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  1. I booked during the promotional period, but they did mention that any changes to the booking would render the promotion invalid, so just have to wait and see.
  2. Yep, expecting that to happen. Just as long as they don't cancel the double C&A points along with them, it's not too hard to go to Penang and Phuket next time anyway.
  3. Currently Voyager, booked a November cruise with port stops in Malaysia and Thailand, but considering the covid situation, that could change any minute. I suppose if port stops aren't possible and Quantum doesn't head to Brisbane, she might continue her cruises to nowhere instead of having Voyager take them.
  4. Looks like Wonder has a couple of trips out of Hong Kong in Dec 2022 through Jan 2023, but nothing after that.
  5. True, but all other ships are already spoken for for that period (China itineraries are out), so if not Spectrum, I don't know which other ship it will be for Singapore.
  6. This is just guesswork, but I notice the 2022-2023 deployments for Singapore haven't yet been announced (looks like it got pushed to July). At the same time, looking at the RCCL website, the only ship without any available trips in end 2022 is Spectrum. Possible sign of Spectrum redeploying to Singapore?
  7. I feel like this may just be out of date - sometimes what they release on their US/main websites don't really match what we get in Singapore (and probably HK as well). Otherwise so far no indication that the Hong Kong plan is on hold.
  8. I'll be on her on Thursday, so if anyone's interested I can post pics/reports of how they're doing things. They seem to be upselling everyone into suites since the capacity is so low, offered me a SGD50 (US$35-40) upgrade for both pax from a balcony to JS. Sounded like a great deal on the JS so I took it (though I'm not expecting the double points I suppose).
  9. Guilty as charged 😅 Gold to Diamond over the last couple of months thanks to the Quantum sailings. But hey, they're cheap in JS and I was probably going to take those voyages anyway.
  10. I don't know what the old menus were on RCCL out of non-Asian ports (the one time I sailed from MIA I had a UDP so never got to the MDR), but if anyone wants I can share some of the Singapore menus, or if someone posts one of the old menus I can check what was different.
  11. Thanks to this promotion, you'll probably see a huge explosion in the D/D+ population out of Singapore too, since the promotion keeps getting extended hwile the sailings here are going on.
  12. Oh hey we were on the same trip! Same boarding timeslot too, though I got there late so probably would have just missed you. Looks like you had a great trip!
  13. Hope you can get them! If you really can't, I think you can also try walking in (especially between 7-7:30pm, it seems like the restaurants get emptier).
  14. You should be able to book (and pay) online using cruise planner. Learned my lesson so just did that for my next trip and booked Chops. I think if you have the unlimited package, you might only be able to book onboard though, but not sure about that.
  15. You can ask the stateroom attendant, they'll be happy to leave one in the stateroom when they make it up! I strongly suggest booking in advance if there's one you want to go to in particular. On the cruise I just got off, we wanted to go to Chops for dinner, but the moment we got on and tried to book, Chops and Wonderland were both already fully booked. Couldn't even get lunch at Chops, but managed to get in by walking in and luckily someone cancelled. Really surprised so many people are going for the specialty restaurants, or maybe it's just because of March holidays.
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