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  1. If you are on early enough, the 1st day, and isnt full, they will offer 2 for 1, and its a treat, especially if you like wine and pairings and choc martinis!! 🤣
  2. Great ship, the Nav is a fave, clean, easy to get around, great new additions, Hooked is crazy good! Service and food excellent all around the ship. Smallish D Lounge but there were only 80 in total in our 4nter Bahamas cruise. Heck Super Mario loves this ship! 👍
  3. There on May 21st, only our ship the Nav OTS, it actually was Perfect, weather, crowds, food, music, drinks, access to apart of the island, cleanliness, beach/ocean, waterpark/slides... Took the fam, 2 sons mid 20's and their gf's , they did the slides as my wife and I sat at the beach for 4 or 5 hrs, in n out of the water, Sun then shade etc, they said the slides were awesome! Best time was later in the day before boarding back to ship, about 2 hrs to 1 HR before, no lines! But all in all, was Perfect!
  4. Yep, yep and Yep, but I went to legal, and did custom and didnt work until I checked fit to print..all good thanks! Will be there this time next week..
  5. HA, just found that exact one now, BUT not print friendly...
  6. I havent found a decent 'NEW' CocoCay map, to pre scout the best place to park ourselves at a beach...previous to the make over, we found a great quiet beach location, small crowds vs the larger crowded beach areas.. ⛵🚙
  7. Agree with all the above, but the Jewel is probably our fave ship, service and food, well kept/clean, not to big not to small, getting on and off, slick! Heck the Captain is Canadian too! ;O)
  8. Nav OTS May 20th, 3 staterooms, we have an Aft Balc SR so didnt want to bid as it is our 1st time in the Aft on a cruise, but our Sons and their GF's we got them inside, I put in min bid on all categories, just got upgraded to OS view, I had noticed all Inside SR on their web were sold out, so they wanted to make more room...so both were upgraded and both beside each other too, not bad deal! Previous sailing on the Jewel Panama, we put in for JS, FS and RS, and nothing went thru but that cruise was I bet 99% full, so no deal there.
  9. LOL, sound like a bunch of old hens!
  10. Over and above the normal gratuities given to RC - if at Specialty Rest I tip $20 for 2, if 4 at table we do $40. - if it is a seven nt plus cruise, and we do MDR, we will give $20 to head waiter and $20 to their assistant. - the main bar or lounge or bar waiter, we go to, I tip a $20 right at the start, and we are buddies rest of the trip, then the odd $1, after that, plus I give all my faves a hat. - Room attendant gets all my change from day one to the end, plus a few $singles, plus a hat,
  11. Was a silly comparison, geeze...ive seen non smokers leave a bathroom, and not wash there hands and then see them at a machine or at a table, NOW that is disgusting! Just saying -
  12. You have it figured out LP, im same!
  13. We were on the Vision this past August in the 12 nter Mediterranean Cruise, loved the ship, entertainment was so so..We do the Panama Cruise in March East bound from San Diego! on the Jewel. Good posts btw!
  14. Dont confuse things, like everyone is!? 1st if you bet a $1K you are a gambler, and if you win, you arent done there Mr. you will play more, you will play tomorrow and day after...winning or losing, again!!! its entertainment! 2ndly If you dont want to play, then thats fine, you gonna watch? i bet not! excuse the pun HA, but I will play on... 3rdly - its a simple promo, you dont have to do it if you dont chose, if you know you will go thru whatever amount you wish then do it, you have 5 days, 7 days or whatever to play through it, one pocket is promo credits/chips, the other pocket your winnings, some are poopoo'g it, but probably same people that complain about any promo looking for angles and snags... Just enjoy your cruise, smile and have fun, thats why you are there!
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