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    Type of weather Rhine river in September

    We cruised the Rhine and Moselle last Sept15 two weeks. A bit of rain the mornings cooler temps 50's and high 60's perfect for touring. Our tour guide told us to dress like an onion.. Just layer up and peel as the temp got warmer... Enjoy... we loved it!:)
  2. amd1234

    Cruising the Rhine : Viking, Ama or Avalon

    We returned in September from a river cruise on the Rhine and Moselle. Uniworld... River Queen... Amsterdam to Basel...It was a third cruise with Uniworld. A few years ago we cruised the Castles on the Rhine itinerary on the SS Antoinette (Uniworld) a new ship...This trip was 12 days and it was a repeat of the Rhine which was ok but the Moselle is simply beautiful...We like Uniworld because of the all inclusive aspect ...there were a few optional excursions that you can pay for extra.. We loved the cruise but cabins were exceptionally small but price was right ...enjoy..
  3. amd1234

    What's the Real Story on Viking Tipping?

    We have cruised with Uniworld twice and it's wonderful being all inclusive. We came off the ship with a bill of $168.00 for our optional excursion ..... ..We tipped our housekeeper extra at the end of our two week cruise she was exceptional..Also every evening before dinner we had a cocktail before dinner in the lounge. The waiter knew our drink and was always so cordial to us. We also tipped him.. The crew all worked very hard..
  4. amd1234

    air fares to Paris

    We are flying to Paris May 2013...(cruising on Uniworld Burgandy to Provence June 3) Boston to Paris returning Marseille to Paris, Paris to Boston. Question I have been viewing airfares still very high.. Probably about $2700 round trip for two. Do I wait or still check the fares periodically? Is it too soon?:confused: Air France direct...
  5. amd1234

    Paris to Lyon question

    We are doing a three day pre cruise trip to Paris May 2013. I have written to Uniworld to get the departure time for the ship but haven't received an answer. I assume the departure is sometime around 4 in the afternoon. I want to give ourselves plenty of travel time from Paris. Do the trains run on time? (Paris to Lyon):) also where and how far is the train station? We are staying at the Hotel Muguet 11 Rue Chevert. Can you also tell me what to see that is walking distance from this Hotel? Thanks..
  6. Hello, I have a few questions re: our Uniworld Cruise June 2, 2013 Burgandy to Provence. We will be flying probably Delta or Air France Boston to Paris staying three days precruise. I have been checking air fare. and they are about $1,100 per person round trip. Question is it too early to book? Or should we wait? Also the cruise ends in Arles and I didn't realize its almost a two hr. drive to Aix Provence . We wanted to stay maybe two days in this region. Not sure if I want the hassle of transfers to Aix and also transfers to Marseille airport. Need help in making this decision. Aix looks like a beautiful area to explore. HELP...:confused:
  7. Next June we are cruising on Uniworld Burgandy to Provence. We will be taking the train to Lyon from Paris. Question what time does the River Cruise depart from Lyon?:confused:
  8. amd1234

    Burgandy Provence review??

    I was waiting for the review and I am not sure if I missed it. It was the Uniworld Royale. May 2012.. Nana something? :confused:
  9. Hello need some questions answered. We are ready to book Uniworld for next year 6/2013 Burgandy to Provance. In order to get the best discount you have to pay in full. Also pay the insurance up front. (We are going buy the travel insurance also with Uniworld.) Any cruisers done this before? Its giving them your money for a year.:confused: We haven't done this before. Need feedback.. Thanks again..
  10. We are having difficulty trying to make a decision about our special Anniversary for next year 2013. We want to include Paris and the Burgandy Provance with an extension in Paris seems a good choice. I like Uniworlds Boutique Ships. The other itinerary is Paris with a Rhine river Cruise on AMA. I need feedback from cruisers to help us with the decision. Uniworld is more expensive and we would have to pay extra for the three additional nights in Paris.. Help this isn't easy.. Thanks...:):)
  11. amd1234

    Amadagio Barcelona to Paris

    We are getting prices fpr Sept 2013 for Ama Barcelona to Paris. Is the Jr. Suite worth the extra money or should we waitlist for a C cabin? What about the ship? We were on the Amalegro five years ago loved the itinerary but wasn't happy with the food. We decided to give AMA another try. Has anybody cruised on this Itinerary. This is a special Anniversary and I would love to go to Paris..Thanks...........:)
  12. [FONT=Arial Black]We have a special Anniversary next May and and need some feedback on a few questions. We cruised the Danube 2007 on AMA loved the entire trip but the food was a big disappoinment. We are reluctant to take another cruise with this line. Has the food improved? Need people to reply and let me know. Also we have been looking into the Paris to Barcelona and also Amsterdam to Basel.. Need suggestions and reviews. Recommendations also on other River Cruise lines would be appreciated.. Thanks..[/FONT]
  13. We have a special Anniversary next May so I have some time to do some research. We took our first River Cruise AMA in 2007 on the Danube. We loved the entire trip but we were really disappointed in the food. We are reluctant to take another AMA cruise. Could I have some feedback on this issue. Has the food improved? We are looking into the Paris itinerary we loved Barcelona and I would love to hear from cruisers with some suggestions. Also what month? We did the Danube in June and the weather was great..:D
  14. :)I am a bit tired but I will write a full review this week. Friday & Saturday we had very rough seas and this prevented the cruise ship from going to NCL's private Island. We went to Key West instead of having an additional day at sea. We had also had a day booked at Nachi Cocom in Cozumel and we had to cancel due to the wind it was fierce... Also it was very cool... Key West in the morning we had sweatshirts. Crazy weather pattern. Belize it was 98 with 100% humidity.. All and all a simply beautiful ship and a great trip.
  15. We are sailing on the Pearl this Sunday and we are on the 4th deck oceanview and for a real cheap price Question we can upgrade to a minisuite with balcony tomorrow for $300(Ithink a couple)...If we wait until Friday there is a possibility it could be $100.00... What to do?? Is the minisuite worth the extra money.. This is probably the only chance of staying in a suite for this price..:rolleyes: Maybe just stay in the cabin we have!!!