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  1. Oh I do but the idea of cooking on hot rocks kind of grosses me out.
  2. Burnt or over cooked food is not my forte.
  3. This might be dumb but what is Hot Rocks?
  4. Hopefully it will be virtual. But all those cruise giants travelled to DC already, hope they stay safe and don't get it.
  5. I'm trying to stay optimistic but it's so hard right now with all we're seeing. There might be sailing by April 2021 but probably on;y a few ports and odds of Galveston being one is slim.
  6. I would not count on any sailings the rest of the year. I am doubting my April 2021 cruise happens.
  7. I had this happen. All FCC for hubby and me came in my email. Then I got an FCC just for me but hubby's is nowhere to be seen.
  8. It was my OBC, not the FCC. And I had to call RC to get it moved over to my April 2021 cruise since it was sitting unused in my August 2020 cruise that was cancelled. You have to call to get it done.
  9. It does remain in cruise planner. But it has to be transferred to another cruise from what RC is telling me right now and you have to call them to get it to apply from what I understand. I am on hold for the resolutions desk to post it to my cruise in April 2021. I do have a TA but since this is cruise planner related, I can do it myself. I called the C&AS line and they picked up right away, no wait except with the agent dealing with resolutions. They were very pleasant and my OBC has been moved to my cruise next year. Easy peasy.
  10. For my cancelled April cruise I opted for 125%, the credit was issued and I applied to the August one that ended up cancelled. I didn't use any of it, I thought since I didn't use it that I could transfer to the next cruise. I didn't opt for the credit for August because it was already from a credit that had been issued. I didn't do anything because I wasn't sure what to do. I am so confused.
  11. I have searched and can't find anything in regards to it. I have a substantial amount of OBC from my cancelled 8/23 cruise. It was issued from an April cancelled cruise planner purchases. Since it's just sitting there unused do I need to wait until a credit has been issued or can they just transfer it to my cruise next year? I plan on using it all so that is no problem but I want to get it moved over if I can.
  12. Mine is $65 for 8/23 out of PC. That's the most I have ever paid but been watching it since March and it has yet to go any lower. Highly doubt it will. Even my UBP for next year are insane.
  13. Schooner bar makes it. I love it this drink! Have you had one before?
  14. LOL! I'm definitely interesting. I'm not mean, just have a spine of steel and very much fierce. My brain to mouth filter doesn't always work. But when you do what I do, you have to be this way. 🙂 I do have a great sense of humor.
  15. With how I am, no one dares says anything to me. They know I will clap back with some comment and they don't want to get in it with me 🙂
  16. I like to do both since sometimes my phone doesn't like to cooperate at the most important times (like when trying to pay something in person with paypal -_-). My husband doesn't use apps so he still likes to print. I swear for a guy that loves techy things he's so old fashioned.
  17. Well things have changed since the 21st when I said that. NOW it's .01% chance of sailing 🙂
  18. Seriously y'all, telling someone their feelings of being mad about all this are not justified is an ***** thing to say. What if someone told you that your feelings when something bad happens to you are selfish? OP, you feel any way you want. I am right there with you about being upset at all the plans we've made being ruined in a snap. I have spent a lot of time, money, effort, and excitement on my ABC cruise that was supposed to happen on 4/19. It was supposed to be a great trip for me. 2020 got off to a BAD start; nearly split from my husband, broke my foot, and some other mess literally all within the same 10 days. Hubs and I are good and my foot is still having issues. I needed that cruise. I desperately need the 8/23 cruise I have scheduled. Otherwise, my mental state might not handle it.
  19. On this same sailing and I saw that price. Yeah, that is ridiculous but hubby and I are drinkers so we will pay it if that's the lowest it goes.
  20. From the speculation on the limited capacity, it will only be rooms with a balcony but we will see if that is truly the case. If RCCL does what Carnival has planned, I am on Harmony 8/23 out of Port Canaveral and have a balcony. Hopefully I will be sailing. Neither my husband nor I are afraid to test it. At this point, my positive thinking is running thin.
  21. I think Lift and Shift was already in the works Monday because my TA was able to use it for me for my ABC cruise out of PR to another cruise the same time frame but different ship out of Port Canaveral.
  22. I am currently booked on Freedom for 8/23 sailing. I wanted to change to the Harmony for the same date. I don't mind paying the deposit so it's not a big deal. My TA doesn't seem to think Royal will let this happen. Odds of the San Juan cruise is MUCH less likely of going than the Harmony out of Port Canaveral. I wanted to change in case for some reason we get to port it would be much easier for us to get home in case something happens. We're only about 8 hours from there so worst case we can drive home if needed. Right now I have a deposit for the Freedom sailing and will ask for the refund for that if it gets cancelled. Note that my 4/19 cruise was cancelled and waiting on FCC for that. I would think changing to the Harmony with an entire new reservation would qualify for the CWC policy. Am I missing something? Sorry if this wasn't clear, too many thoughts flying in my head.
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