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  1. Just a side note to add, you don't have to buy any wifi package in order to use the HUB app for the digital version of the Fun Times.
  2. I almost always pick a cabin near the aft elevators - sometimes within 2 or 3 cabins of it - and I have never had an issue. I don't recall ever noticing noise from passengers or the elevator itself. I like being a few steps from heading up for late night pizza or heading down to dinner in the MDR. I've never been above a common area however I was below the Lido once and I will never do that again. People tromping all over it all night and dragging loungers and who knows what else. The least restful cruise I've ever had. (and yet, still better than being not on a cru
  3. we're booked on the July 25th 2022 10-day from San Francisco on the Miracle. Neither of us have ever been farther west than Denver so we 're very excited for our first Alaska cruise and plan to see some sights in San Francisco too. And yes, sea days on a ship are way better than any days at work.
  4. Our first cruise was about 10 years ago on the Bahama Celebration line. A 3-day to Freeport our son and DIL talked us into to see if we would enjoy cruising. We loved it but our next cruise wasn't until 2016 when we did a 7-day on the Conquest for our 30th anniversary. As much as we loved that first little 3-day, the Conquest was a whole 'nother world of cruising. It was a western route and we did all the dumb touristy first-timer things like going on excursions at every single port. Wore us out! But it was so worth it. We now have our 6th and 7th cruises booked for next year including our
  5. Speaking of which, for the first time, we have an extended balcony in the middle of the ship. We've had regular balconies before but never an extended. It doesn't look much different (from pics online) but I figured some extra whale watching room might be nice.
  6. We will be on the one right before you. I'll try to leave you some beer but I can't guarantee it. 🙂
  7. We didn't for our first actual cruise - it was just a 3 day to Freeport on the Bahamas Celebration cruise line. It was a groupon we got for about 200 bucks total almost 10 years ago lol. Our son and DIL talked us into going as they love cruising and we had never been and we figured it would be a nice trial run to see how much we enjoyed. Well we did have a blast. Our son a granddaughters were with us and we had no idea what we were missing from newer, bigger ships lol. It was funny overhearing all the experienced cruisers complaining about every little thing on that boat and
  8. They do send a photographer around with the tour who takes a lot of pictures (including one with the captain on the bridge and other places not normally accessible by guests) and they give them to you (included in the price of the tour). I can't remember if you get a free copy of all the pics taken but I know you at least get 1. There are some other goodies they give you at the end too. We did it on the Conquest 6 years ago and will almost certainly do it again some day when we finally get to cruise on the Mardi Gras.
  9. I live in Florida so if I'm not at work I'm in shorts, flip flops and and death metal band shirt. Same holds true on a cruise UNTIL Dinner time. My wife makes me put on shoes and a collared shirt. Oh, and pants. But on elegant night, since I'm already so casual the rest of the year, I love to get dressed up - in my Buchanan Clan kilt and Prince Charlie jacket. I leave the sgian dbhu at home though. There's a guy in my St Andrew's Society group who comes to most functions in his kilt and flip flops. He's fun to drink with. He brings the single malt. (I'm cheap and bring blends a
  10. lol, well we can make it 2 data points if that helps. A week after we booked a cruise for next April my wife got an RU2 offer in the mail. I didn't think it would apply to our then current booking and and we have never gotten Cheers anyway so we ignored it but now I think it's too late to even bother checking if I can rebook with a discount Cheers. On a weird related note - we also recently booked an Alaska cruise and got OBC that is only for bar tab. Not much (I think a hundred bucks) but I was gonna drink a couple beers anyway so might as well have them free.
  11. Germany, Scotland and Ireland are on our bucket list. We'll have to give up a cruise one year to make that happen lol. I don't know any of my Grandma's people in Germany but I have her old German Family bible from the 1800's that lists a lot of genealogy (if we weren't too afraid to thumb through it).
  12. lol, it's the opposite here - I'm always pushing for a balcony and she's happy enough with an OV. (we have never had an inside although she's willing to consider it way more than I am) Fortunately for me the balconies fell in my favor on our next 2 booked. I suspect as we climb the ranks and get more cruises under our belts we might just opt for more cruises in cheaper cabins rather than cruising less in balconies. But I gotta get the balconies out of my system first. Or win the lottery.
  13. Saturday I booked Alaska on the Miracle July 25th 2022 but our next cruise (we hope!) is John Heald's FFS#4 on the Freedom out of Miami in April 2022.
  14. while not Hawaii, 2 days ago I booked a cruise from San Francisco to Alaska on the Miracle for July 25th 2022. I can see it in my cruise manager along with my April 2022 FFS#4 cruise from Miami. Fingers crossed it stays that way!
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