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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 This is me. I always marvel at the chair-hog threads... because I'll be over there enjoying the sea breezes & my blender drink in the SHADE
  2. It also means biological hazard. More likely someone had an accident involving bio-cleanup in that cabin.
  3. It's billed as an escape room; it's not quite the immersive experience that we've seen in escape rooms on land. It's more like a group of ten or twelve people per table solving puzzles and assembling various clues to get to the end. I had a lot of fun with it 🙂 Not a dinner show. No food is served. No performers involved; the circus MC is a recorded voice. There will be a member of the cruise staff running the activity & answering questions.
  4. I'll be on that cruise. This seems to be a pretty typical earthquake swarm, and damage has been largely on the south side of the island, away from San Juan & the ports. I'm not at all concerned.
  5. I went in with low expectations, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I am a KCBS-certified barbecue judge, so I've had a lot of 'cue, both good & bad. This is definitely worth visiting & splitting a sampler platter with a friend.
  6. Hello, we are cruising in May out of Miami, but flying in/out of FLL. MSC doesn't offer airport transfer excursions to FLL, so I'm looking for recommendations for tour companies offering something... I would love to do an Everglades tour with airport dropoff, but I'm open to anything, really. Flights are after 3pm. Any ideas?
  7. I think that the average grade-schooler would view Six as a typical girl-group concert. Singing, costumes... they probably wouldn't get the history behind it, but they wouldn't need to. I know families have different tolerance levels for profanity (and really, if you think four teenagers from Jersey don't talk that that, I dunno...) but in addition to that, the main appeal for Jersey Boys is as a nostalgia show. The boomer audience knows & loves every tune. Would it spoil it for your kids if they don't?
  8. They're generally indoors. On my last trip, my muster station was inside Bliss nightclub. Not enough seats, so many were standing. If having a seat is important, get there early.
  9. No idea, I don't see her in the various drydock schedules floating around on the web. That date may be meaningless, or it may be an artifact of a schedule that got changed but the website wasn't updated. But that's the only place I could find the mezzanine deck plans...
  10. They're in a mezzanine area...click on "Departing before Mar 02, 2020" and scroll all the way to the bottom on the main deck plans page. They don't have elevator access, so they're not suitable for someone who needs that. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/sun/deck-plans/suite
  11. I've had a couple of clinkers served to me, both in the MDRs & specialty venues. It happens, same as a land restaurant. Just tell them you don't care for it & they'll be happy to bring you something else. For the most part, though, the food has been pretty good. I think the people who say that EVERYTHING was inedible made up their minds before they ever sat at table.
  12. NCL used to have a similar route called "Path of the Vikings," but it was a transatlantic, from London to NYC. Not quite the same, but I hope they bring it back at some point, I wanted to do it as a retirement cruise when that time comes...
  13. I was just looking at the thread on the Carnival page, the most amazing part is that it took 4 pages for someone to make a "glory hole" joke.
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