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  1. We didn't get much chance to actually use the balcony, as the weather wasn't the greatest (rain and strong winds). However, I don't recall ever hearing anything when we did step out from time to time or any noise coming from the balcony while in the room. I also don't recall feeling any vibrations from the ship's engines, even when pulling in and out of port.
  2. Truly unbelievable behavior towards the taxi driver. What's wrong with people?!? I do agree with you that the four nights came to an abrupt end in San Diego, but both embarking and disembarking were extremely easy (as was getting through customs in Vancouver airport).
  3. Sorry for late response. Our friends stayed in 7079 - it's the mirror image of our suite, which you should love. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of the suite you booked, but trust me: it's really a great suite to have.
  4. No smoking in the casino or anywhere indoors. Just a section at the back of the ship off the Lido Buffet area.
  5. THE SUITE (PHOTOS ATTACHED) Our cabin (7080) was a little larger than most Signature Suites since it's located right were the ship juts back out from the center. The extra space extends the cabin quite a bit and might have been better suited for additional square footage on the balcony, but it's also a great spot to store empty luggage. Bed was comfortable and AC/heat both worked well. Hardly heard any hallway noise in the evenings, nor anyone in the cabins next door or above. Cabin was always attended to quickly in the mornings and in the evenings for turn-down service. THE FOOD Pinnacle Grill and Tamarind are amazing, both in quality of food and service. Main dining room and buffet also had great service, but the food was hit or miss (which is to be expected for mass production). Also to be expected: the buffet area can be a madhouse at times and finding a table for larger groups can be a challenge. The main dining room was just the opposite: most table around ours were empty on the two nights we ate there. ENTERTAINMENT Billboard Onboard was great fun, especially the request shows later in the evening. It was great to see everyone sing along and have a great time with the two performers. Only caught the illusionist on the Mainstage and was surprised at how great his show was. Didn't spend time at BB King, America's Test Kitchen, or Lincoln Center Stage, but did walk by during performances and all appeared to have standing-room only (Lincoln Center Stage sounded incredible, so sorry to have missed that performance). GREENHOUSE SPA Like any cruise, spa treatments on board aren't cheap, even when they offer special discounts. What's worse is the up-sell on products after every spa appointment. However, we did make great use of the "discounted" spa pass that allowed daily access into hydro-pool, saunas, and ceramic-heated loungers (for $149 per cabin with two passengers). What else would you like to know? Happy to answer questions if you've got 'em.
  6. Mainstage shows were 8:00 and 10:00 pm. Billboard had shows at 10:00 and 11:00 pm (with about a five to ten minute break between). Didn't catch shows at BB King, but think times were similar to Billboard.
  7. I also received a notice this past week of our upcoming cruise (N Amsterdam), departing on Friday. They have broken down boarding by deck. Not sure if anyone actually will follow this, but I'm planning on following their request. 11:00am - Deck 8 Navigation Deck & Deck 10 Panorama Deck 12:00pm - Deck 7 Rotterdam Deck & Deck 6 Upper Verandah Deck 1:00pm - Deck 5 Verandah Deck & Deck 11 Observation Deck 2:00pm - Deck 1 Main Deck & Deck 4 Upper Promenade Deck
  8. I managed to find one photo on another cruise website: https://***************/photo/629042#pic-comment Looks like a Signature Suite. Unfortunately, it's the only photo on that site. EDIT: Of course Cruise Critic is blocking the actual link. The site is Cruiseline "dot" com and the photo is from cabin 6106.
  9. The second bedroom is a double sized pull-down murphy-style bed. My sister used that room and never complained about comfort level (and she is one to comment about uncomfortable beds). I have a photo, but need to resize for CC boards as the HDR files are too large for them. Overall, we enjoyed the H2 DOS with large balcony. The main living/dining room could use more comfortable seating; it only has a sofa and chair with ottoman, but there is enough room to add in one more chair. But would I pay as much as I did for that room again? Probably not. While you can't beat the service, quiet, and ambiance of the Haven, I think I'd only do it again in a smaller (more affordable) cabin. I'll probably do a full review in the next week of cabin 18102.
  10. So I'm not sure if there will be much difference between deck 17 and 18 (we were on 18), but it was pretty darn windy on sea days. You could avoid some of the wind by sitting on a lounge chair, which were shielded by the glass partition, but you'd also have to be okay with having windswept hair for the day. :) Also, 18 can get a ridiculous amount of sun...and rain. Without any deck above, you have full exposure. Let me know if you need more info.
  11. I haven't stayed in a studio room - however, from photos and videos I've seen online, the window also has a sliding "door" in addition to the blinds. I don't believe you'll have any problem blocking out the hallway light. See photo on this page about a third of the way down: http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1935 As for your other questions, hopefully someone with experience will chime in soon.
  12. I've got the DOS on deck 18 booked for this May (18102 to be exact). I can report back afterwards with wind conditions, if you're willing to stay patient a little while longer! ;)
  13. We're in 18102. Right beneath the public deck and hot tub. Sigh... My sister will probably take the second bedroom/media room. I think it's a pull out sofa. Have been keeping an eye out for pics or videos, but still nothing. Happy to share photos and my experience after the cruise.
  14. That's my style, Stellanor. Have you heard of The Cover in northern Michigan? Supposedly one of Batali's favorite spots. Check out the "Chubby Mary": http://www.thecoveleland.com/.
  15. Thanks, Stellanor! I'm also a wino. I visit the Santa Ynez area every other month and come back with another case of wine that I really don't need (I now have two wine fridges and a bar that's overflowing). I'd love your take on N&S. My cruise isn't until early May, so hit me up again if you remember to. And I confirmed with the concierge that our Haven butler will bring in garnishments for the Bloody Mary bar. I can almost taste one now...
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