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  1. I have just seen this posted on a Facebook group re the Nautica Refurb..."Update on the Nautica refurbishment from Nikki Upshaw, Sr. VP of Sales at Oceania: "Although dates are not firm quite yet, it appears that we will do the Nautica drydock in Spring 2021.We will have a firm date by August 1."
  2. True - these are indeed difficult economic times, but my understanding is that the OceaniaNEXT program to refurb the 4 R class ships has only this one ship remaining to complete the project (with what I would think was previously allocated/budgeted operating capital.) And given that the planned refurb date of June 8 is so close, we'd imagine that most if not all of the outlay for fittings, furnishings etc would have already been made. Just think it would be a pity (and not make much economic sense) if they did not do the refurb at this time if the outlay has already been made...not to mention issues with contractual commitment to the shipping yard (which has now re-opened). Also would be great to see it finished during the forced no-sail time , so that when the green light goes on she'd be good to go - rather than needing to cancel a future cruise itinerary to eventually complete it at a later time...but we're all just guessing and hoping - we'll know soon enough what will happen I guess. In the meantime it's giving us all something to talk about 😉
  3. Not big on chandeliers at all ourselves either (or their comparative size) 😂... more just interested in whether or not the environment for the important things like great itineraries, excellent food, wine and service is a well maintained and updated one with a relaxed ambience. Our hope is that the Nautica will still have the refurb it's due, to ensure all facilities are kept up to date with current expectations and optimally working, and if the decor planned is aesthetically pleasing (which it looks like it will be) then that's a bonus. Installation of USB ports, a move up from shower curtains to screens etc I'm sure will be much welcomed 😀
  4. Looking forward to it. From the pictures I think the light and airy blue/grey really brings the ocean feel right into the room too. Fingers crossed Nautica is still going ahead with the planned June refurb .
  5. I understand plan was for Nautica to be refurbished at Marseille June 8-21 - possibly it's current location (heading into Red Sea) after leaving Dubai suggests this may be going ahead.
  6. Yes - understand it's not really a pressing issue in the bleak scheme of things right now. We're trying to stay just a little optimistic though about our already booked June 2022 cruise. Also thinking that maybe the smaller (R) ships might be the more popular ones going forward, and if so, completing the refurb plan on this last ship in their OceaniaNEXT plan might be good. Just a thought.
  7. Wondering if Oceania's planned refurbishment of Nautica , which we understood was to occur in June 2020, is still going ahead. From its scheduled itineraries between July 2020 and June 2022, it looks like no other time it could happen if not done next month. PS I've done some extensive searching and could not find a previous post with this question, so please excuse me if this has already been asked 🙂
  8. Thank you 🙂 - not sure if you saw earlier responses though - it has been confirmed that when booking from Australia we cannot book a 'cruise only' fare. And we have also learned that O life in Australia is always without air and is always not removable from the fare - (it is always built in to the cruise fare for us). So... since we have to have it, we have chosen the beverage package, since it is a 20 day cruise (we would generally have a wine or two each with dinner and sometimes one at lunch, so this would offer most value for us). Agree that having control over your own air is a really good thing, so it suits us that it is not offered by Oceania to us as part of any cruise fares here down under. This whole thread had been very helpful to us as newbies to Oceania as we have learned a lot about the differences between booking options for US versus non US cruisers. Cheers
  9. Hi Dori&Nemo we see that you have mentioned cabin 8005 on your cruise. Any advice you can share on how you found the room for location , noise and movement ? Cheers
  10. Hi ATSEAMYLIFE, just wondering how did you find 8001 in December with regards to location, noise and movement? Cheers
  11. Thanks Beagle5 - I just followed your earlier lead and started a dummy booking on a cruise that is currently bookable, and yes, adding the beverage package did show as applicable to each person not just to the stateroom. So all good. Cheers
  12. Thanks so much Beagle 5 - I guess the only thing that I'm still unclear about (until I ask Oceania in my next call) , is if the offer is only one beverage package per stateroom, or do both of us get a beverage package? The T & C's seem unclear .
  13. Thanks so much for this information , Beagle5 Very helpful to have the Australian booking scenario clarified like this. Much appreciated that you went to the trouble of doing a dummy booking to check on it too. Also thanks to everyone else for making us aware of the term 'O Life'. As newbies to Oceania we didn't know to use that terminology to search before creating the original post here. We were looking at an offer called the Tropics and Exotics offer which includes choice of (per stateroom) $800 USD OBC, or 8 excursions or beverage package, but these are not specifically termed as 'O life' on the cruise details page. Also in Australia, as Beagle5 has noted, these options are not removable for us (and that's Oceania direct's pricing model - not TA price). So the offer of a discounted fare, plus 50% off deposits, plus the inclusion of a chosen extra option is where we are at. And as you say, it now just comes down to selecting which option to choose and we have some very helpful info here now to help with that, thanks to everyone's comments. Also am assuming that the beverage package option would be a package per person and not per stateroom? It's not really clear in T &C's . I must ask Oceania that tomorrow in my next call. If it is per person, that does make it seem OK value, as if we each purchased a basic beverage package at $52 AUD per person ($104 AUD) per day over a 20 day cruise that would cost us in total $2080 - so choosing that option from the 3 non-removable options , sounds perhaps a better choice for anyone wishing to have a glass of wine with dinner and /or lunch- - if my reasoning is correct. Cheers
  14. We're about to make a booking for an Oceania cruise in 2022 - bookings open on Thursday. The special offer for this cruise is for half price deposit as well as a choice of $800 USD on board credit, or 8 free excursions ( 4 each) or free beverage package. I am guessing that we will need to make the choice of offer when we place the booking. Given this will be our first cruise with Oceania ( having been used to all inclusive scenarios on other lines) we are keen to know what experienced Oceanic cruisers think the best option to choose would be. We do like to have wines with dinner and sometimes with lunch - but have no idea of the value of beverage packages or what the actual bar prices might be if not on package. Also am assuming that any of the free offered shore excursions might just be basic ones - would that be correct? Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers
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