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  1. Totally understand. We are in Central Florida and our daughter is in South Florida. We can put off into July this year. March, June, or July 2021. We would sail Christmas but our daughter works retail. We are waiting it out. This cruise is our 25th wedding anniversary celebration.
  2. Our final payment is 3/24 for our June 7 cruise. Our kids room final payment was 3/9 for our same cruise. We have so many factors contributing to what we decide to do. I'm with you on having more time to decide and no issues with FCC. My husband is a teacher so we have to wait. We do not know if our extended spring break will be extended more, the school year extended and whatever else is implemented with travel restrictions etc.
  3. Love the Dunns River Falls photo. Brings back a lot of fun memories. We did this on our honeymoon many years ago.We did an all inclusive in Montego Bay but did excursions throughout the island. This port was one of the reasons my hubby picked the itinerary he did for our trip.
  4. I am really enjoying it. My hubby and I are doing this itinerary for our 25th wedding anniversary in June. I only asked about the menus because we are considering some specialty restaurants this time around. I will check out you tube. Thanks for the tip. If others want the fun times that would be great but you do not have to on my account. :) Looking forward to rest of your trip report.
  5. Enjoying your review. Did you happen to screenshot the menus for the mdr ? Thank you for sharing.
  6. Do you happen to have the menus for the horizon itinerary Cozumel, Ochos Rios and Grand Cayman ? Thanks for posting the fun times.
  7. This is very important . Keep the original email , print them and bring with you. My hubby booked us on an amazing offer over Thanksgiving that included drinks on us for both of us.Email the players club do not call as we did.Calling does not give you written proof. Live and Learn. We called the players club beforehand confirming all was good and it was. However, when we went to the casino , my drinks on us was not showing and we did not have the print out. Since we failed to bring the paper confirming our offer , which we shouldn't have to but apparently needed to I just dropped the issue.
  8. We are considering some of the specialty dining options on our upcoming cruise. Does anyone have the 6 day menus that you can share? Would like to be able to decide which nights to add the specialty dining. Thank you :)
  9. We booked under a similar promotion.(awesome rate, $100 OBC and Drinks on Us for 2 adults in cabin)From my understanding, While you are playing in the casino you are able to receive the free drinks from a server walking around the casino floor. We will find out in about 12 days. Enjoy your cruise.
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