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  1. At that Time I would have chosen life over money! They should have also. Bet they wished they did now.
  2. I am pretty sure the lack of Brochures right now is those employees or the company that sends them out are considered non-essential workers. Have you not noticed a big decline in Junk Mail overall and Junk/Spam phone calls too? Hopefully when cruises gets up and operational, the Brochures stay down. I also get way too many of them under normal circumstances.
  3. Did you check with airlines? The emails I am receiving from airlines all have new cancel programs that are giving you credit to fly in next year.
  4. I don’t want to jump in to y’alls fight, but I have to object to this comment above. I suppose if you had family etc that worked in the cruise industry you would just say oh yeah “stop the cruise ships, put hundreds of thousands of employees out of work, for who knows how long.” Remember there are many families dependent on their employment, not just the on ship crew. The officers, and the many, many on shore workers. Oh yeah, add all the others than make a living on the cruises that visit their ports and cities. The companies that supply the ships with food and supplies, the Travel Agents. And probably many other functions that don’t jump in my mind at this minute. I really believe the cruise industry has a lot more to think about when they make decisions, then just the passengers. It is not an easy decision. That is why others, like the govt, are there to help with the choices and give financial help if needed. Just stop being so quick to say they only care about their bottom line.
  5. If this is true, why did you tell the gift giver that the card did not work. Why cause a “hurt to your family member”?, as you mentioned. Had it happened to me, It would have been my secret.
  6. I have a Princess Cruise booked for August. I have applied at least 5 gifts cards as payments. I called my TA. Took about a minute. Received email and could see them applied on the Princess website shortly after.
  7. Their present sale is set to end right near end of February. Wondering if we see something then.
  8. It’s not really points that get taken away, it is the Loyalty status, right? Every document that mentions Status Match and Loyalty mentions the 3 years rule. My 3 years hit next spring. We are already looking at sailing out of Tamps (a new port for them) this fall. Then if life happens, we have until April 2021 to cruise within the 3 years. Might require a little planning and thinking, but doesn’t everything?
  9. To me that would make it worse. People may confuse the 2 of you and think YOU are the unfiltered one! 😇
  10. Agree. Why put yourself in the position of “his handler”.
  11. My 1st thought (before we got them) was the TSA PRECHECK costs a lot. FYI, sitting in airport as I type, we use it a lot! But on further thinking that is cheaper than some people spend on a pair of blue jeans! Or as my Dad calls them, dungarees! Or 2 nights eating out in a decent price restaurant. Or way less than a day at any nice amusement park. You just have to put in perspective sometimes and it doesn’t sound so bad.
  12. They do cost money. If you had and used FCC, You would be in a cabin that someone else could have paid for. THAT IS MONEY!
  13. Sounds great, BUT, I am fairly sure with as many passengers there are in a single day, they have multiples of these types of situations every sailing. Why should they sail with empty cabins, when that is what insurance is for. If not, why are there insurance companies at all.
  14. March can be in the high 80’s or the 40’s in March. Just depends. Next week we do hit the 80’s again in central florida. But that doesn’t mean it will stay that way.
  15. Maybe she got it from you! Just saying. It is not easy to always know where you pick something up.
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