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  1. Hello, I am sailing on Liberty of the Seas next week with a 11 month old. I am kind of disappointed that the baby cannot use the H20 Zone. My baby loves water and I was very excited after looking at the splash zone pictures (This was one of the activities I was told about when I asked RC which are kids almost charged the same $$ as adults). The question I have I guess is how big is the baby splash zone? How strict are they about not letting baby with diapers in the H2O zone? or any other info you can provide on the splash zone would be great.
  2. That looks like a great idea. I can ask if they will allow homemade food but I know previously they have said no. But for something like this I will have to freez the food? Given that we fly into Houston the day before and when in the hotel we can put it in the fridge/freezer. Given the travel time and stuff how long is the thawed food stores in the pouches good till? Not sure if you have personally used it.
  3. She does eat some solid foods but needs pureed food to get her stomach full. I did ask special needs if I can carry a small hand blender but they said it won't be allowed since it has blades. Yeah some of the food we can easily mash. Do they have wide variety of steamed veggies available? Thank for you responses!
  4. Hello, I see some postings regarding pureed food for babies on RCCL but all of the posts are very old so looking for updates. We will be travelling with a 11 month old on the cruise next month. I contacted the special needs desk at RCCL and the response that I got from them was that the executive chef does not recommend pureed food for babies as they are not as smooth as jarred baby food and recommended us to bring store bought baby food. The issue that we have is the baby will not eat any jar or packet/pouch foods and like her homemade food (boiled veggies, lentils, etc. since we are vegetarian). We have tried bunch of different flavors but no luck. I have sent RCCL another note explaining the same and waiting to hear back. Anyone with recent cruising experience willing to share? I am kind of concerned now as when i made the reservation I was told pureed food would be accommodated. Thank you in advance!
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