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  1. I am looking at a cruise on MSC in March 2023. This will be my first ocean cruise, and also first with MSC. Cruise is Dubai - Barcelona. I'm confused about the different levels of "Experience", so if anyone could guide me, I'd be grateful. I'm thinking that I pay the base charge for the cruise, then I must also select a level of "Experience", that I can't just have the base charge? In asking that, it would be either Bella or Fantasica that I would upgrade to - any advice on which to choose? Also, I'm assuming it's a good idea to buy a beverage package - looks like it works out to be about NZD$35 a day. I would imagine I've drink at least one cocktail a day, plus one or two wines, and soft drinks. Would a package be the way to go? Basically, I want to have food and drinks paid for upfront so I don't have to worry about it on-board. Any advice is greatly received 🙂
  2. Sailed on the Jade in Sept 2016. We were on the Sapphire deck, in a deluxe balcony. The view from our room on this deck was still spectacular and we didnt think going up one deck justified the extra cost. We were happy that we were relatively close to the lobby/lounges etc but far enough away that the noise didnt carry. Those corridors are long! The Jade itself is a lovely ship. Enjoy.
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