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  1. Remydiva—we called to cancel our October 2020 Celebrity cruise to Europe the beginning of April and the money was refunded in a few days. We called Princess to cancel our FCC that were sold to us as fully refundable about the same time and have been getting the runaround. Nho9505–called Princess this morning about my money and they would not put me through to Customer Relations.
  2. Remydiva—To answer your post—if you put in the contract the clause—Time is of the essence, the contract can be voided and your money refunded after due date. This can’t be done with our money that Princess is holding and they know it. Again, very bad customer relations. Canceled a cruise to Europe with Celebrity for this October and deposit was refunded in 2 days. Would not hesitate to sail with them in the future.
  3. No matter what anyone says, bottom line, they are holding on to our money. Not sure about the legality of this but I do know that they are doing a bad job with customer relations.
  4. Unfortunately, my bank will not do anything about FCC. They will only act to get money returned for a cancelled cruise.
  5. My husband and I put down $600 on FCC while on our last cruise in February. $200 was toward an Iceland cruise in 2021 and the remaining $400 was for any cruise that caught our eye in 2020. Called April 8 and asked for the $400 to be credited to our credit card since cruises in 2020 do not look promising. Was told that it would take 60 dates to process. Called this morning since 60 days is right around the corner and was told they have no idea when we will get our refund. Asked to speak to someone in customer service and was rudely told that they are not taking calls about refunds. If we do not get this refund in the next month, we will cancel our 2021 cruise and never sail Princess again. We are elite with Princess and they do not care.
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