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  1. So this might be a dumb question, but if I am on the 10/31 sailing and the CSO order is set to expire and they DON'T extend it, will buffets and the 6 feet apart rule still be applied? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm brain dead after finals this week.
  2. Delta has waived all change fees and I have a feeling some of the others will follow suit.
  3. Because I can 🙂 And Delta rocks. I have already talked to them and even if the cruises get changed around, they still work with you.
  4. It will be interesting to see just how different it will all be. Who knows, it might not be that much different by that point. HOPEFULLY, they will still do the self disembarking and we can get off the ship at a reasonable early hour. I haven't booked my flights yet but wanting to do that this week or next. I could do a slightly later flight but I really wanted to get home at a decent hour. Meh, we'll see what the new processes are like and if we need to change flights, we can.
  5. Because we aren't in Atlanta. We are in Bham, AL and it's almost 9 hours. We have done the drive to Port Canaveral and my husband said never again. Flights out of Bham to MCO are insane compared to driving to ATL and parking for a week. Literally almost $300 more per person on Delta and we don't fly anything other than Delta.
  6. I tried to search but I couldn't weed through all the mess. We are flying from ATL to MCO Oct 30, 2021 and returning home Nov 7. There are a LOT of flights home but I wanted to see if the 1:15pm return flight would be feasible. We would have to have a transportation company or Uber to pick us up at port and take us to the airport and we would have to check a bag. Thoughts?
  7. On Allure for 10/31 cruise. I have lost all hope it will sail. If it does, we will be on it.
  8. Where? I am leaving next weekend for a week long trip to an AI in Punta Cana.
  9. I am on this cruise too and I feel 50/50 is a good guesstimate. I hope it sails though.
  10. I'm going to Dominican Republic at the end of April. Cost for AI in a super nice resort in total is costing about the same as a cruise. Much less stuff to do and not the same. I'll take it though.
  11. Hey, at least you people don't live here in Alabama. We rank the WORST in terms of vaccine distribution. Ugh.
  12. May 2018. I was on the Carnival Dream that flooded at sea.
  13. Same. I have a back up plan for vacation for end of April. I wish Royal would cancel already so I can book it and move my plane tix over.
  14. I am on that cruise too. Not holding my breath.
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