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  1. I am scheduled........................... for the May 2nd cruise to the Panama Canal on the Radiance.
  2. I always felt there was ample room for both.
  3. Right now, for the country and cruising, the best we can ask for is a treatment for the virus. A vaccine could take up to 3-5 years including testing and trials. Think about it, the Aids epidemic really took off during the early 80"s, and they still do not have a vaccine for it. Hopefully they finding a treatment that will knock it down to an ordinary flu or cold. Until then IMO, the CDC (can't determine a cause) has the cruise industry's hands tied..
  4. I live just a little south of you. Or at least allow the windows to be opened in the ocean view rooms. That plus, any ship that does not have an outdoor theater should be relieved of duties.
  5. The next one I get on. If it had an outdoor screen, the Legend would be my hands on fave.
  6. WE should cruise together. I am a vegan whose wife is constantly angered that she cannot go to the Steak House(does not want to eat alone). Italian restaurant was no problem, plenty of options there.
  7. Legend would be my fave if they would put in an outdoor screen. CMC's photo's show the Pride having one, and the Miracle has one too. C'mon Carnival.
  8. Whatever the CDC is telling them...............................................which can and will be scary to cruisers if they (the CDC), feel the pandemic has not ceased enough for them to ease up on their restrictions. Someone, (admittedly a person who has never been on a cruise,) said on TV that cruise ships were "petri" dishes. If this is the type of individual who will be making decisions for the CDC, I am fearful cruising will be in trouble.
  9. September 14-24 on the Fantasy for the Panama Canal cruise. Not looking good, seeing how the Fantasy is the oldest ship in the fleet, and especially if the CDC implements newer restrictions.
  10. Agreed, if you can shell out $1500-$2000 per couple, I do not think an extra 10-15 bucks will deter many from cruising. They just dolled out over 2 trillion dollars for a stimulus package. Having a healthy country (without a fear of the virus), will do more to restore the economy.
  11. Any ship W/O an outdoor movie screen. I love the Spirit class ships, and the Legend is one of my faves, but no outdoor screen.
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