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  1. At least it's making headlines: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/discussions-underway-with-countries-to-accept-canadians-with-mixed-vaccines-tam-1.5599084
  2. So really....we shouldn't consider using his services 🤣🤦
  3. Wow, that's actually a concise answer, not just a 'no we have no plans, blah blah blah.'
  4. I haven't been watching Don's videos all that long, maybe the past 6-8 months? Sometimes they are filled with some good information; remember when he got stuck in Florida for several days because his return PCR test was screwed up? For most of us that would be devastating but hey, he's got the time and apparently the money so whatever. However, this rant regarding Alaska was akin to a toddler tantrum. So much misinformation and misdirected anger. Did the Canadian gov't handle the cruise port closure properly? Probably not. Are they solely to blame for the loss of revenue to Alaska? Most certainly not. Don needs to research his videos more I would say and be less dramatic.
  5. Yes. And right now we can fly into the US regardless of whether or not we are unvaccinated but come November if we are AZ/mRNA we won't be??? I need clarification asap as do many others so hop to it Biden 🤦🤣
  6. At this point I'd be shocked if the land border reopens to Canadians before the end of 2021. My money is on spring 2022.
  7. Honestly no I don't see this happening. If the cruise lines want a FULL return of their ships to Alaska they NEED Vancouver, not just as a stop but as a point of embarkation and/or debarkation. Seattle will in no way be equipped to handle the amount of ships that go to Alaska during a "normal" season. Bypassing Victoria as a stop would of course be devastating to their economy as well.
  8. NCL accepts mixed (AZ +mRNA) when sailing out of European ports but just like every other cruise line, they do not accept them for a US port of embarkation.
  9. The $40 tests are only available in Ontario and Alberta 😞 Here in BC I can do a rapid antigen test at YVR with results back in 30 minutes or less but it will cost me $129/person.
  10. That's very interesting, thanks for the indepth response!
  11. That's what I'm wondering too. A third shot might not solve this. I'm thinking the only sure way will be for the US CDC to acknowledge mixing, acknowledge that it IS still fully vaccinated. But will they....?
  12. We still don't know for sure if getting that elusive third shot will make us "fully vaccinated" in the eyes of the US CDC. I don't think anyone has tried to cruise using this "method". Not yet anyway.
  13. We just spent a week at Dreams Punta Cana and I'm so glad we went! Our resort offered to put you up for free for 14 days if you tested positive, but thankfully we all received negative tests (three of us are vaxxed, only our 10 yr old is currently unvaxxed). We went back on forth on whether to go but in the end we did and had a fantastic time.
  14. 👏👏👏 Come on BC and follow suit!! BC will probably be the last province to offer this I bet 🙄🤦
  15. Unfortunately, Regent, as stated on their website, is NOT accepting mixed vaccines for cruises that leave a US port. They are accepting them for cruises that leave from a non-US port. Sigh. When will the US CDC pull its finger out and realize the benefits of mixing? This is beyond ludicrous.
  16. Where does your son live? Ontario I'm guessing. They are still very much under the thumb of good ol' Dougie Ford. What a disaster he is. We live in BC and things are OPEN OPEN OPEN and continue to be opening fully. But then again, we've always been way more open than many other parts of Canada. So glad I live in BC. Anyway, I digress. No Canada will not open their ports earlier than Spring 2022 and yes the border WILL open earlier than January 2022. Most of us expect it open by September or earlier. After all, our second doses are finally ramping up and we have 10% more with one dose than the US does. We'll probably end up passing you soon with 2 doses as well.
  17. Headed to Gibraltar apparently! Found this on vessel finder: The current position of ODYSSEY OF THE SEAS is at West Mediterranean (coordinates 36.07239 N / 5.24277 W) reported 0 min ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to GIBRALTAR OPL, sailing at a speed of 1.1 knots and expected to arrive there on May 26, 11:00.
  18. It's cute you think cruises will be sailing anywhere within North America this summer but I'll play along. You can blame YOUR gov't for the PVSA or you could just admit we are in a pandemic and blame Covid. But blaming Canada is laughable. Sorry NOT SORRY.
  19. As a Canadian, I have no idea why others in this country think that we should be getting our vaccines from the US or that somehow the US 'owes' us vaccines. Huh? We have contracts with EU countries for our vaccines so what does that have to do with the US? The fact that we currently don't have anything in place to manufacture our own vaccines goes back DECADES. This is nothing new. As for the PVSA, well that's an American law, nothing to do with Canada. So you can whine to the US gov't about that.
  20. "WAIVERS OF THE NAVIGATION LAWS The navigation laws, including the PVSA, can only be waived by the Secretary of Homeland Security if certain requirements are met: • The transportation requested must be “necessary in the interest of national defense,” and • If the waiver is requested under Section 501(b), the Maritime Administration at the Department of Transportation has confirmed that there are no coastwise-qualified vessels available to conduct the transportation. 43 A request to waive the PVSA should be submitted prior to the proposed transportation, i.e., embarkation of passengers. CBP strongly encourages potential requesters to contact the Maritime Administration prior to submitting a request to determine if there are any coastwise-qualified vessels available to conduct the transportation sought." Nope, not a chance.
  21. As usual our gov't is not giving out a ton of details. I can't imagine hopping over the border for a Trader Joes and Target run if I have to shove a swab up my nose before coming home.
  22. Wishful thinking. For now those tests will pertain to essential workers crossing the border. Won't mean a thing for restarting cruises out of Vancouver (or anywhere in Canada) unfortunately for this year. Our provincial health officer has already said that we might be able to travel outside of BC by the end of June and if you are having a wedding this summer, keep is small and don't expect any international guests to be allowed to your wedding. Our border is staying well and truly closed to non essential for many more months. The Transport Canada ban is set to expire Feb 28th so we will hear from them before the end of the month re:cruises.
  23. Doubtful. I don't see the land border reopening until September at the absolute earliest. Wouldn't surprise me if it was closed through all of 2021. Alaska cruises won't happen this year.
  24. Yep. And I don't think it's even going to be about having to have my kids vaccinated that will make us cancel, more like the high school schedule. My oldest starts high school in September and if they continue with the 'quadmester' system we'll be cancelling for that reason (missing 3 days of school during this new quadmester system is akin to missing 3 weeks). Hoping to find out sooner rather than later but we have til early August to cancel. C'est la vie.
  25. Poor Alaska, you're probably right. Ironically that has been my favourite cruise to date! 🙂
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