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  1. Do you know what the plan is for the Sun’s return? Have you left Cozumel yet? Where are you sailing to?
  2. The message in my "myNCL" inbox about Dorian from a couple of days ago has disappeared too!
  3. Thanks for the update, flying across the Atlantic in the morning so it looks like a week in Orlando for us! Did anyone else notice the Dorian updates are no longer on the NCL home page? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?
  4. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/113946-pelicanbill/ Pelican Bill what are your thoughts on NCL Sun due to sail Sept 2nd. I assume it will be delayed but how long do you think it will take for the port to reopen (if it does close)? Is it likely to be cancelled?
  5. We are due to be on the Sun on Monday but looks like it will be Wednesday at the earliest that it could leave. Really wish NCL would issue some updates
  6. Do NCL offer full value in credit if a 5 day gets shortened to a 3 day?
  7. Would you expect MCO also to close sometime Sunday? We would prefer not to get to Florida at all if we can’t leave again before the worst of the storm hits.
  8. Does it look more likely now that NCL Sun will arrive and leave as scheduled on Monday Sept 2nd?
  9. Thanks so much. Due to arrive at 6pm Sunday at MCO. I've booked near MCO now with free cancellation up until Saturday night. I agree - one night hotel cost is worth the peace of mind. Again thanks for all the updates and advice.
  10. I'm not sure what plans to make. We are travelling from Ireland Sunday through Boston to MCO due to arrive 6pm. Booked into beachfront hotel Port Canaveral with the hope of boarding Norwegian Sun Monday Sept 2nd. We are considering - Booking Boston hotel for Sunday night in case MCO is closed - Booking hotel near MCO for Sunday night and cancelling PC hotel (but we might not get to MCO on Sunday!) -or both! We did think about staying in Boston for the duration but as the cruise is not cancelled our insurance wouldnt cover the loss and our homeward flight is dire
  11. Following. Due to travel from Ireland at the weekend to join Norwegian Sun out of Port Canaveral Sept 2nd. Fingers crossed!
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