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  1. I tried this a while back and they were going to make me pay the difference.  It was literally the same class 4B to a 4B, same deck, same everything except a different side.  The prices had gone up several hundred dollars from when I booked and they wanted me to pay the difference.

  2. I will be on FOS for the 4/19 sailing and it has always been scheduled to dock in St. Maarten.  We've been booked since May 2018.  I can't wait.  I think I am the only one that feels a bit meh about these updates though.  I was on FOS May 2017 and loved the ship back then.  Hopefully once we board, the updates will be a little more exciting to me.  I was in a full arm cast so surely I will enjoy her more this time around.

  3. I was a figure skater and advanced.  The advanced sessions were just people that had their own skates.  I was told that I could not do my jumps or "big spins" and that I would have to wear safety gear.  No thanks, not worth packing my skates to skate in a circle.  It's ok because a week before the cruise I shattered my elbow and couldn't skate anymore.  

  4. 12 hours ago, mattpro said:

    Personally, the Freedom is my favorite ship.

    I prefer the itineraries and have found the crew to be the best of the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis classes.


    Last cruised on it starting Nov. 11, 2018 through April 28, 2019.

    Will go back on the Freedom starting Sep. 15, 2019 through Dec. 23, 2019.


    Will go back on the Freedom for 4 weeks (or longer - depending on drydock results) after their drydock starting Mar. 8, 2020.


    Starting in the Caribbean and going SOUTH from there is preferable to me over the east/west itineraries out of Florida.


    An FYI: If you have a hand written prescription from your doctor you can save a lot of money by going to a pharmacy in Aruba (Dutch - European Union country) and pick up your medications. The money I saved from doing this has paid for four of my past cruises for a years worth of meds.

    Are you on the ABC cruise 4/19/20 out or San Juan?  We are!!  

  5. Clearly no one here seems to understand what a good wine is.  You know what makes a wine good?  ONE YOU LIKE!  Just because one person doesn't like sweet wines or dry wines or pink wines doesn't make it bad, it just makes it not one for you.


    To answer OP question, a sweet wine to look for is one that says Riesling, Muscato.  Here is a link for a chat about wines and how sweet and/or dry they are.


  6. I'm going out of SJU in April as well and will *possibly* be flying down the morning of.  Direct flight from ATL to SJU arriving about 1:30.  Ship leaves at 8:30 pm and the flight we are looking at arrives at 1:24 on Delta.  But I have trip insurance AND a passport just in case. We wanted to fly down the morning of so we could swing first class since my husband has never been first class before.  If we went down the day before and have to pay for a hotel we like then we couldn't justify first class.  This is a 5 year anniversary trip for us so we wanted to make it a little extra special.  😞 Ugh, I hate doubt.  

  7. I feel this survey is skewed.  At home I drink very little.  Maybe 4 drinks a whole month.  Get me on a cruise and I drink about 10 a day.  I also get bottled waters, powerade/gatorade drinks, frou-frou coffees, etc in addition to my many alcoholic drinks.  Last cruise I totaled up what the hubs and I would have spent and it was nearly $1200.  Definitely worth the money for us to get Cheers.

  8. Oh sweet jeez.  I thought the entire time I was reading this it was a water slide.  That is until I saw Nolefan95's pictures.  🤣All I kept thinking was "why are people going down a water slide in long sleeves and pants?!".  Grad school has turned my brain into useless mush.

  9. I like passing all those "general" boarders.  It made my husband feel like royalty the first and only time we've done it so far.  Early embarkation and debarkation, having the room ready so we can get 100% unpacked (we do all carry on), drinking and napped all before safety drill.  

  10. All I have ever sailed on is the medium classes of ship (Freedom of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas, couple of Carnival ships about the same size).  I know over time these smaller classes will be a thing of the past.  I think about how the Oasis class is 40% bigger than the Freedom class and it makes me feel uneasy a bit, almost nervous.  Have any of you had a hard time going from the convenience of the smaller ships to the HUGE ships?  I have a hard time with extreme crowds (like concerts and shopping malls during the holidays).  Do the mega ships have that extreme crowd feel?  I usually cruise during times when school is in session to avoid some of that.  What are some of your experiences and thoughts on going from a smaller ship to a mega ship?

  11. 1 hour ago, KelJ said:


    When did dining and beverage options become available in your cruise planner for April 2020?  We sail Anthem on April 12, 2020, and dining, beverage and entertainment options aren't available yet.

    A few weeks ago. Beverage options aren't available yet but dining ones are and so is internet and excursions.

  12. I noticed this new plan is already in my cruise planner for my cruise April next year.  I'm actually considering it since you get lunch in specialty restaurants on sea days too plus the $35/pp credit for a la carte items.  It does have BOGO, 5 dinner, and UDP, plus each individual restaurant listed to already take reservations.  Seriously considering the UDP now.  It's $168 for my cruise and we could eat all places more than once.

  13. I was on this ship in April 2018 (the sailing when it flooded at sea) and we were back in port at 6:15 and we were in the car by 7:30 am.  But that doesn't always happen.  I think honestly you would be ok but you will definitely never know what could happen.  If the ship is delayed for any reason, this could put a damper on things.  Worst case, book the flight and if you miss it then you can call the airlines and see if they will book you on a later one.

  14. As a recently retired competitive figure skater, I LOVE the ice shows.  Knowing how much room we need as skaters to set up a jump and they do it on the tiny little rink is incredible.  And with how hot they must get, it's even more impressive.

  15. 4 hours ago, Christinampl said:

    My favorite cruise ship drink is the Habanero & Grapefruit Daiquiri in the Schooner Bar. When I ordered it I assumed it was a fruity frozen drink and when I received it, it was more martini-esque and not what I was hoping for/expecting.  I turned out to LOVE this drink so much.  So much so that I drank the Anthem out of the Miami Club Rum that they use to make this drink. I cannot wait to be on board the Brilliance in two days to have a few (just know that this is a strong cocktail if made correctly).  Enjoy your experiment!

    That's because it's how a true daiquiri is made.  They are named that because they originated from the town in Cuba.  A true one isn't a frozen sugary concoction. 

  16. We sailed out of NOLA in April and stayed at the port garage. $140 for a 7 day cruise. Fulton I know is cheaper but they will only let 1 person from the group get the car. So you basically have to leave your people at the port, get the car and come back to get them. I wasn't about to deal with that mess but for many others it's no biggie. I've heard good things about it other than that.

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