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  1. How are we able to order accessories or get medallions ahead of time. During testing, our friend got it a checkin and we got cards. What will be system on November 3 Grand to Hawaii RT San Francisco?
  2. Do any of the pools have steps into them or is all pool access by ladders?
  3. Does anyone know how popular this is on the Grand Princess to Hawaii, since so many cabins have balconies?
  4. Will be cruising SF to Hawaii rt in November. Any idea of how to plan clothing? Thank you.
  5. That’s great. My DH and I love the Sanctuary and plod up the steps. Great to hear there’s a lift. Please send details. Thank you.
  6. Hypothetical question: If one has 100 shares of Princess (Carnival) stock, how much OBC would they receive?
  7. Can anyone please tell me if access to all the pools on the Grand Princess are with ladders or do some of them have easier access steps. Bad knees etc make ladders difficult? Also, is there a pool in the Sanctuary and does anyone have current Sanctuary pricing?
  8. And our Coffee Card (pre-ordered) was included in the sealed envelope with our sea cards in our door slot when we boarded the Adventure of the Seas.
  9. We were able to use on ship texting with our iPhones on our Princess Panama Canal Cruise in December. It was a wonderful way for 6 of us to stay in touch regarding meet-ups etc. On Adventure of the Seas last week with my husband we didn't have this option and it would have been so helpful (and saved us mixups too).
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