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  1. Knock me out. (Where is spell check when you need it).
  2. Can we just consider my original reply to be a foul ball. It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't know me out.
  3. I guess there has been some modifications to the option from when I did my Lift and Shift back 2 days after they offered it. The ever changing world of RCCL. Sorry for any confusion with today's rules.
  4. Your TA is correct. Must be the exact same ship, itinerary and length in days. I did it successfully for my August 28th cruise out of Cape Liberty on Oasis for a year out from the original date. Everything the same, including using my very low rate versus the higher rate today.
  5. If this move to the JS from a balcony is due to the Royal Up bid offer, I believe the rule is you get everything listed above except for the Extra C&A point per night.
  6. The Grand Suite Guarantee option does exist. I know as I have taken advantage of it for a cruise on the Anthem of the Seas for an 11 day sailing. Unlike the OP, I was awarded a Sky Loft Suite when then assigned suites (and this cruise is sold out). Trust me when I say that I have been looking and will continue to look for another opportunity like this on this ship and others going forward. With respect to the OP situation, I would not accept anything lower than a GS or the perks associated with the GS (and a couple of other things thrown in...just for upsetting me) as they did BUY the guarante
  7. I see that no one saw the price of the drink package for the Odyssey for November 2020 is north of $80 per person per day.
  8. I would never give Izumi a chance. I did not like sushi and not a fan of raw fish. After speaking with a staff member from Izumi on the deck, I took a chance. He walked me through a lot of items on the menu. Now I go to Izumi (non-hibachi) all the time when it is on a ship that I am traveling on. I enjoy so many of the other options on the menu (from the salads, soups, stir fry with your choice of protein, dumplings and many, many more options). If you have the UD package then go for lunch (around noon). Review the menu in detail with the staff. If not impressed, then you can leave and still
  9. Well I thought I would simply ask what a number of people are thinking. Is there any verifiable rumors as to when, where and what ship will be the next President's cruise. I know that they may very well announce this info officially (next week) at the Q&A session on Symphony. However, sometimes info is leaked and if so, feel free to post. I was there last year on Harmony when it was announced and trust me the line at Next Cruise was extremely long. I will not be on Symphony for the 50th Birthday Bash and would much rather call the customer service number than stand in a long line.
  10. Are you saying the Suite perks have changed from what is was for Oasis class ships? If so, then what are the suite perks for this sailing and future cruises? I was one of the suite guests from last year and previous years. I (as well as other suite guests I know) did not book this cruise due to the rather high prices. In fact, I booked the Allure the next day for a suite with a Genie for far less than the recent price of the Crown Loft on the Birthday cruise. Just saying.
  11. Symphony for the Birthday/President cruise on 11/2/2019 out of Miami. The one with all the RCCL VIPs on it.
  12. I see that the L2 Crown Loft Suites are now (today) at the lowest price I have seen at $8,731 (for double occupancy). Wasn't this category just below $12,000 at final payment...or somewhere near that price? Compared to those who bought before, this is a great score. A bit out of my price range...even for the 50th birthday celebration...but a good score in comparison. Any chance of refunds due to the price drop?
  13. I appreciate the official update on this. Again, it was second hand news to me, but you were right in the thick of it. I am most happy to hear that no one got ejected from the ship. Maybe all the parties met later at Vintages for some better glasses of wine. So did you sell your pictures and videos to the Cruise Critic paparazzi?
  14. I am not sure about that point with reserved seats. I personally witnessed a Genie reserve seats for a set of Star Class suite guests. In fact, the guests placed their jackets/sweaters on the seats and turned to chat (while standing) with a set of other people. A couple (who I am told (second hand) just happened to be Pinnacles) proceeded to take the seats (with the jackets on them). Somehow a sports jacket ended on the floor, wine was tossed (in the direction of the Genie/guests), words were exchanged (not by the Genie). I thought I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert. In the end, the suite gu
  15. So John, is this rate based upon applying your (Laura's) Prime offer? Both me and the wife work to qualify for our Prime status and are starting to understand more of the benefits...each year after speaking to the right Casino Royale customer service rep.
  16. I am however curious about one point (and this may help the OP make a decision as well). There are two scenarios that can happen with the final payment date on Monday (8/5/19). Either Royal will reduce rates (I think substantially) to incent people to purchase rooms. If they do, then all the people who purchase previously and did not call to change/update their cost by final payment date will be very upset and let it known at the big question and answer session. So bad PR option. Or they can keep the prices where they, and then everyone is available to take advantage of the Royal Up offer as t
  17. I think the OP meant that they both are Diamonds (at the least), thus Double Diamond members. I also have been on all 3 of the previous President's cruises. For the previous 3, we thought the price was worth it. That being said, this 4th one is in my humble opinion...absolutely outrageous for the higher category of rooms. Again, I am just answering the question with my thoughts as I often book JS and above (yes to build points and to be...or have the benefits as Pinnacles...who I do not feel negatively against). For instance, the cost is $11,700+ for a Crown Loft suite and the Grand Suite is e
  18. Congrats...but beware. They contacted us 2 years after a mistake (on their part) and took away 7 points that "they say" they mistakenly credited to us. Keep all cards, documentation and notices from this cruise and forward as your fighting defense. Heck, take a picture with Michael and Ken Rush on the Birthday Cruise with your Diamond card. And one last thing...get the Diamond pin now and wear it on every outfit (public and private). Enjoy.
  19. That is a fair assessment. Some people go on this particular sailing to reconnect with old friends and to meet new friends (pinnacles or otherwise). I understand that it will be a larger number of returning cruisers than possibly ever before. And key locations will have logistic issues. But, what are your thoughts or hearings (if any) on the suite area at Coco Cay and it's timeline for this particular cruise event?
  20. I have to say this is a great overview of your cruise and the Star Class benefits. My wife is a fan of Izumi's Hibachi and I am a fan of Chef's Table. I know that Izumi is included in your package (or is it) and what about Chef's Table? Any comments on your experience with it and the Genie?
  21. I am aware of the posted timeframe for the opening of the suite area at Coco Cay (south beach area) as December 2019. However, they will be having all of this great stuff and events on the 50th Birthday (President's Cruise) in November (just one short month earlier). I can't believe that there is not an (unannounced or undercover) effort to push this completion date to have it ready for the 50th Birthday event. Here you are charging the most in recent (maybe a long time) history for the cabins/suites ($25k for an Aqua theater 2-Br) and higher prices for Coco Cay ($1,299 for a cabana at Chill I
  22. Sorry for the comedy moment, but...won't the cruise be over before they finish typing their first text? I think the flip phone may have a serious challenge with communications and internet searches.
  23. I would keep checking. Things may free up this weekend or next week. Remember, their goal is to fill the rooms. So with every opportunity to get someone to move up a category or two with the bidding, allows them the opportunity to sell a lower priced room to someone looking to get on the ship. Good luck.
  24. Yes, you can. I have done this several times since they started the Unlimited Dining (originally Ultimate Dining) Package. We would just let our Diamond or Suite Concierge know that we were interested in attending. I would have you just inquire with one of the specialty restaurant managers for direction.
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