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    Rome airport

    Lufthansa was great -- we've flown it several times before and it is our favorite. We have flown Lufthansa first class, premium economy, and coach and have been happy each time. This time we were in Premium Economy and it was worth it. Complimentary drinks, choice of wines and entrees, etc. along with ample legroom. I don't want to sound unpatriotic but I've flown a number of foreign carriers -- Virgin Atlantic, SAS, British Air, KLM, Air New Zealand, etc. and my wife and I feel almost any foreign airline provides better service than a domestic carrier.
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    Rome airport

    Last Wednesday we disembarked Viking Star at Civitavecchia. Had a 7:00 flight on Lufthansa out of Fiumcino to Frankfurt, enroute to San Francisco. Viking wanted us out in the atrium and ready for the transfer at 3:15 a.m. Hope this helps.