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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing thoughts and reflections!!! Enjoy every minute!!!
  2. Noreen, I have just had an amazing two hours reading your lovely review. Thank you! Your photos are great and make me hungry as well as anxious to get back on a ship - hopefully soon! Thanks again so much!!
  3. We did the wine and cheese on the lawn maybe six years ago. One of our nicest times on a ship. I hope Celebrity reads this and thinks of bringing it back!
  4. Thanks so much for your responses we moved to the slant on deck 7. so love the tips and info on this site!
  5. Wondering if someone can confirm 8232 has the larger balcony? We are booking this for a trans-Atlantic next spring. Many thanks!
  6. Hi all we have been jumping between Celebrity and Princess the past few years and loving both lines. When cruising resumes we would like to try out one of Princess’ newer ships. Previously we have tried to book the end mini suite on Emerald deck which has a huge balcony and is partially covered. Hoping someone can tell us if the Enchanted Princess has such a balcony? We are looking at E727 - last cabin before back ones. Thanks so much!!
  7. Our first overseas cruise - my parents met up with us in Belfast - where I was born before coming to Canada- it was my birthday. Drove by our old home and went to Bangor / our old holiday spot and where my folks were staying. Had fish and chips / of course! After an awesome unbelievable day with them and Tearful goodbyes back on the Grand to the amazing crew who treated us like family. off to Vines where we had Jack and Andrew serving us the best wines ever... lifetime memories and the crew was such an amazing part of it! Almost forgot to mention the most amazing Raffi - he went to his cabin on his break and made me a bunch of paper flowers to celebrate my special day!! The crew on that ship were truly amazing!!!!!!
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