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  1. We have only been billed at the end of the cruise. Our longest HAL cruise was 51 days in 2019. Cheers, Denise
  2. If I score an aft balcony it’s like winning the lottery! In the “olden” days of cruising they were the least expensive cabins. Then the cruise lines caught on to the fact that they were some of the most wanted cabins. Boom! Price increase. 😜 We have the same aft cabin for our next two cruises on the Zuiderdam. Of course, we have to wait until 2022. Cheers, Denise
  3. We adore Old Town, never thought about staying there. We stay close to the port so we can visit Old Town the first day and the Gaslamp Quarter the following day. I’ll check out the Best Western. Thanks! Cheers, Denise
  4. Hi Barb, We have stayed in both the Embassy Suites and the Wyndham. ES was a bit further from the port but we still walked our luggage to the ship.Ok it took two trips. We packed way too much. In 2019 we stayed at the Wyndham. We loved being able to see the Amsterdam come into port in the morning. We will most likely stay there again. Cheers, Denise
  5. Thanks for that info! Since we got our #1 cabin choice, we will be flying to San Diego!! We do love staying in the town before the cruise. Flying there is easy peasy. Cheers, Denise
  6. Wow! Interesting. Needless to say, we would love to cruise out of SF. We live 30 minutes away. I love sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. It never gets old. BUT, we got our preferred cabin out of San Diego. We will keep an eye out in case we get to change embarkation ports at a later date and keep the same cabin. Cheers, Denise
  7. We posted at the same time!! Cheers, , Denise
  8. Heads up on the 50/45 day South Pacific cruise. San Francisco sadly is NOT an embarkation port. 😢 Only Vancouver and San Diego. We are booked on this cruise. It would have been lovely to cruise from our home port but just being able to cruise is enough. Cheers, Denise
  9. It’s on the website now. We are booked. So excited since we were also on the cruise that canceled for this October. We are still going to cruise on this 35 day cruise in February 2022. We LOVE the South Pacific. 🥰 Cheers, Denise
  10. This is what I do on the many sea days in a row. Have loaded Kindle and lounge chair, will travel. 🤗 Cheers, Denise
  11. We have cruised the South Pacific from San Diego twice. 2016 for 48 days and 2019 for 51 days. We are also booked on this cruise. Both of our previous cruises were shear heaven. Lots to do on sea days or nothing to do! It’s your choice. The food and menus were excellent as was the service and itineraries. Both of these cruises were on the Amsterdam, which is a much smaller ship then the Zuiderdam. Photo is from BoraBora.
  12. Our 6/21 cruise was cancelled on January 6. We had full refund back to our credit card on January 8. Amazing. Very grateful since the amount was large. We had made full payment in March 2020 for our cruise and our son’s. We let it ride to 2021 because we had no idea what would happen with the virus. This time we requested a refund, then booked a new cruise with deposits only. Makes me much more comfortable in case things go south. Cheers and fingers crossed that the third time is a charm. Denise
  13. We are booked on this cruise also. We haven't received any notification of cancellation. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Cheers, Denise
  14. Please include Manny in your letters! He was an excellent wine steward and all around great guy! Cheers, Denise
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