our private driver from their team took us on a mini island tour to get to the west end beach where we went to the beach, chocolate factory, beach, and a restaurant in the beach. Was $55 or 50 person (dont remember which) plus we tipped😀 Great day! My daughter says holding Sid the sloth was the best part of the trip!
  2. Might be a silly question, but could your spouse insignificant other tried to book a surprise? I suppose you already asked them...
  3. Do you mean paying for the package vs the gratuity on the perk? I don't sail until next Sunday and am not new to cruising but new to NCL. The gratuity on the dining perk was inexpensive for the 3 meal package, has this gone up? Or are you just talking purchasing throbs kave? Or paying per restaurant without a package?
  4. Anti e have their offer a accepted yet for the Breakaway next Sunday, the 28th? Thanks!
  5. Single lady, early 40s traveling with my daughter on the NCL Breakaway out of Miami 7/28.
  6. Happy sailing! I'll be boarding as you get off😊
  7. Awesome! When do you sail? my cruise shows a minimum bid of $100 pp for spa mini suite and $75 for spa balcony. I am in a regular balcony.
  8. Thank you! We get on as you get off 🙂 was wondering about bidding timelines.
  9. Thank you for the review and pics! Doesn’t look like much seaweed that day! Yay! We’re a month out and hoping it won’t be too bad ..,
  10. Well we ate to go for it if we are still able to cruise. Dd has kidney issues and she’s not doing so great right now - it’s a month away so hard to say it hoping she’s better. We will follow the doctors advice when we get closer.
  11. Wonder if I can just cancel now instead of waiting until they show me pictures the day of. I think we’d just be happier going out on a catamaran past the seaweed or swimming in a pool. thank you for your help!
  12. Thank you for your input. I was hoping to here that! We may still go but it will up to my teenage daughter, she may just want to swim at the port or onboard if the smell is bad - otherwise we will go!
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