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  1. I'm all for being more ecologically friendly even if it ends up costing us a little bit more to be able to do it. Having said that, I'm still not convinced of how ecologically friendly the "Just Water" bottles/cartons are. The entire top portion is still made of plastic (I have been told it is a sugarcane-based plastic that can be recycled in some form in certain instances. Sounds complicated). Additionally, the inside liner of the "carton" is made of aluminum. Wouldn't you have to strip out the aluminum from the cardboard to be able to recycle the cardboard portion? Also, isn't aluminum considered a carcinogen when paired with food items? I'm not sold on "Just Water" as a true ecological solution. Why can't they just put spring water in an actual 100% paper-based carton and call it a day? Why the need for adding the plastic and aluminum to the Just Water cartons/bottles?
  2. Well I was kind and patient until last night. I probably should have done as you said...but I was hoping the issue would get fixed. I wasn't looking forward to having to pack everything up and move. Sadly, the absence of a real fix to the drainage problem three nights in a row forced me to demand a room change due to the fourth night of flooding.
  3. After my evening out on the Jade tonight, I returned to my stateroom and its flooded bathroom....for the fourth night in a row. Yes that's right. My first four nights on this Asian cruise, my bathroom has flooded whilst I was out of it for the evening. I have been patient and kind the last three days and reported the problem to the front desk the next morning. Usually within an hour someone comes and "fixes" it...until that same evening when I return to a flooded bathroom again. This has nothing to do with the toilet but rather it seems the drain backs up every single night. I don't know why but it does. One night, I entered my room and went to use the bathroom in my stocking feet and stepped into the flooded bathroom. Yuck!! Anyway, tonight after coming back to the flooded bathroom again, I had had enough. I told them I'm packing my bags and that they needed to find me another room. The first response was we have no rooms available. I told them to figure it out. Magically, another balcony room appeared. I packed up all my things and moved to the new room: 9552 I believe. What a PITA this has all been. Anyway, anyone that's sailing on Jade should avoid room 9526 like the plague. It clearly has a major drainage problem.
  4. I have. I remain unconvinced this is really a solution.
  5. Thanks for the info as I didn't know that. I still have my doubts however. If it can't be composted, how "green" is it really? Also, if I throw it into the re-cycle bin, what will they do with it since it is a mix of paper and "green plastic" (and some aluminum apparently)? My guess is it ends up in a landfill. It seems to me that Just Water is a product that allows people to feel better about the bottle/carton thing but still doesn't fully address the issue of waste needing to be easily biodegradable. I continue to believe that this will be a transitory solution till something better comes along. Why can't we just go back to good old milk cartons from the 70's. Weren't they just cardboard with some wax to give them structure?
  6. Had the Just Water bottles on Jade back in October. The bottles still don't wholly address the plastic issue however. As you can see from the above pic, the entire top part (including but not limited to the screw cap) is still plastic. Also, it is a somewhat thicker plastic than you see on a standard all plastic water bottle. It makes one wonder just how much plastic is saved overall. My feeling is that this is just a temporary "solution" until something with zero plastic is found that is deemed acceptable.
  7. Agreed. Not all the bars carry the Clamato juice. I find the casino bars are a pretty reliable source for a Bloody Caesar on NCL. I was most recently on the Jade for an October Med cruise and discussed the whole Bloody Caesar thing with the casino bartender. He said the ships are provisioned only so much Clamato juice and they will often run out if there are many Canadians on-board. Indeed, one night he advised me he was down to his last bottle of Clamato juice. I ordered another Caesar very quickly before it ran out!
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