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  1. During that time, Gem will be chartered for a handful of Sixthman cruises. https://www.sixthman.net/festivals
  2. $11.20 is the TSA fees ($5.60 each way) that you're not allowed to pay for with miles or points. So yeah, a lot of miles stashed. I sometimes pay $11.20 once I have enough miles saved up, but I don't generate enough bonus miles on my credit card promos or whatever it is to do that for *every* flight. Different story when I travelled for work a lot, though.
  3. I remember asking about it during a 2018 cruise (I was going to treat my sister & I) and it was $60 or $65 for a plain polish mani, don't remember exactly, but it was stupid expensive for me. (I paid about $25 locally back then.)
  4. For a long time, my sister (with whom I last cruised in 2016) got NCL mail for me at her address. No big deal. I mentioned it to my PCC once, he apologized & said he had fixed it. Now I get her mail at my address 🤣
  5. This applies to all kinds of cabins... I snagged a nice upgrade when the Family Balcony cabins dropped way below the regular balconies on my next cruise. Same thing, low demand for family accommodations, I assumed.
  6. Food is so subjective. I like the MDR offerings on NCL better than that of Carnival, but it's a pretty close contest. Alchemy is by far the better bar concept, but NCL's bartenders are friendlier. I'm not a fan of the over-the-top dancing waiters & Joe Farkas décor. If that's your jam, then NCL might be too sedate for you. NCL has much better entertainment offerings, especially in the evenings. The big ships have Broadway style shows; the smaller ships have more of a variety/musical revue vibe, plus a lot of lounge acts scattered around the ship.
  7. A more specific answer to your dining question: You don't get a certain dollar amount of credit; you get the electronic equivalent of however many vouchers for dining loaded on your card. (It's currently 2 for a 7-day sailing.) Then, when you present your card at the restaurant, they will use a voucher to pay for your meal. Anything you order will be fully covered, with a small number of exceptions, but those will be clearly marked on the menu as a "dining package upcharge." The servers are also good about telling you if you're ordering something with an upcharge. As far as the drinks, it's not just crappy well pours, it's a pretty decent selection of mid-price spirits.
  8. To be complete in the discussion, trichinosis parasites can still be found in game meat, or occasionally in pigs raised in semi-wild settings where they can come into contact with wild rodents. It is NOT found in domestic pigs raised in confinement. Trichinosis infection has become very rare since the 50s or so.
  9. I've got one coming up in a couple weeks (yaaayyyy!!) We've done a hometown gift exchange in the past, but I'm not planning on doing one again anytime soon; they often end up being food items & I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that in this post-COVID era. Instead, I am planning on a small raffle where you have to introduce yourself to three people & ask each one a question about their hometown. The questions are meant to spark a little conversation, natch. Then, turn in your filled-in sheet to be entered in a drawing for some small tchotchkes (think: cute lanyards or the like)
  10. Another reason to cruise late in the season: better chance of seeing the Northern Lights
  11. Great review, thanks for writing it! A thing to keep in mind: There are lots of stories on the webz about people who left their drapes open only to find that they were unintentionally exposed due to worker on balcony/worker on window washing rig/another cruise ship docked a few yards away overnight/whatever. I have a little "oops" story about waking up from a nap (in my obstructed oceanview cabin) to the presence of a maintenance guy in the lifeboat right outside. TLDR: your cabin & balcony are not totally private areas, plan your wardrobe accordingly.
  12. From the Latitudes Rewards page: On Norwegian Bliss, Moderno is replaced by Los Lobos or Q. On Norwegian Joy, Moderno is replaced by Food Republic or Q. In Food Republic, the benefit entitles each guest to a total food value of $35 per guest. On Norwegian Encore, Moderno or La Cucina is replaced by Los Lobos or Q.
  13. It used to be available on the US website, too, right after you chose/declined insurance. I guess it disappeared after some update or another. NCL website is buggy at the best of times 🤨
  14. It is an option after you book, actually; up until 48 hours before sailing, I believe. On your MyNCL page, go to the Summary page on the cruise, Pre Pay Services Charges is the third section down (right below Payments.) Click on the plus sign to expand the section, check the box to prepay, then continue to checkout.
  15. The B4 "family balcony" cabins on my 10/3 Gem cruise seem to be pretty undersold, they dropped by quite a bit more than the regular BF balconies did after final payment. I think it's because there's less demand for "family" cabins due to the younger kids not able to be vaxxed yet -- not as many families sailing. So the pricing algorithm pushed 'em way down... even though there's no real difference between the two cabins. I snagged an upgrade for cheap 🙂
  16. Yes, that's exactly right. You'll have two vouchers in your cabin which entitle you to a meal for you & a guest at [specified restaurant].
  17. Ah, that explains it; I don't think I've ever tried it inside of final payment. You might be out of luck 😞 but perhaps you could call back & get a more flexible agent on the second try.
  18. I've done it many times. I usually don't even bother to call, just go to make a partial payment online via the MyNCL website & choose "My Payments & Credits" on the dropdown for payment type. Your CruiseNext should appear in that list if it's available to use.
  19. Refunded to the card you gave at check-in. The whole thing is a cashless enterprise for the most part.
  20. I hope you said "I am tired of these mother ****ing snakes on this mother ****ing ship!"
  21. If you have a negative balance, it will be refunded at the end, minus the amount of any nonrefundable OBC. You can use purchased OBC for the daily service charge, but nonrefundable OBC can't be used for that purpose. Basically, if it's OBC that you paid for, you can use it like cash. If it's OBC that you were given as some sort of benefit or award -- stockholder, World Points, whatever -- then it can't be used for DSC, but you can use it to purchase goods & services, such as gift shop items, spa services, dining, or CruiseNext certs.
  22. If you're cancelling onboard, the credit goes to your freestyle account. They only settle your tab once at the end of the cruise. If you need to chew up nonrefundable OBC, CruiseNext certificates are a good option, especially considering that they can be resold pretty easily.
  23. You can cancel an excursion & book a new one at the Shore Excursions desk on board, no problem. Any difference in cost will be charged or credited to your account.
  24. That... was a substantially well-written review. Thanks for posting it.
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