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  1. Yes - way more room and privacy Assuming 3 adults)
  2. There is an unassuming looking endive salad with white balsamic dressing that is amazing. Best salad all week. All the soups were very good. THe beef Wellington was also very nice.
  3. I was on infinity for a short 4 nighter I’m March. The stateroom baths (grout/tile) were showing their age. Some public area toilets were out of order. The Persian garden had seen better days too. Other than that, it was beautifully maintained and cared for. We had above and beyond service every day and every meal, without exception. I traveled with friends that are carnival and rc regulars and they thought it was the nicest cruise they’d ever sailed, by a factor of 10.
  4. Couples massage, or a weeks pass to the Persian garden. Wonderful to take the steam, sit on those heated loungers and watch the amazing scenery
  5. From what I understand, the primary benefits are blu, as you mentioned, as well as entry into Persian gardens. I don’t believe there is a dedicated concierge lounge. You are correct about no embarkation lunch perk.
  6. Could be. We were in the series of connecting rooms near the front elevator. THey did not open (folding it back would have blocked one of our doors).
  7. On deck six if sister ship infinity, they did not open.
  8. We had an accessible sky suite on the infinity a few years ago through a guarantee. It was the first room beside the elevator. No noise, but it made the balcony somewhat smaller. Room was generously sized. Shower comments above are correct. You can see the elevator behind me on this balcony pic.
  9. I understand that. The post I quoted stated that by virtue of his status, celebrity already gives him 2 perks for free (at the no perks price). Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!!
  10. Struggling to see how getting 2 perks free is a total ripoff....
  11. I like all the perks, especially premium drinks that comes with the 4 perks. I find it is still a good value. I drink alcohol and my husband doesn’t - but he is good for 4-6 high end waters, 3 fancy coffees and a smoothie every day. Maybe a soda at dinner. That adds up too. I drink a one cocktail at linch, plus 2-3 glasses of wine through dinner and show, plus many waters, 1 soda and coffee through the day. Cheap wine or liquor gives me a headache - so premium package level spirits are a must. We easily would meet 125$a day in liquids, often more. I doubt we spend the value of the package each day, but it beats having a 700+ $$ bar tab to settle at the end of the cruise., it’s a bit easier for us to swallow the cost it’s built in. Obc - we always get massages so all OBC is used. Tips of course we would pay. Internet we we could technically go without, but it is nice to have as we have kids at home with their grandparents. We can FaceTime them, etc.
  12. We did this same itinerary in 2016, but on the infinity. It was one of my top vacations of all time (and I have traveled extensively). This is not a cruise to go poke around in ports - the splendor is all nature. whale watching in ISP was amazing. Did a helicopter tour in Ketchikan which was terrific. It was into Tsongass rain forest to spot bears. The town itself was not attractive. In juneau we did a tough west trail hike to mendenhall glacier and got to enter the ice caves beneath it. It was a bucket list highlight. I believe there are also kayak trips to see the caves that is a less strenuous method of getting there. The ice caves are on the opposite side of the glacier from the visitor center - if you want a chance to see them you must find a way to the west side!
  13. We found the soups in the dining room to be consistently well done. There is at least one offered per night. I don’t think you need to worry about ordering something you don’t like - because if you don’t like it, order something else, or go to the buffet after for some pizza! It’s a good chance to try something new with no risk!
  14. This is so interesting to me. Can you identify the things that made the equinox so superior? I confess I feel the same way about the Infinity! That ship just feels like home to me.
  15. Does this mean on your next seven day cruise, running Saturday to Saturday, that you’ll be hopping off on Friday? Lol. ive always had a beverage package on celebrity - but it sounds like these are the rules based on others experiences: 1. No alcohol of any kind after last call the night before disembarkation. 2. With a bev package, all included and available non-alcoholic beverages are still yours without charge on last morning. 3. If you were paying for beverages as you go, you’ll have to pay cash for any for-fee non alcoholic beverages.
  16. Have a ball! Alaska is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
  17. Have a terrific trip. Ice point strait is my favorite ever port.
  18. I’ve dine both in the past year. Food quality is roughly the same in the mdr. Ambiance and service better on celebrity in my opinion.
  19. I really liked the pizza. At non busy times I’d make a plate of toppings and they would make a special pizza with them. My fave is spinach, tomatoes artichoke feta and olive, all available on the salad bar.
  20. Two of your rooms can be truly joined - it’s this weird/cool setup where the front door is set dlush with the alcove in the hall and you no longer have individual cabin doors. Depending on where you are on the ship, you’ll be able to open the balcony divider. Be aware it doesn’t make 1 big balcony - it really just creates a doorway between the balconies. Im not explaining this very well!
  21. We got sodas and waters from the waiter in ocean view without charge on the last morning - on the infinity in March. We didn’t attempt a mimosa though- I wonder!
  22. Welcome! Your demographic is similar to my husband and me. (Well we have kids but don’t bring them!) You won’t find the same level of frenetic activity on celebrity as you would on RC. You will do well to schedule active port tours and relax on the ship. Where celebrity shines I think is in food, spa, relaxing. If you can swing it, I would upgrade to aqua class. Similar room as a balcony but dedicated, upgraded small restaurant as your assigned dining room, with a better menu. And free access to steam/sauna room, called Persian gardens. We enjoy that every day after a little gym time. We also attend all all of the enrichment talks. These could be on anything from finding joy to anthropology. Always interesting. Be be sure to attend silent disco and full moon party. These are offered in about every itinerary and are always fun!
  23. I noticed this too. The couch doesn’t look right in the room any longer.
  24. TThe s3 by your question mark are in the track of the Magic Carpet (orange moving platform)
  25. Interesting. So no bathroom updates it seems. Wonder if that is true across all stateroom types
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