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  1. It will survive but, you maybe sailing on Carnivalwegian Cruiseline.
  2. Good point, because no vaccine is 100% effective. 90-95% sounds great to us, but the CDC sees 90-95% as a 5-10% chance someone could be affected on the cruise.
  3. For the prices they will probably be charging, all of us will be on a cruise ship less.
  4. Legend does not have an outdoor screen. Been on the Legend four times, biggest thing he is missing IMO. Pride has one.
  5. I would say that a treatment for Covid is the best hope. If there were a proven treatment now, cruising would be in much better shape. Everyone is not going to trust a vaccine. People take cold medicines (treatments), for the flu, who have never had a flu vaccination. Covid could be like the HIV infection where there are treatments, but not a vaccine after 35-40 years.
  6. Panorama out of LA, May 8th, 2021. 7 nights to Mexico.
  7. KW much better stop than Victoria. I do see what you are saying, because on our Alaskan cruise, we stopped there for five hours on a Sunday night. All that was there (open), were a few street performers by the port, and a bunch of beautiful flowers.
  8. Now this is funny. The world needs some levity now, maybe if we laughed more, the virus would go away.
  9. Me three, sister ship the Spirit has one. Around the 0:24 mark.
  10. Your faith is wayyyyyy past that of a mustard seed. If you are fifty now, you will be around 300(?) at the time of this cruise. Save that money for a Mars trip.
  11. If you are the Panorama's May 8th sailing out of LA, stop on deck 8, where the odd number cabins are located, and yell "hey Andy". I will be more than glad to help you get rid of some of your OBC.
  12. Not disagreeing with you but, if true (mandatory travel insurance), these insurance companies may charge 2-3 times what they normally would be charging. $200-$300pp for your next cruise?
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