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  1. I love this analogy. If this were grocery shopping, the cheaper option would be superior. But this is vacation, an experience. Even a simple meal at a sushi buffet is an experience. If you have to pay up a little to enhance the experience, so be it. The derived value may not always be measured in just dollars and cents.
  2. Unfortunately, that's an inaccurate way of looking at it. The $200 OBC is included all 4 rates I listed, so you're actually paying a net $316 above the net basic no perks price and you have to pay your own gratuities or internet.
  3. So to sum up the calculations for your particular cruise, I get this: No perks = $4,008.20 2 perks (no bev) = $4,428.20 ($420 upcharge for the 2 perks) 2 perks (with bev) = $4,624.80 ($616 upcharge for the 2 perks w/ bev pkg) 4 perks = $5,114.20 ($1,106 upcharge for all 4 perks)
  4. This is so good. I wish it was my idea. Well done!
  5. Thanks. After our next cruise in December, she'll be Elite while I will only have earned enough points to remain at Select. I'll make sure to call to get the bump if it doesn't happen automatically.
  6. My wife and I have a different number of points (she's been on one extra cruise). Is this incorrect? Should I have the same number of points has she does? Or should I just have the same status?
  7. This has been a great thread to follow. Thanks for all the pictures and commentary.
  8. Where are all the other guests? It looks like you had the entire ship to yourself. 😎
  9. Silhouette is 8 years old. 😎 Seriously though, you will likely be much younger than most on board, but age is just a number.
  10. They're also useful for booking cruises at the same ratio. And all the travel insurance applies. Last year I booked an RCL cruise entirely with Chase Sapphire Reserve points. When I canceled a few days prior to sailing for medical reasons, the Chase Trip Cancellation insurance got all my points refunded. It took a lot of effort giving the insurance company all the documentation they required, but in the end, I was made whole.
  11. The new Amex travel insurance benefits we are discussing haven't been formally announced yet (only leaked via bloggers) and won't be in effect until 1/1/2020. Maybe they will be really excellent on flights, we just don't know yet.
  12. Premium credit cards with lucrative benefits come with high annual fees and high APRs. In reality, the APR doesn't matter if you pay your bill on time and in full. I have far more credit cards than I care to admit and I've never looked at any of their APRs--not even out of curiosity.
  13. One is a refundable deposit and the other is non-refundable. That would account for a portion of the fare difference, and the rest, probably just under 1,000 CAD per person are the perks (assuming 7 day cruise).
  14. I wonder if you would have better luck if you ask to be taken to Rascal's instead of just "Brandon's Beach".
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