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  1. I'm in a similar boat. I've paid over $6,000 in gift cards for a July cruise. Got 5% off via Target, but I'm really regretting not just paying with a card in case the cruise is cancelled. To be fair, at the time we booked "There's no way we won't go on this cruise!". Sigh. This would be our first Princess cruise as well.
  2. Those are really interesting stats! We've never taken Priness before, but decided they were the ones to take to Alaska, so here we are! I always imagined the really long, interesting cruises would sell out rather quickly. But then, you have to be able to be gone for a long period of time. I'll probably just keep checking the Alaskan itineraries as we get closer just to see details. I imagine that the Coral would be the best selling ship, but people might go for new/shiny more than I do.
  3. I keep looking to see how many cabins are still available for my Alaskan cruise this summer, which had me thinking: what are the most in demand itineraries for Princess? Is it the once in a lifetime longer cruises like Antarctica? And ignoring when a new ship joins the fleet, are there certain ships that sell out more than others because people like it more? I would absolutely love to see stats, but I have a sneaking suspicion Princess might not want to release those. 😉
  4. Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad I know not to waste money on those canapes. Alas, I had a feeling they might not be great. We'll probably do Bayou Cafe on our anniversary (one free specialty dining night). I think I'll get her the chocolate covered strawberries too! She loves those things, and at $8 one of the cheapest things as well. I just wish I liked strawberries. 😉 I'm tempted by the balcony dinner/breakfast, but I think it might be too cold for her in Alaska. We'll see if I can convince her otherwise when we get on the ship. We're crossing our fingers for the Chef's Table as well!
  5. We're doing our first Princess cruise (Alaska) for our anniversary this summer and I was looking at the "Culinary Delights" section of my cruise planner. I see things like canapes, deluxe canapes, and a cheese/fruit plate. I assume these would be delivered to the room. I was thinking this might be something nice to get for my wife for our annivesary. Has anyone tried these? Are they good? And are they worth it? I assumed that these weren't things you find on the buffet, but not having sailed Princess, I wasn't sure.
  6. Our plan is to do a dog sledding excursion on a glacier via helicopter, either in Juneau or Skagway. What is the best time to do one of these excursions? I know that the weather can delay or cancel the flights. Would it be best to take the first time available in the morning in the hope that things are just delayed by an hour or two? Or is it best to do it in the middle of the day?
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