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  1. Boston area here. We are in our early to mid 60's, recently retired. We have been "sheltering in place" since March 14 only heading out to grocery store or pharmacy. But I am the one that ventures out. We are in good health other then my husband having type 2 diabetes, which puts him at an even higher risk. One of our daughters is a nurse and one of our son-in-laws is a Boston Firefighter. So we are always worrying about them. We drove to visit our grandchildren and waved to them from the street. I pray that all our first responders and healthcare workers stay safe and that this invisible enemy will leave us sooner rather then later.
  2. Our cruise is May 28 out of Rome. Pretty confident that won't happen.
  3. Encore, Escape, Bliss, Getaway(booked on the May 28 out of Rome), Never been on a megaship so would love to. Have cruised the Dawn & The Pearl and loved them both.
  4. I can't imagine the ships heading to Italy will be cleared in 30 days. I hope so, we haven't canceled our May 28 out of Rome....yet.
  5. We are booked on the May 28 cruise out of Rome. I know for certain that if we cancel, which we won't just yet, we won't be able to rebook the same cruise for next year as the price has gone up exponentially . Pricing of Caribbean cruises have almost doubled since I checked yesterday.
  6. This....I checked the price of my same cruise for May 2021 and the price has gone up exponentially. Waiting a bit longer to make my decision. I probably would not cancel if we were taking a Caribbean cruise. We are on the May 28 out of Rome. A $2k increase is huge. Mind you, I am not complaining. I'm very happy we have been given an option by NCL. Just disappointed we probably won't be applying our FCC to the same cruise.
  7. So the $500 in cruise next certificates that I used as the deposit for my 5/28 cruise won't be redeposited into my NCL account? Or only $250 of it will be applied to my FCC? I'm so confused.
  8. I got off the Pearl last Thursday and I didn't notice any people coughing and sneezing. I thought The crew was amazing the way the were constantly cleaning. I felt very safe on this cruise.
  9. We just returned from a 5 day Western Caribbean on the Pearl. We honestly didn't notice anymore coughing then usual. I wasn't concerned during the cruise. Washed hands constantly. Used paper towels to open doors when leaving restrooms, etc. I am, however, concerned about my next cruise which is out of Rome then end of May.
  10. We are booked on the May 28 cruise out of Civitevecchia. Shame on us for not getting travel insurance. Lesson learned. I'm hoping if things continue to get worse in Italy, NCL will cancel and we will be offered a full credit for a future cruise. We had award travel for airfare so all that will cost us is a small fee to re deposit miles.
  11. 9 Days till we are on the Pearl 105 Days till we are on the Getaway! Can't wait!
  12. My brother-in-law's "legal" name in Vincenzo. He goes by Vincent. His birth certificate and passport say Vincenzo. His drivers license says Vincent. When he made his reservations for his NCL cruise, he gave Vincent as his name. He made his airline reservations with Vincent. He has since corrected his NCL reservation so the name on his passport and reservation are exactly the same, complete with middle name. He is now talking to the airlines to correct his name on the reservation.
  13. Really enjoying your review. We are sailing on the Getaway May 28! Thank you for doing this!
  14. Just did a mock booking on our cruise... showing only GTY balconies now. So looks like our chances are slim on winning our bid. We are perfectly ok with it! We will have a great time... its a vacation!
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