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  1. I have not but I would not hesitate doing so when my personal situation allows. I live with and care for my 93 year old mother. That prevents me from doing any trips more than maybe 10 days for now. I knew a British couple who did a 100-day cruise about 15 years ago from Southampton to Recife and then all the way down and around South America through the Panama Canal, multiple Caribbean islands and eventually back to Southampton. There were multi-day stops in Rio, BA, Lima, and elsewhere. I was living in Chile at the time so I met them at the port in Valparaiso and we had a long lunch with many pisco sours at a fine seaside restaurant. They were loving their cruise. Ever since then, I've wanted to do a truly long World Cruise. I've travelled solo for many years and would have no problem doing it for a really long cruise. I look forward to it. I say go for it if your personal situation allows.
  2. Isn't that the truth about getting bopped in the head by the backpacks. It happened to me just last weekend on the flight coming back from Vegas. Aisle seats on airplanes have become treacherous during boarding with all the backpack wearers. As you say, no offense to Aubrey. Greatly looking forward to her trip adventures.
  3. This seems to have been the advice given by multiple posters as well. I don't see how you can have the beds separated yet not discuss the issue with the boyfriend. That's never gonna work. I'm all for ripping off the band-aid and having the discussion now. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can tackle today. I personally couldn't go on a smiling happy act for two days pretending nothings wrong. It sounds as if the relationship was fairly casual so it doesn't have to be a confrontational event. If she does have concerns he could react aggressively or violence could occur, she can pre-alert staff that she and her boyfriend may be breaking up imminently and that they should come to the cabin and check on her in an hour...also, advise staff they may need a second cabin for the last two nights. Look...only the OP knows the true nature of the relationship and how he might react if they have "the discussion". We are all only speculating with our advice based on what we have been told. I'm sure there are many aspects of this story that we don't know about.
  4. Lots of speculation on whether Jade will get to Africa at all in 2021. No-one knows yet. Your best bet is to follow the attached thread:
  5. Just for full disclosure, that Pearl cruise does not fully transit the Panama Canal. In case people are looking for a full transit.
  6. Attention solo cruisers...especially Europe-based. Prices for September/October Med cruises on NCL Epic and Getaway keep getting cheaper. They must not be filling these ships now that we are heading into autumn soon. Some single supplements at 0%. Many at 50% or lower. Real bargains to be had if you can manage booking last minute. I'm not ready for international travel yet so I cannot take advantage...but others might be able to. Most of the cheap cruises depart either Rome (Civit) or Barcelona.
  7. That prime rib looks outstanding. I can't believe they cut it that thick!! I hope it tasted as good as it looks.
  8. Agreed. I was thinking similar. Maybe even take it a step further such as Athens-Dubai-Singapore-Dubai-Athens-repeat. I guess it all depends on what is available for visiting along the way. My other thought was they base Jade in Barcelona for a few months and do runs to/from the Canary Islands.
  9. Interesting. I don't think they really can wait that long to make a decision...unless they already have a "Plan B" lined up for Jade cruises post the vessel arriving Dubai.
  10. NCL will need to make a decision on these cruises fairly soon I would suspect. The Athens to Dubai segment departs November 15. I'm thinking they will want to make a decision on that as well as the following cruises to/within Africa by September 15th. Anyone disagree?
  11. AMS is an easier hub to transit through than CDG...by far. I don't know if the "COVID rules" vary at all between the two however. That could weigh on your decision.
  12. Not surprised with this development if indeed it comes to pass. I been saying on here for months now that it's not a good time to travel outside of one's home country. Too many things can go wrong along the way. I do feel bad for the cruise lines. It's so hard for them to plan anything.
  13. I'm platinum and I value: 1. The free bag of laundry. 2. The two free dinners I think I am 20-30 points away from Platinum Plus. The extras in the "plus" category don't sound too exciting and are not much of a motivator for me to reach that level...although I guess I eventually will. I have no plans to cruise in 2021 so it will be at least 2022 till I hit Platinum Plus. Count me amongst those that think the Latitudes program needs to be revamped. and made more interesting and valued by the customers.
  14. Comparing the incidence of COVID cases on this Jade cruise to the current rate of known cases in Florida is meaningless. Presumably, everyone on the cruise got tested at some point prior to disembarking. For a comparable statistic in Florida, one would have to test everyone in the state to see what the current COVID rate is. That isn't being done. I'm pretty confident that the true incidence of COVID in Florida is much much higher than the rate on the August 15 Jade cruise.
  15. I don't find anything regarding the cruise when I google it. In any case, based on the short video clips, I assume it was an LGBT type "specialty cruise". The announcer in the video indicates that everyone on that particular cruise had been vaccinated (which is NCL's policy for all cruises currently). We do know that breakthrough COVID infections can occur so is any of this really a surprise? What exactly is the issue here?
  16. As it should be. Hopefully that practice will spread worldwide...including in the US. The safer we can make cruising (and life in general), the better.
  17. I agree. An increasing number of international destinations are going to be restrictive by only allowing entry to those that are vaccinated. Can't blame them in the least.
  18. Good move by NCL. People that don't agree can sail on MSC or take non-cruise vacations. It seems that versions of COVID are going to be around for a while so these sorts of restrictions are likely to remain and grow as time goes on.
  19. I see zero chance that the NYC mayor would stand in the way of cruises restarting out of NY. That would go against the stated push to re-open the city.
  20. My guess is they need to make a decision on the Nov 15 cruise about 60 days ahead of time...which means by September 15. My guess is that the whole Africa thing won't happen for Jade. As far as what Jade will do during the winter? Perhaps cruises between Athens and Dubai? Or maybe Rome/Barcelona to/from the Canary Islands. I think the Canaries are warm in Dec/Jan/Feb.
  21. For the legal eagles on here, how long should we expect the appeals process to take?
  22. I agree. I also can't imagine opting for a cruise right now that doesn't sail from and return to one's home continent. As a US citizen, I would not be looking to take a cruise that does not leave and return from the US. Way too many things could go pear-shaped with a cruise right now. It's better to be close to home if things go pear-shaped rather than half way around the world. As I've said before, I have no plans to cruise in 2021. However, if I did, I would only cruise out of US ports....with the exception Florida. Not going anywhere near Florida till they sort out the legal issues.
  23. The vaccine rate in South Africa (and Africa generally) is so low, I don't see how NCL can run cruises to/out of there safely. Way too risky as I see it. As you say, maybe they just do Athens to/from UAE runs in the winter. Another alternative would be to move the ship to Barcelona and do cruises back and forth to the Canaries.
  24. I agree. I seriously doubt that Jade will make it down to Africa this year. I wonder when they will pull the plug and what they will do with the ship?
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