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  1. Agreed, gotta be included or available for a reasonable upcharge (NCL) to make it worth it IMO ;)
  2. For those in concierge class, can someone speak to if your room attendant or guest services was able to get your foot stools fro your balcony? I know it sounds stupid, but the foot stools are really what pushed me into upgrading to CC in the first place. :(
  3. lol!! Jeez, well I did the brunt of the work a few years ago the first time I posted it (this time around it was just reformatting and changing the liquors that Celebrity offers now), but it definitely took several days and a lot of hours that first time around -- but it was a fun, and educational, little project. I get a lot of information from posts here and I am happy to be able to contribute to the forum and that people found it helpful. :) Thanks for all the love, guys! ^^ P.S. Try a dark and stormy on your next cruise if you haven't before! (and make sure they add the bitters) especially if you like Moscow mules~ I don't know how I never had one before I made this document, but they are delicious and have been my new favorite since~
  4. No guarantees, but the bartenders will probably know most if not all of them. These are all rather popular drinks from different parts of the world and we have the luxury of well traveled bartenders, but worst case you have the ingredient list in hand 😜
  5. Hey Guys! So a few years back I made this document for my first celebrity cruise. It was my first time cruising with a drink package so I was obviously rather excited. (Spoilers: it was awesome and basically ruined me and now I can't cruise without one, lol) It is not a drink list from the menus obtained from the ship, It is a list of popular drinks arranged by the primary liquor used and their ingredients, so you can be more adventurous and order something new instead of the same handful of drinks you might order on land. You are cruising and have access to a full open bar, be adventurous and try something new! Worst case, you don't like it and order something else~ It was really well received the first time I posted it several years ago, so I've updated it with the changes in the alcohol offerings currently on Celebrity's line. Personally, I like to print this 2 pages per sheet and double sided, and it will all fit on one sheet of paper to take with you on your cruise. Classic: (drinks up to $9) If you have the classic package, there are a few drinks that include amaretto and Irish cream liqueur, to my knowledge these should still be included as long as you are not using Disaronno Amaretto & Bailey's (i.e. use the house liqueurs). [People still get mudslides all the time on the classic package, right? ==> there has to be a house Irish cream.] ***For those obsessed with Bailey's -- A few years back you could get a shot of Bailey's (as it was under $9) and then simply add it to your included cocktails/coffees; I'm not sure if this is still the case though. Keep in mind -- you only have to pay the difference in the event that a drink happens to be over the Classic $9 limit. I can make no guarantee's on the prices of these drinks, however if you stick to your included alcohol choices, there is very little reason it should be over the limit. Premium: (drinks up to $15) The premium liquors are in purple so you can distinguish them from the classic liquors. All the specialty drinks made with premium specific liqueurs are also in purple. -- I find it really helpful just knowing WHAT something is (Ex: St. Germain = elderflower liqueur & Chambord = raspberry liqueur) which I have included for all the liqueurs. Also, don't forget to ask for the alcohol you want!!! It is the reason I have bolded the alcohol and italicized /color coded the Cordials/Liqueurs -- If you don't specifically ask, they will end up making your drink with house alcohols! If you want a Sea Breeze, ask for "a Sea Breeze with Absolut" or an "Smirnoff Sea Breeze" -- if you just ask for a "Sea Breeze" you'll likely end up with Well vodka~ I have also italicized all the liqueurs in the ingredient list, so you can specifically ask for "A Cosmopolitan with Absolut and Cointreau" (vodka & triple sec brand names). Cheers 🍹 Celebrity ClassicPremium Drink Package List 2019.pdf
  6. I'm sure if they have already booked any of the new cabins that aren't going to get built, those guests will simply be upgraded to better unsold cabins and everyone will be happy as clams (i think most of the new cabins were interior anyway).
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