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  1. I've never had a bit of trouble with it. I'm using Chrome.
  2. NCL calls them "wine stations" in the FAQs. They are not included in the beverage package. https://www.ncl.com/terms/premium-beverage-package
  3. Los Angeles Times is reporting that six people were examined by paramedics, and of those, four were transported by ambulance to local hospitals with non-life-threatening complaints. Perhaps more were ill, but not severely enough to need the attention of EMTs. In any case, the "hundreds" reported by the Times Mirror seems badly exaggerated. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-11-24/sick-passengers-norwegian-cruise-line-paramedics
  4. If it's the type that plugs in & has a heating element, it's not allowed, and will be confiscated if it's left out. (You get it back at the end of the cruise.) If it's the type that you pour hot water into it (basically like a French press that accepts pods,) then it's OK.
  5. Every NCL sailing has a nightly Solo Social (or something like that, they keep changing the name) held in the Studio Lounge, or one of the other lounges if there's no studios on your ship, in the early evening. Check the dailies. Go to that to make friends & find dinner companions! Or, if you'd rather dine alone, just request a table for one at any dining venue. NCL loves solos & treats them well... I love my solo cruises with them 🙂
  6. Dumb question about these excursions with airport transfer... do you put your luggage out the night before? Or do you have to bring it down with you in the morning, and they take it from there to put it in the van/truck? Looking at one of these for my next cruise (LAAAAATE flight out) but not sure how it works.
  7. My observations in no particular order: Entertainment on NCL is much better. Food is very subjective, but I find the MDRs to be more similar than some are saying. I've had a couple of clinkers, but it's mostly pretty good. And if they see you're not enjoying your food, they will gladly take it away & bring you something else in an effort to make you happier. This is true of both lines. I like the O'Sheehan's 24-hour concept a whole lot better than the late-night pizza-only thing on Carnival. The gratuities on the NCL Free at Sea beverage package come out to about a third of the price of the Cheers package on Carnival. Not everyone imbibes, so, factor that in as warranted. Carnival seems to have a lot more of the poolside-contest type of activities. NCL has a lot more of the piano-singer-in-a-lounge type of stuff. Alchemy is the best bar concept, but NCL has the friendlier bartenders.
  8. On my last cruise, I was Gold, and did a bag of laundry on the $19.99 laundry special day. I was charged $9.99, so I did get the 50% discount. I also marked it "express", expecting to pay the upcharge, but they didn't charge me for that! Got it back during the express time frame just fine. So I was pretty happy 🙂 This was on the Jewel during last month's Vancouver-Los Angeles repo.
  9. If Tortola was the last port stop, and the medical event happened when they were already underway for home, there's not a lot between BVI & Boston... maybe they could have stopped at Bermuda, but running hard for Boston was probably deemed to be his best chance.
  10. The lounge is nice, but if you're in an inside, you can find lots of places to hang out on the ship. The main difference (moneywise) is the one perk. If you don't want any perks, take the sailaway inside. If you want one, make sure you're comparing a non-sailaway inside to the studio when you're making your comparison. I always want the beverage package, so I usually take the studio, but sometimes the inside ends up being less expensive even with the package. Especially last-minute stuff.
  11. Yaka Hula Hickey Dula! Yes, it's a real cocktail. Try it with Malibu rum instead of dark rum. https://www.thespruceeats.com/yaka-hula-hickey-dula-759854
  12. I send it all, including bras. (I don't wear underwires though.) It all comes back fine.
  13. Deck 6, midship, right across from Magnum's.
  14. All studios on Bliss have hair dryers. Sometimes they get put away in creative hidey-holes. If you can't find it, ask your cabin steward.
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