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  1. It looks like a couple of few individual sailings are still missing, but nothing that suggests timing of the dry dock. I guess we're not getting any changes before October 2022 when the next XL ship begins service.
  2. I see the latest cruise open for booking on the Carnival Fantasy is December 28, 2021, which would return to Mobile on January 1, 2022. I could see one of three things happening: 1) Fantasy goes into drydock as early as January 2 (January 7 would be more likely), and the ship returns to service in Mobile two weeks later. 2) Fantasy goes into drydock, but is moved to a different port upon resuming service. 3) Fantasy is laid up, and awaits a buyer if she hasn't already been sold. All of the other Fantasy-class ships are open through April 2022. Given that Fantasy's last drydock was in January 2019, she will be due again in January 2022.
  3. The fine would be levied against Carnival Corporation, not any one cruise line. There were offenses across the entire fleet. You may ultimately jot pay more for your cruise, because of the competitive market. MSC, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean will make sure Carnival can’t make this up in the marketplace. The only exception may be is if the competition starts making investments in greater compliance, in which case cruise fares go up industry wide. It would not surprise me to see a ship or two sold off in the event of a substantial fine. It may very well be the end of the line for some older Carnival Corporation ships, including Carnival Cruise Line. AIDA only has one ship built before 2000 (AIDAcara, 1996); Carnival Cruise Line has ten (including the Sunshine and Sunrise, originally the Destiny and Triumph); P&O UK will have none as of August (Oriana has already been sold); P&O Australia has three (Pacific Dawn, Aria, and Explorer); Cunard has none; Princess Cruises has four (Grand, Sea, Sun, Pacific); Holland America has five (one of which is an expedition ship); and Seabourn has none.
  4. It would be $61.30 with gratuity before sailing and $67.20 during sailing. 90% of $67.20 is $60.48.
  5. Unless if you are very picky about having a certain dining time, I wouldn’t recommend having FTTF in your situation. If you want to add cash to your onboard account, purchase Cruise Cash before sailing, and you won’t need to visit Guest Services; you may even be able to add it at the terminal before you board. If you are able to carry your own luggage off at debarkation, you can be one of the first off the ship. Even if you wanted to book the Behind The Fun tour for your sailing, you should be able to do it when you board since you will be on so early.
  6. I’m sure someone will sue the US Government over this anyway, so between any injunctions and appeals, this could change from week-to-week.
  7. If the judge is willing to go that far, you wonder if there will be some deal that Carnival has so many days to find a buyer - the Federal Reserve has done this with banks - reportedly National City was within 24 hours of going under before being acquired by PNC. MSC and Hapag-Lloyd could greatly expand their passenger operations. Royal would probably have to concentrate on Europe to avoid anti-trust issues in the USA. Dream Cruises and Norwegian may not be big enough to buy any brand in its entirety, but they could wind up with some additional ships. There’s also the possibility of a non-cruise operator like an airline or hotel chain acquiring the company.
  8. On the Sunrise, every eatery that is open for lunch is on the Lido Deck. I presume Cucina Del Capitano will be open for lunch as a complimentary pasta bar, as it is on Sunshine. Even then, it is located in the old upstairs portion of what was the Triumph’s Lido Restaurant. Typically, the eateries near the aft pool will be less crowded.
  9. I wonder if Mardi Gras will have a culinary studio like Panorama will - it certainly would be a way to tie in to Emeril Lagasse’s brand if he and Carnival go that route. Even if they don’t, it would still make the feature available to cruisers on the East Coast, with Panorama being deployed to the West Coast.
  10. I will miss the Triumph’s “great cities of the world” theme, especially with the gold globe patterns on the ceiling.
  11. They do, but you still have to purchase a plan that lasts for at least 24 hours. There is no “by the minute” option. The terminals will typically be on the promenade level, or perhaps near the atrium on some older ships.
  12. I guess the real question is when her registration was or will be updated with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas - ceremony or not, that’s when the real name change takes place. Presumably since a ship’s name is supposed to be displayed on the hull, the official change will happen prior to completion of the dry dock.
  13. Also check out Streetwise - it rewards you for your driving, but you don’t have to be a customer of any specific insurance company. You can even use it concurrently with the Allstate app.
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