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  1. Just wondering if we're unable to cruise, if RCL is refunding the usual non-refundable deposits in original payment form. I dont want a FCC as things are too uncertain. I feel there should be leeway here as these are unforeseen circumstances. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks
  2. Just wondering what most people are doing if they cant actually fly to Florida yet. Im in Canada and Im not going to make my final payment due in September because I cant fly to Florida and I assume the Dec 12 cruise will be cancelled anyway. How's RCL being about the non refundable deposits? I just want a full refund and not a FCC. I feel we should be able to get the non refundable credits back as this was unforeseen? What are most people doing ? Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone i have a cruise booked for fall 2020. My final payment is coming up and hesitant because I’m still unable to fly internationally to Miami . With the uncertainty of wondering if I’ll be able to fly internationally I’m wondering what the best thing to do is. Cancel and lose my deposit or pay in full and risk the chance of being able to fly to Miami or not from Canada this Fall?
  4. Hey Everyone My cruise is planned for later this year. The more Im reading people are suggesting all cruises will be suspended for the rest of the year at some point. Whats the consensus on that in this community? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone We have a cruise booked for the Fall and are feeling uneasy and uncertain about everything right now. Has anyone else cancelled their cruise for later this year based off sheer uncertainty?
  6. Yeah , the current price for our cruise is $2000. Im just trying to find the value and thought I might have been missing something.
  7. Hey Everyone Just wondering thoughts on if the overwater cabanas are worth it? I feel like it’s a lot the same as the Beach Club Pass? Am I missing something? If we get the drink pack on the ship, my understanding is drink are then included at the beach club, lunch is included, and umbrellas and chairs so I’m trying to figure out where the value is at for the over water cabanas...I mean, aside from being in a cabana itself. Can anyone enlighten me on this cause I feel like I’m maybe missing something. Thanks 🙏
  8. Hi Everyone Just wondering those of you that are avid runners or that work out daily on the ship, is the best idea to get laundry done or is there a nifty idea of what you usually do with your gym clothes? Do you bring a weeks worth or wash a few outfits on the ship? Just looking to pack as little as possible while still getting my run in, everyday! Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone Im booked on the Encore in a few weeks and we took the "Free at Sea" which comes with the 3 Specialty Restaraunts. IF I book Los Lobos, Cagneys and Ocean Blue are there additional charges for these three? Ive been sifting through threads and cant seem to get a clear answer. Thanks!
  10. Hey Everyone We're on the NCL Encore Nov 24-Dec 1. We have a stop in San Juan from something like 6pm until midnight. Whats the best thing to do there during these hours? Last time we were there we did the whole historic thing. We're thinking of a eating and drinking tour.... or maybe just drinking ( lol ). Is the Bacardi tour worth it or too commercialized? Any other recommendations would be great:) Thank you!
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I went to book it today and noticed that the Escape Jost Van Dyke excursion is no longer available for purchase or sold out. I had it in my cart, but of course now I cant book. Does anyone know if they may add more times? Otherwise, I'll explore other options. :)
  12. Hey Everyone We're on the Encore Nov 24-1, 2019. We have a stop in Tortola and want to check out the Escape to Jost Van Dyke tour on the Rebel Yell. There are two times available 8:15am and 10:00am. We WANT to do the 10am one, however we're worried if we choose the late depature, there may not be much room on the beach once we get there. Does it get really full and busy? Whats the best time to go? Thanks!:)
  13. Hi Everyone When I go to book an excursion on my online NCL account for my husband and I, I click both of our names and it only says the charge for ME. It says my name with the charge next to it, and then my husbands name with Adult 0.00. Is this an error or is that the price for us both? Thanks
  14. Hi Everyone! We're doing a NCL Cruise next month ( San Juan, St Thomas and Tortola) Just wondering if anyone has done a fishing excursion or tour in Tortola? If so, what is your recommendation? Would love to hear. 🙂 If not Tortola but another of those ports, please feel free to share !:) Thanks!
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