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  1. Sounds like an IT glitch, I can definitely confirm GLS, OLS and RLS are Star class for these sailings.
  2. Grand Loft, Owners' Loft and Royal Loft are Star Class, Sky Loft is not. It used to be Star too, not sure why it got excluded after that.
  3. Can confirm that Star Class is available (sailed on the 28th in a GLS and got the full benefits), and on that sailing all of the Star suites were occupied, as were the SLS in our area. Does look like the suites are really popular.
  4. Some of the crew onboard mentioned that in July they're going to try for cruises out of Tianjin, most likely also without port stops, depending on the approval of the Chinese government.
  5. I think I asked the question earlier, and got some really helpful replies, but just in case other cruisers from Singapore are out there, I'm quite happy to confirm that the double points do indeed apply to Singapore sailings (despite what the T&C say on the non-Singapore website) from 1st Jan onward! Received 16 points for 4 nights in a suite. Considering the low prices for JSes, more than worth it, especially since no one can go anywhere else from Singapore these days.
  6. On Quantum out of Singapore, no one had any issues with us walking around and drinking from drinks in hand/eating food at poolside/solarium tables, so I don't think it will be a major problem. They're not as strict with this as on land here, where some shopping malls do have people coming after you if you walk around with a drink, but to be fair the ship is much less crowded than the shopping malls, so I guess I can see the logic.
  7. Anecdotally on the Quantum sailings out of Singapore, I'd say that on average despite capacity restrictions, fares have been considerably lower than pre-Covid (around $200-300 USD for a 4 night cruise in a balcony) rather than higher. Of course, there could be a couple of reasons: 1. Not as many Singapore residents have a lot of FCC to burn 2. No port stops so people are spending more on the ship (casino, specialty dining, wifi etc.)
  8. Feel a bit bad but... one day ago 🙄 Had a really good one though! Looks like Star Class hasn’t changed much even after Covid, still an awesome experience thanks to our brilliant Royal Genie and all the staff taking care of us (and gave a great first experience to some of my cabin mates cruising for their first time)
  9. Anyone know if the double points will still be valid on the Quantum sailings before May 2021? Seems to be conflicting info on RCCL's website, some pages say March 2021 - March 2022 while others say Jan 2021 - Mar 2022, so I'm not too sure. Hoping it's the latter.
  10. Yes, those are the muster stations. You just go to the assigned one, and the crew member taps your seapass card to verify you've done the e-muster, so no need to hang around.
  11. Fortunately, at least on Quantum, JSes are still ok for dinner in CK. Having said that, it does get crowded - you'd expect 50% guests and 50% capacity to match out, but when the 50% are mostly suites, it does make it tough to get a reservation (managed to get it 1 out of 3 nights on Quantum).
  12. To add on, I doubt you'll find much sympathy for these people in Singapore, for a couple of reasons. I think most of us have been adhering to the rules, no matter how inconvenient, and as a result we've managed to slowly resume more risky activities - cruising among them, but also sports, larger religious gatherings, weddings etc. It's precisely because they're risky that we want to resume them the right way - if it means wearing masks and keeping gatherings small, so be it, at least we still get to do the things we like. In addition, we've also had, after a long period with no cas
  13. In Singapore all passengers are required to take a test when getting off the ship (even though we’re just going home after), so they conduct it in the cruise terminal itself just before baggage claim and customs.
  14. Am onboard, no official word as to why but it does look like weather. Seas got pretty rough last night at one point but are mostly calm now.
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