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  1. We have done breakfast in the MDR on debarkation morning, I think we got there around 7:30 am
  2. When we took our daughter on a cruise we guessed on carbs after so many years of deaking with the disease you get pretty accurate.
  3. Thanks Sid! This review really helped me out, I'm going on the Glory in 20 days. I needed to live vicariously thru you.
  4. I am sure my ancestors immigrated to America with less than I took on my first cruise.
  5. I am enjoying your review and I appreciate your positive vibe.
  6. Could you get the lobster rolls with butter only or did you have to get the mayo?
  7. wesorbeth


    From what I remember after you go thru the long port building go to the stores on the right, it's the last store in that section.
  8. I am very OCD AND I work in Infectious Diseases at a hospital but I ate the cheese, nuts and olives.0
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