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  1. I'm not booked on that trip but one departing 16th June. I don't expect that we will be able to go but I really can't be bothered finding another trip to book amid all this uncertainty so I'm going to leave it until it gets cancelled.
  2. In the UK, discrimination is allowed as long as it is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. Holiday companies are also permitted to offer trips to a particular age group - i.e. Club 18-30 holidays or in this case Saga for the over 50s. Saga could easily argue that discriminating against unvaccinated people reasonable means of keeping its ships as covid free as possible, keep outbreaks to a minimum and to ensure their medical facilities aren't overwhelmed since the vaccines seem to keep infected people from needing to be hospitalised.
  3. Even if you are coming by car its hard to meet the required time. It takes a little over an hour for me to get to Southampton by car but it could be much longer if there are roadworks or a car crash causing traffic on the M3. So I try and make sure I leave at least an hour and a half for contingency. So there's no chance I'm turning up at 3pm even if they put that as a check in time - if I hit any kind of traffic I'd be late and denied boarding. If I get there early, the cab isn't going to drive around Southampton for an hour. So I'm stuck at the port and may as well check in. The
  4. There was no offence taken 🙂 But it would be easy to dismiss these tales by pretending that it only happened to larger people so I thought it was worth drawing attention to the fact that weight is not always a factor. In fact, fit people often sweat more and sweat sooner than unfit people because the fitter you get, the better your body gets at using sweat to maintain core temperature. Not very convenient or attractive but I'm stuck with the sweaty so and so now!
  5. I've experienced this too. There seems to be pockets in the MDR where the aircon isn't very effective. Probably something to do with the way air flows in the room as thinking about it, we've only had this problem in the corners of the room. And obviously different people run at different temperatures. Men generally run hotter than women, younger people hotter than older people. My husband is in his 30s and fit and is not, as you suggest, fat but I've seen him with sweat running down his face due to the heat in the MDR. ! He takes his jacket off if the heat is totally unbearable so
  6. I live not far from Heathrow and we're usually home by about 11am having been one of the last off. Saying that, traffic can be very bad on the route from Southampton and you aren't guaranteed to get into Southampton on time. Sometimes weather can delay things. I've never been delayed disembarking but have been emailed by Cunard the night before departure pushing back out embarkation time by an hour due to a late arriving ship. You can probably make the 2pm flight but you'd spend the whole cruise worrying about arriving into Southampton on time, getting off the ship asap and not hit
  7. Don't be silly no one knows where that is! 🤣🤣🤣
  8. The issue with cruises to nowhere for me is that you are taking passengers from across the country and some places are affected quite badly right now. No one knows what transmission levels will be like in a particular place even in a few weeks time. How can you book a cruise if you don't know if you'll be allowed to mix with people inside by the time it rolls round? Depending on where you live you might not even be legally allowed to leave the county to get to the ship. I can't imagine you are going to find insurance to cover that. No doubt that it is more of a beancounter issue. Y
  9. My immediate thought was a ginger cosmo but it would probably be some kind of ale in the Golden Lion. We always try to have lunch in the Golden Lion on embarkation day if we can. I know that my mouth will be watering at the thought of the fish and chips to come as soon as I see the ship. Hopefully that will be the QM2 but none of us know what the future holds.
  10. You'll have to run the numbers on what you personally drink. I couldn't make it work for me because many of the cocktails I like to drink are too expensive to be covered and I wouldn't drink enough on port days. I wouldn't want to drink more booze just to make a drinks package feel worthwhile.
  11. I was going to hold off on booking until I knew that the things I loved were going to come back but somehow my husband has convinced me to book two trips. I'm coming around to the view that if you don't use it, you'll lose it and that there is much less chance of it coming back at all if the ships aren't profitable. Can any cruise line afford to have ships sitting there unused until there's a vaccine or the virus is at manageable levels? Back to normal could be years away. So we are going to carry on sailing - and more importantly spending. When we do get on board we'll make sure w
  12. I've had both three weeks and six weeks. I think the assignment process is quite complicated. They have to balance the yield management with availability while not annoying anyone by giving an absolute bargain through too large an upgrade. There's a possibility that the ship might not be able to sail full if there are still heavy restrictions so that will also come into play. I have an obstructed view balcony guarantee for a June 2021 TA but I don't expect to get an assignment until May.
  13. Temperature is quite subjective though. I've been on a few trips on QE and QV where the dining room has been roasting hot and my husband has had sweat pouring down his face at dinner even though he's of a healthy weight and not wearing anything out of the ordinary. The warmer trips seem to be those with a higher age demographic but that might be a coincidence.
  14. The cruise industry doesn't just generate jobs in the hospitality industry. Some of my family have jobs which are reliant on the cruise ship trade. Only one is in hospitality. The others work for a business which supply various specialised items to all kinds of ships. But a lot of their business is conducted with cruise ships so if the cruise ships can't sail there will have to be redundancies not just in that company but at their suppliers too. Each industry that can't recover from this will leave ripples across the economy.
  15. Absolutely. This article mentions it. Companies don't want customers running to their credit card providers rather than trying to resolve the dispute between them. https://www.forbes.com/sites/clairetsosie/2017/03/16/when-you-should-and-shouldnt-dispute-a-credit-card-purchase/#7bfa48592e39 I've also read about EasyJet automatically blacklisting anyone who initiates a chargeback causing problems for people who have had their card details stolen and used to purchase flights. They rightly get fraudulent transactions reversed but EasyJet have put the poor person who has been defra
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