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  1. Thanks for you post, what hotel did you stay in?
  2. perfect ship if they had an outdoor theater.
  3. I know some vegans who eat one of the UNhealthiest diets on earth. Beer, French fries, potato chips, and Oreo's are some of their main staples. I am a vegan and have not had any problem with the food on the Carnival ships I have been on. Still not brave enough to try one of their veggie burgers. If they finally make a good black bean burger, I'm in.
  4. We had to have run into, or passed one another several times on this cruise. I stayed at the same hotel, and was on the same shuttle from the hotel. Not only this, I was in cabin 8273, about 8 rooms down the hall from you. I enjoyed the cruise, and yes, Donkey was very entertaining. To me...…., the comedians could have been better. The first guy seemed to be drunk all the time. I agree, the smoke in the casino was problematic, it was tiring going to level four to cross under the casino. Wait times for dinner was minimal, and the food was good. For those that have never been, Cucina Capitano was excellent. I am vegan, so they went out of their way to provide dishes I could eat, plus they gave me three appetizers. The shows in the atrium were better than the shows in the main auditorium, not saying that the Broadway type shows were bad. Several movies still in theaters were nice too. Disembarking 4500 people went pretty smooth considering the amount of people. I would have no problem at ALL sailing the Breeze again.
  5. Bummed about the seaside theater. Did you notice if the wallpaper around the cabins had these weird semi nude paintings? I loved the layout on the Legend last time I was on (6-14/21-16 Alaska). Thanks for the update.
  6. Please let them say a pool side screen has been added, and that they have taken down that tacky wall paper. With all of the sea days, watching a movie under the star lit sky would be awesome. Next cruise is September 13th-24th Vancouver to Hawaii. ,
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