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  1. dd likes to cruise

    No so Epic Cruise...

    It was someone else that said the 1st paragraph. Tried to quote it. See quote marks. I agree with you. Second paragrath is my thoughts.
  2. dd likes to cruise

    No so Epic Cruise...

    “I think you hit on something about why the Epic can compete. It's the price. The ONLY way I think the Epic can compete is because of the price. I think the whole design of the ship is so very inferior they have to lower the price. But a lower price drives a whole different clientele. A group of customers not typical on other NCL ships.” I really don’t believe this comment. Having been on her twice, there were many, many repeat NCL customers, including high level NCL customers. If Epic was that much worse than other NCL ships, they would not be Wasting their time and money. It did not feel like the Walmart of cruising as someone else wrote. Please cruise on her and see for yourselves.
  3. dd likes to cruise

    No so Epic Cruise...

    I was on the November TA and had a good enough time that we are going on the reverse TA in April. Other than 2 slow MDR nights, (13 night cruise) we had no trouble dining. Even those 2 slow ones we still made it to the show and ate our dessert also. Entertainment was wonderful. Had a great cabin steward, met our few special requests. Had a towel animal everynight, this was not a request 🤪. Never waited more than a few minutes for a drink. Longest was at the pool bar on a hot sunny day - I would think that was to be expected. Elevator waits we felt were not horrible either. Only really bad time was right when theater let out and disembarking. We try our best to walk the stairs when we can anyway. We found the crew to be pleasant and never encountered ones that seemed to be brand new.
  4. dd likes to cruise

    Printing Bag tags

    I don’t worry about a little ink cost. I’ve heard of the porters writing the wrong cabin number, and or not writting legible and luggage being not delivered. If I can afford to cruise, I can afford a little black and white ink.
  5. dd likes to cruise

    Norwegian Cruise Line Raises Prices of Drink Packages

    1. I would like to know what store sells bottles of water for 10 cents? None in my town! 2. I believe the OP is a tad bit upset over a football loss last night too. Sorry! 😜 3. If you don’t like the price, don’t select it as your perk. If the price works, it does for us, enjoy it!
  6. dd likes to cruise

    Transportation help

    We have done it. Just do a search putting in your pick up and drop off points and see what companies show up. Use a site that checks multiple companies at a time.
  7. dd likes to cruise

    UBP Price Increase

    You do not have to select that perk. You would not pay a single cent more!
  8. dd likes to cruise

    Bait and Switch on itinerary for upcoming cruise

    One thing I can guarantee you. No cruiseline makes these changes just to piss customers off! There are reasons. They may not tell you what they are, but there are reasons.
  9. dd likes to cruise

    Bait and Switch on itinerary for upcoming cruise

    This comment does not have anything to do with your complaint. Unless your entire sailing is repeat customers! Don’t think so!
  10. dd likes to cruise

    Tampa to Miami on Monday morning?

    We do Lakeland (near Tampa) to Maimi and/or Fort Lauderdale like that. Sometimes we try to leave at 7:30 for a little more cushion. We always make it in time to eat lunch on board.
  11. dd likes to cruise

    First day on Oasis

    Ask your room steward for wine glasses and ice bucket. They will even fill it with ice if you ask. I believe the pool towels are at the pool. I happen to prefer bar soap over body wash, so you can’t make everyone happy.
  12. dd likes to cruise

    New (cheap) travel insurance plan ?

    I was checking in this week for a cruise Nov 4th. It came up as an option at that time. Atleast thinking it was a scam was not a factor. I felt like for $25 each on a 13 day cruise, it is worth it. Will it cover everything, no. But it was more than I had to begin with. I basically self cover thru my credit cards.
  13. dd likes to cruise

    NCL "significant price increase"

    If they go up they give you the option to prepay prior to your cruise at the rate they were when you booked.
  14. Just get a soda or water. Nobody can tell that it is not an alcoholic drink.
  15. You can call ahead and set up a payment. I would hope you don’t wait till the absolutely last day to pay anyway. Who knows what could happen.