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  1. Just to confuse you, I would recommend lassi in Kefalonia, lovely beaches, a few restaurants and shops. Only 15 mins from the airport and walking distance to the main town. No loud bars, very quiet and relaxing.
  2. We are due on Britannia on the 1st August😭. Wonder how much longer we will have to wait until that is cancelled?
  3. We have been using the sunflower lanyard for over a year. Our daughter has special needs and we have found it helpful particularly at airports with queing etc but still find a lot of people do not know what it is for.
  4. Hi when we were on Britannia there were only one size of nappies available in the shop and they were tiny and very expensive. I'm not sure if you can do it at Manchester but at Gatwick you can do a boots order of your nappies, wipes etc to be collected in the boots after passport control, it's worth a try! hope that is of some help and you have a great time.
  5. We have been to Skjolden, we went to a llama farm where you get to pick a llama and take it for a walk, we booked it online before we went and the owner met us near the port and took us to the farm, we really enjoyed it.
  6. Anyone know when more information will be released? We need a specific kind of cabin so would like to book as soon as they go on sale. Thank you
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