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  1. Oh that’s great Carrie. Thanks. I always just went right to the NCL boards but I’m learning there’s a lot more on the cruise critic site. I just looked at the News section and found a recent update which was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much!
  2. Hi there. Just starting to think about cruising again and was wondering if there was one central site to find out current cruising options from the various cruise lines. We are under the impression that the CDC has a ‘no sail order’ for the US until November 1, 2021 (although aware of some cruise lines attempts to try to get that lifted sooner). We are primarily interested in sailing from a US port (preferably NYC) however we are aware that NCL as well as other cruise lines have some sailings scheduled from international ports starting in this summer and it may be worthwhile just taking a look Realizing this is a long shot with so much uncertainty out there but thought I would check with those that may have been following cruise news more closely Thanks as always for your help
  3. Wondering if they are taking crew members home? Just a guess.
  4. Casinos opened at 9pm each night when we were in Bermuda. Bars, restaurants and entertainment were all available.
  5. Thanks David....hope you are sleeping better now.
  6. Thank you so very much your updates. Very helpful for those us considering sailing on the Encore. May I ask if your not sleeping well was attributed to this particular ship (i.e. cabin noisy, bed uncomfortable, ship rocking? ) Thanks again. Really appreciate that you took the time while on vacation to provide us with details.
  7. The Vibe is a very nice adults only area. They only sell a limited number of passes so you are certain to get a lounger...if you are lucky enough to be in one of the first groups to board so you can purchase the passes. The passes were $209 per person for a 7-day cruise the last time i checked. If you intend to get off the ship while in each port on the 5 day sailing it may not wind up being worth it. There is also Spice H20 on the Breakaway which is a free adults only outdoor area with plenty of loungers (but not much shade) DH spent a lot of time there while on the Breakaway and had no trouble finding a lounger when he wanted. There is a bar in both the Vibe and SpiceH20.
  8. Great ship..Loved the Great Outdoors (outdoor seating area with a bar and burgers/hot dogs). It was fun to attend events in the Spinnaker Lounge (for instance Not so Newlywed Game, different dance classes) On that ship our favorite complimentary restaurant was Lotus Garden and our favorite specialty restaurant was Teppanyaki (fun time) Really enjoyed the shows in the Stardust Theatre...was always able to get a good seat without any advanced planning. The Thermal Suite was very relaxing. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Sailed on both the Pearl and Gem and they are very similar. Love them both. Only noticeable difference to me was the decor/artwork There may have been a slight difference in the thermal suite...i think one had the cold plunge pool in the ladies locker room and one did not.
  10. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the cruise.
  11. Thank you so much Jamie! Lots of good info. Much appreciated.
  12. Thank you so much Bird! Wow, it does look a lot smaller than the Escape Thermal Suite.
  13. In the spa on the Gem there are separate ladies/men locker rooms with secure lockers, robes, towels, steam room, sauna, hot tub and some loungers. In the common co-ed area there are loungers, heated loungers, hot tub and thalassotherapy pool. Folks do walk around in a swimsuit or a robe.
  14. Jamie, thanks for your thoughts on Escape vs Encore. I really like the Escape and wish it was still leaving out of NY but am happy to be able to try the Encore on the Canada NE route. Wondering if you could provide some more specifics about the differences between the Bliss and Encore Thermal Suite. I know the spa is aft on the Encore, but did you notice many other differences? Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
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