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  1. Good point. I didn't find any existing related discussion there though.
  2. A couple years ago my son and I figured out that we could play Minecraft multiplayer if we both just connected to the Carnival ship's WiFi without signing up for any Internet service plan. We just connected to the WiFi to get menus and events in the Carnival Hub app. We found this out Minecraft would link up players when a jerk joined an open world that I son had created and started typing rude messages to him. However, this gave me a great idea. If Minecraft could connect players via the ship's free WiFi allowing them to play together and text chat, couldn't a dedicated text app work? I looked around and found these: https://mashtips.com/android-offline-messaging-apps/. I struggled to setup FireChat on our phones, but Bridgefy looks promising. Check out this video: https://youtu.be/SVJsL4uqC3Q. The part about WiFi without out Internet access is exactly what I was thinking. Does anyone have any experience with any of these apps and particularly with using them WITHOUT paying for Internet? P.S. I am aware that Carnival has a $5 per person chat plan, but I have also experienced issues with the service. Since the ship's WiFi service is always working, I expect a WiFi messaging app which is not Internet dependent (Like Minecraft) would be a great solution for inner-ship communications. Of course, it would only work with the ship's WiFi isn't blocking those ports.
  3. I thought of another... Night Light = USB Battery with built-in flashlight. We usually keep one in the bathroom. Ours holds its charge easily for a 7-day cruise with nightly use. I have a few which I won't share, because sharing them here would dilute their value considerably as they only work well because they are not known by many. I am sure that some of you feel the same way.
  4. I find the smoothies from the bar are usually too sweet. However, mixing them with Vanilla Soft Serve makes for a perfect beverage with twice the volume. Universal Plug adapter always gives us an additional (and sometimes the only) electric outlet. Usually we just need the round two-prong kind, but once we needed a UK adapter. OF COURSE, I always make sure that the items I plug into it can handle 220 volts.
  5. Sorry for the mistake; I can't figure out how to edit my original post. I meant the "Behind the Fun" tour (usually on the last Sea Day).
  6. Season's Greetings Cruisers, Is there anyone sailing on the Carnival Inspiration on December 3, 2018 who is planning to go on the Behind the Scenes tour? We have an interesting and very responsible 12-year-old son who wants to go, but we don't really want to join him this time. We are hoping we can meet a new family friend who might accompany him on the tour.
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