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  1. Single traveler on 'Isole Del Sole' cruise with 'Costa Pacifica' from Savona. I chose this cruise to experience 'Costa Crociere', Madeira and Canary Islands with some more sea days again. Embarkation - The process from arrival at the terminal to my stateroom took about 2 hours, but I was repeatedly addressed in German, my native language. The stateroom was not yet ready at shortly after 01:00pm, but I already could store my hand luggage and grab my board card. Security Drill - It took less than 30 minutes and was held in Italian, English and German languages shortly bef
  2. Would you mind stop talking of German people in general, please. Your words may let the people get wrong impressions of Germans. We are not all equal! Such aggressive activists destroyed entire streets at G20 summit in Hamburg, they enter ships and secure harbor areas without being punished. Sometimes, I'm just only ashamed of being a citizen of this country called Germany, embarrassing ...
  3. I personally would stay in Hamburg. My baggage could be delayed on flight for example, or my flight is late at all. If the weather is bad - cloudy like on most days -, Hamburg is a much better place - compared to Kiel - for activities, and if the weather is good, you're really a lucky one! Transportation from Hamburg to Kiel: at least 2 trains per hour; journey duration less than 1½ hrs See my Hamburg-Gallery and thread JMHamburg and others please help with Hamburg for more information. EDIT: During 'Harbor Birthday' 08 to 10 May 2020, hotels may be outsold!
  4. TUI Cruises 'Mein Schiff 1' - 7 Nights Canary Islands And Madeira - September 2018 Las Palmas - Funchal - La Palma - Tenerife - Fuerteventura - Las Palmas Open the full report with 68 images at janswebsites.altervista.org, also availabe as PDF with 56 pages. Or search for "! Jan's Websites ! Travel" including exclamation marks at major search engines. My CruiseCritic Review: Mein Schiff 1 - Solid German Cruise-Craftsmanship by JMHamburg Mein Schiff 1 · IMO9783564 · 13may2018 2006CEST (Hamburg)
  5. In May 2018, I finally went on the trip I was so long only dreaming of. A mini-cruise with just a regular ferry - well, it was the cruise ferry 'Silja Symphony' - from Stockholm to Helsinki and back through the wonderful Skaergard Archipelago with all the islands and bays. Join me on a mini-cruise with my report containing 80 pictures, a little bit to read, and let yourself be inspired ... If you plan to go on your own journey through the scenic Skaergard Archipelago and make your Swedish dream come true, please keep in mind that the postcard-like views and pictures from
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