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  1. Not sure if this is relevant but when I was on an expedition cruise to Antarctica with Quark on Ocean Endeavour we were told that only 100 people were allowed to land on Antarctica at one time from our ship. (190 Passengers). Half of our complement went on a ' cruise around' for a couple of hours on a zodiac then swapped later with those who had landed previously. Maybe this will be how Seabourn manage the regulations regarding landings in Antarctica. Sandytiger
  2. Hi Thanks for all the responses. I would personally avoid a cabin at the rear or toward the front of deck 6 as they are under pool areas with furniture on hard surfaces. I thought maybe under a (carpeted ?) area of the deck would reduce the noise factor. Does anyone know what is at the end of the walkway around the back of deck 6 i.e. the narrow end of the wing? Is it a doorway? That might also be a potential noise source. I might try for deck 5 if possible but only if I can get a PV1 room with a sliding door. Otherwise I guess I will have to take a chance with 6073. Thanks again for all your help Sandytiger
  3. Sorry Should have written 6073 Sandytiger
  4. Hi I have been allocated this cabin 673 for a cruise from Miami to Los Angeles departing December 14th 2020. I have previously sailed with Viking in a similar PV1 cabin but on Deck 5. I can see that 673 is under the World Cafe just where the overhanging wings start. I am concerned about noise coming from the activities above into this cabin. Has anyone stayed in this cabin or one in a similar position? I like the position of the cabin in relation to the lifts and stairs, and also the fact that it has a sliding door. Just worried about noise transfer. Thanks for any help Sandytiger.
  5. Thank you everyone for your very helpful replies. We understand what is involved with the zodiac trips as we did a 3 week expedition cruise to Antarctica with Quark in 2017. Just wanted to know if the views from the zodiacs was any better than those from the ship. Did anyone do the ship excursions in Canada? Sandytiger
  6. Hi We are booked on Quest August 6th departure from Reykjavik to Montreal. Can anyone who has done this trip suggest which Ship excursions are worth doing? Particularly interested in the Ventures excursions especially for Lady Franklin Island, Monumental Island and Akpotok Island. Also how easy is it to explore the various ports independently? Are there any ports where the Ships excursions are the best way to get around? Not interested in kayaking or long walks. Thank you to anyone who can offer assistance. Sandytiger
  7. Does anyone know which station the included excursion train arrives at in Berlin and if it is the same station it departs from? I was planning on just doing my own thing and assumed that the train would arrive and depart from the main station but perhaps this is incorrect. Sandytiger Sent from my SM-G920I using Forums mobile app
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