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  1. I just re-read through this entire thread. I couldn't find anyone that mentioned a cruise line purchasing vaccines besides you.
  2. I don't know, the whole premise of this thread just seems really easy to me. If I ran Celebrity, this is what I might do. Choose the US state where vaccine appointments are easiest to come by. Set up a company in that state. Hire crew that needs to be vaccinated by that company and provide them with temporary housing in that state. They now work and reside in that state. That's enough to satisfy any state's requirement, no? Provide them with the training they need during this time, then after they're vaccinated, send them off to work on board the ship.
  3. I quoted your exact words in my comment. They were factually incorrect. Referring now to "residents" instead of "citizens" after the fact doesn't change that.
  4. My father moved to the US when he married my mother. He served in the US military. He helped raise 3 children in the US. He died and is buried in the US. He never became a US citizen. If he was alive today, he would absolutely be getting a vaccine.
  5. It's also well worth noting that the author's day job is representing passengers and crew in lawsuits against cruise lines. Just so people understand where the bias comes from.
  6. So, here's my concern. Is getting Pfizer or Moderna 4 months apart considered a "two-dose series" to satisfy the "fully vaccinated" requirement? 4 months is well outside what I thought was a 42-45 day maximum duration between doses. It seems more like two first doses than a two-dose series and those folks could be considered vaccinated, but not "fully" vaccinated. I'm not really expecting an answer. I'm just wondering aloud for our Canadian and UK friends.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, Bo. I misunderstood your shorthand. In your OP when you wrote "we", I assumed you meant you and your significant other or travelling companion being subject to a federal or state requirement. To require employee adherence to the CDC recommendations as a business owner makes perfect sense.
  8. The words "must quarantine" and "requirements" are too strong. For your state of NJ, quarantine upon return from travel is recommended and expected but voluntary and not "required". 10 days if tested positive or not tested. 7 days if tested negative.
  9. I guess I just assumed that release was referring to suspending all scheduled sailings and they would use that time to run the short non-rev sailings.
  10. I'm curious why you think Jan-Feb? My thought was the non-rev cruises would take place by the end of the year. Perhaps I missed something.
  11. This matches my opinion of how things play out initially.
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