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  1. I use sellotape to 'laminate', hole punch them then use a small zip tie to attach. It seems to work quite well. The zip ties don't take up much space in the bag unlike sellotape or a stapler. We had a tag fall off once (a preprinted tag from the booklet) so we are paranoid about it happening again. Trying to track down the missing bag was not an enjoyable start to a cruise - it had most of our formal wear inside I was envisioning a week of buffet dinners and drinks in the Winter Garden instead of cocktails before heading to the main dining room.
  2. Sitting on the balcony after dinner to enjoy the night sky. Hot canapes in the Commodore Club looking out at a gorgeous sunset. Sitting in the Golden Lion eating a fabulous lunch watch waves splash the windows. Breakfast on the balcony admiring the wonderful place we've woken up in. Reading a book on the promenade deck, seeing nothing but ocean in any direction. The feeling when I get on board for a new trip - I always feel like I've come home. I wish I hadn't thought about this now. I've got 100 days until my next trip and it seems so far away now!
  3. Bad weather mostly. This in turn caused rather rocky seas and a lot of sea sick people. Sea sickness pills were rationed because so many people were ill. High winds meant we left Lanzarote 14 hours late and had to skip Lisbon meaning 4 days at sea in which some people got a bit bored. The rocky seas culminated in a rather memorable dinner on the second to last night were everyone kept gripping the sides of the tables like we were on some sort of river rapids ride. Glasses and crockery were smashed. Wine bottles slid across the table. I heard about one lady who slept with her life jacket by her bed because she was so frightened. My husband and I still had a good time even though we were looking forward to seeing Lisbon again. There were a few people who were quite disgruntled about not going to Lisbon and thought more could have been done to get there. I think missing a stop might have affected some of the entertainment but I don't tend to head to the theatre after dinner so I can't comment. Hopefully you'll have better luck with the weather!
  4. I really like the midships bar on QE (can't remember what's its called) and I have spent many happy evenings there. Having said that I usually head to the Commodore Club on QE before dinner as the view, the atmosphere and the drinks are great. The midships bar I tend to visit after dinner.
  5. If they've made this change to compete with Aida then they'll also be bearing Aida prices in mind when setting fares for German customers. I don't know where Aida fares sit compared to Cunard fares in Germany but most likely there will be a limit as to how far they can increase prices - a limit which might not cover the lost auto-grats.
  6. I must say that I too was surprised at the price. My John Lewis own brand mattress cost 30% more. I doubt that Cunard (or any other cruise line) spends a fortune on mattresses though, they get replaced too often to make it worthwhile.
  7. I boarded the QM2 the day after I got married and took my bouquet on board with me. No problems at all.
  8. Bottles of liquor are available on the room service menu for consumption in your stateroom. This room service menu is from QM2 in August 2018. I don't have a more recent copy but I doubt it has changed significantly. As noted on the menu, bottles include six individual sized house mixers.
  9. My husband hates wearing suits and not too long ago turned down a job that would have required him to wear a suit every day. He loves dressing up on Cunard though. It really makes the evening into an event.
  10. Both my husband and I are jeans and t-shirt people (no prizes for guessing that we are on the younger end of the Cunard age spectrum) and that's what we wear during the day. If it's cold outside we add hoodies. We've never felt out of place anywhere on the ship. You do see people dressed in all sorts during the day. Just whatever you feel comfortable in - so long as you aren't flashing anyone! It goes without saying that at night its a suit/dinner jacket for him and a nice dress for me. Even though we are very informal people, the dressing up in the evening is one of our favourite parts of Cunard.
  11. Cunard would only reduce drinks prices if they found that high drinks prices were harming profits in some way (fewer customers and/or selling fewer drinks) and the cost of offering promotions to attract people on board was more than the cost of reducing drink prices. If the ships are sailing full and their drinks revenue is acceptable to them then they won't make any changes.
  12. It's not legal to charge to use a credit card in the UK now so you should be ok to use credit cards now.
  13. I have a postcard from the QM2 on my fridge right now. I posted it to myself in August the day before we arrived at Southampton. I used my own stamps and just got the Pursers Desk to stamp the postcard to mark that it was posted on board. Previously I've posted postcards on board but not got them stamped at the Pursers Desk and they showed up like any other card posted from Southampton. I have only ever posted at Southampton so I can't comment on the arrival of post from other ports.
  14. I would suggest a dry run of whichever medication you choose. I used to use Stugeron 15 but over time it has been making me more and more drowsy. The last time I took it I ended up sleeping most of the day - I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I've tried other medications since then that while make me sleepy, don't seem to knock me out in quite the same way that the Stugeron now do. Side effects do change person to person so its worth finding something that works for you.
  15. My first trip was also 'once in a lifetime' and our first cruise - a Westbound TA followed by a 5 night NY-NY calling at Boston and Halifax for our honeymoon. A little less than 4 years later we're about to do our 8th cruise (all with Cunard) and 3rd TA. So much for once in a lifetime!
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