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  1. Agreed, oaktreerb. In fact, it seems like her entire litany of complaints are the kinds of non-problems that make cruise lines numb to serious complaint letters.
  2. I have no input on HAL, but agree with you that what X is doing is outrageous (especially if not disclosed in advance, before booking).
  3. This was quite a few years ago, but we took my daughter on a Norway fjords cruise when she was 16 months old. HAL was fantastic. The story that sticks out in my mind was that we had ordered many items in advance like diapers, formula, baby food, etc. For whatever reason, they forgot to load the diapers when we embarked at Copenhagen. Our first port was a couple of days later in Bergen; luckily we had enough diapers with us to last until then but we had certainly expressed our dissatisfaction with guest services. Anyway, we found out that the Guest Services Manager himself went into town at Bergen and bought enough diapers to get us through the rest of the 2-week cruise. In short, this is the kind of customer service that has kept me loyal to HAL over all these years. Things that seem like good, old-fashioned customer service but that are far from the norm in today's day and age.
  4. I totally agree that different passengers have different priorities. To some, a major benefit of booking a high-class cabin is the VIP treatment or little extras above and beyond. HAL offers some of that, but apparently not as much as some other lines. The other cruise line I've sailed most recently, Disney, also offers relatively little in terms of repeat cruisers perks (much to the chagrin of some loyalists). But their ships continue to sail full, at quite a premium price, so obviously they don't have to sweeten the pot to get people to keep coming back. If HAL is pricing their suites higher than competitive lines, and at the same time not offering as many perks for booking them, I think that's just more evidence that they've decided (and the marketplace has agreed) they don't need to entice suite bookings like other lines apparently have to. And I'm not faulting anyone for priorities different from mine. But I do have to question complaining that HAL doesn't do something another line does--if that other line is a better match for someone's priorities then they should happily sail that other line!
  5. I can't speak to Celebrity or RCCL, but don't feel HAL has to include any extra "perks" to encourage suite bookings. I've booked those cabins for decades, way back to before there was a Neptune Lounge or much else to speak of other than a nice, large cabin. If the other lines have to dangle enticements to get people to book suites, maybe that says more about the undesirability of the overall experience on those lines than it does about HAL. And I feel the same way when people complain about the lack of cruise loyalty perks on HAL. The benefit to sailing HAL a lot is that you get to experience the wonderful HAL product a lot--they obviously don't have to offer a lot of gimmicks or perks to encourage repeat business. Maybe other lines do.
  6. The following just popped up on my Facebook feed, since I am "friends" with HAL: "We’ve got some news to share! Tune in to our Facebook LIVE tomorrow at 8:30AM Pacific Time for all the exciting updates." Anyone have an idea what it is?
  7. Whether or not any of us would call the Rotterdam the flagship, the fact is that HAL calls it that (along with the Amsterdam), which should imply that it is held to the highest standards in the fleet. And I, too, have noticed dirty windows on my most recent HAL cruise. In the past, I remember deck staff cleaning exterior windows at every port stop--last time I didn't see any evidence of that.
  8. Sadly, I think you're the victim of HAL having to deal with lots of other less-than-fully-honest passengers who use things like this to get around the rules. The story you told, "Oh, sorry, I only meant to have one account even though I signed for (and used, but this part is never said out loud) two," is probably something they hear multiple times every sailing. They're so used to it being a lie that they don't even really listen or do what seems like simple checking to see whether or not you were telling the truth. I agree with others who said to contact HAL customer service after the sailing. It would be a brazen thief indeed who would take that step knowing that they could easily be found out. I am hopeful you will get the rest of the unused package refunded.
  9. This is going to sound callous, but people whose finances are that tight shouldn't be doing things like taking premium cruises.
  10. Thanks everyone! Helpful replies like these are one of the main reasons I love these boards.
  11. In the past (like, years ago), the general consensus was to avoid HAL-booked air as it was inflexible, expensive, you couldn't choose your airline, etc. I'm looking at a cruise next year where, as others have reported in this thread, international business class air is half the cost of anywhere else. Plus, the online booking engine is easy to use, and allows complete flexibility in choosing days of travel, airline, itinerary, and whatnot. How is this possible? I wasn't going to book it, thinking it was too good to be true, but it appears others have had no problems. I'm just wondering how FlightEase is able to get these cheapo flights? Do they still earn frequent flier miles? Are you protected in case of delays or cancellations?
  12. Isn't the Maasdam taking the role of "elegant explorer"? At least that's the impression I've gotten from the fact that it's all EXC voyages on the Maasdam, no Club HAL, etc.
  13. Welcome back, RevNeal. Our family hasn't sailed the new HAL mega-ships, but it sounds like they get positive reviews from others here. I know, based on your positive outlook on life overall, that you will have a good time no matter what!
  14. We took this exact cruise the summer of 2018. The weather and seas were fantastic, but of course that can vary from day to day, let alone year to year. "Must do" is so subjective--we generally enjoyed all the HAL excursions we did plus walking around near the ports where we didn't have an excursion.
  15. Any business can make a mistake. What sets ones that care about their customers from those that only care about their profits is their service recovery. IMO, that is where HAL has completely failed the OP here. There is no way they should have had to deal with guest services so many times while on board, and still be getting the runaround even now. Personally I've had some great service recovery from HAL, but that doesn't mean they don't badly mess it up from time to time. I agree with the suggestion to write a polite, factual letter (not phone call, not e-mail) to Seattle with specific requests for compensation. Don't be greedy, but without specifying what would make you happy, you leave the folks there thinking that maybe the standard "Sorry about that, hope you'll give us another try" letter will be sufficient. They also don't know whether to offer you OBC on a future cruise, a complimentary upgrade next time, or whatever else. Some things make some people very happy while come across as empty or not commensurate to the customer service failures to others.
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