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  1. In the meantime, I've had mine assigned since booking date, 310 days out approximately. Timing for GTY assignment is indeed all over the place.
  2. I'm booked on Harmony in October and I've been able to book since I made the cruise reservation in November last year.
  3. I've posted this in another thread, but there should be a Jet Ski - Passenger option as well in your Cruise Planner, as posted above by SAmome. This is what it looks like on my Cruise Planner:
  4. There should be two options in your cruise planner, the Jet Ski Driver and the Jet Ski Passenger, as in the picture below which is what shows up for my upcoming cruise that stops in CocoCay. You would then have to purchase two Drivers and two Passengers.
  5. Keep your reservation, and whenever you want to ride just show up and ask to stand by in case there is a spot available. Turns out several people book and don't show up, and generally you don't have to wait a lot to get in. You'll probably just have to wait around two or three runs before a spot shows up.
  6. Also try confirming if you actually got My Time Dining and not Traditional Dining. I was not given an option upon booking, could not find it among the booking confirmations I received and "My Time Dining" didn't show up in the Cruise Planner. After calling the TA, turns out I was set for late Traditional Dining. As soon as they changed it in the system My Time Dining showed up in the Planner.
  7. Yeah, just noticed that when I added it to the cart and edited the post above with the correct info. Thanks!
  8. On my sailing there seems to be some pretty good deals. Harmony Oct 11 - 18: Deluxe Beverage Package: BOGO 50% OFF at approximately 55.80 USD per person per day (65 USD with gratuities) Ultimate Dining Package: down by approximately 35 USD for a 7-night cruise from the last time I saw the price. It went from 209 USD per person to 174 USD per person, so 25 USD per day. (29.50 with gratuities) I wasn't tracking the exact price of other stuff, but The Key went slightly up for me. Internet packages didn't seem to show too much of a difference, but SURF + Stream for 2 devices is now around 17 USD per day, so more or less 8.50 USD per device per day. Prices for activities in CocoCay seem to have gone down as well, and I can see the Coco Beach Club Day Pass for around 46 USD and Thrill WaterPark Full Day Pass for around 68 USD per person. One thing to note: I'm in Brazil, so all prices I see are in Brazilian Reais. The prices above I have converted using Google's exchange rate, but Royal Caribbean is fairly benevolent in their exchange rates so if you are in the same cruise and note that the prices in USD are slightly higher than what I posted, it could be because of that.
  9. When I went on Anthem in 2016 there was a Led Zeppelin tribute band, Led ZepAgain, which is recognized as being one of the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands. They were amazing.
  10. Ah yes, I was aware of that, it was not very long after my cruise. I feel lucky I got to experience it, though. Too bad they have done away with it, my (now) wife was let down when I told her it would not be Dynamic Dining in this cruise. It was the best dining experience I had in a cruise.
  11. I didn't get a PDF this time (last cruise I did). Must've been either because of the new system in Brazil that works through an intermediary or the Special Offers booking website. Anyways, seems like I'll have to get in touch with them. I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! It's been a while but I have finally booked another cruise. I will be sailing on Harmony October 11th 2020. Thing is, my last cruise was on Anthem in 2016 and apparently some things have changed since then, especially Royal Caribbean's system. Also, back then even though I am in Brazil the cruise was booked directly with Royal Caribbean in the US and now the cruise is booked through an intermediary in Brazil. Last time I also booked the cruise much closer to the sailing date. And just to complete the mess, this time I booked the cruise through an offer that's been going on here where I just had to select the cabin class and put in a few details. This offer is for a GTY cabin, and the offer booking system did not allow me to select whether I wanted Traditional Dining or My Time Dining. What I think is weird is that right after I booked, as soon I as was able to enter the reservation number into Royal Caribbean's system, I found out that my cabin number was already assigned, 324 days in advance! And since the system has been completely changed, I can't seem to find where to find out if I have TD or MTD. It just shows my cabin number, allows me to go into Cruise Planner and that's it. By going into Cruise Planner, I am able to book all the non-complimentary restaurants, but the Main Dining Room doesn't show up in the list. If I go to my schedule and manually ask to create an activity and select "Dining", it shows the MDR as an option but the "Add to cart" button is greyed out. Does this mean I have Traditional Dining? Happy to be back here at the boards here in CC!
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